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7 Must Haves for an Alice in Wonderland Party

7 Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas | Alice in Wonderland parties on our site are some of our most popular parties! Here are seven ideas for throwing a simple mad event!

1. Decorations

Paper medallions, an ornate frame, and a fun sign are the perfect backdrop for your Alice in Wonderland party!

7 Alice in Wonderland Decoration Party Ideas |

2. Cake

Since Alice in Wonderland is such a whimsical theme, have fun with the cake you serve, like this five layer showstopper with fondant characters.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Ideas |

3. Balloons

How about creating some unique heart and spade balloon decorations like these using balloon grids!

Alice in Wonderland Party Balloon Decorations Ideas |

4. Party table

Set your party table with an assortment of colorful chairs and paper lanterns!

Alice in Wonderland Party Table Ideas |

5. Cake pops

"Eat Me"  tags are attached to swirly cake pops to add to the colorful, whimsical feel!

Alice in Wonderland Party Cake Pop Ideas |

6. Treats

Here's an easy treat idea... decorate Rice Krispie treats to look like card soldiers!

Alice in Wonderland Party Treat Ideas |

7. Party Supplies

Here's a selection of party supplies from the Catch My Party Store that would look fantastic at an Alice in Wonderland celebration! Alice in Wonderland Party Supply Ideas |

1.  Cherry rock candy sugar stick

2.  Tissue paper tassle garland

3. Chevron wood forks

4. Chevron blueberry bliss style stix

5. Big polka-dot tropical balloons

6. Sassy sphere petite suckers

7. Toot sweet charms square plates

8. Blue striped large treat bags

For more inspiration, check out these amazing Alice in Wonderland parties on our site and on our Alice in Wonderland Pinterest board.

7 Must-Haves for Your Construction Birthday Party

Construction Birthday Party Ideas |

Construction birthday parties are all the rage on our site, perfect for young boys who like to build! Check out these fantastic construction birthday party ideas you'll want at your upcoming party.

1. Dump truck cake

First you need a great cake. How about a fondant decorated cake like this, with malted milk balls as dirt, and a toy dump truck scooping them up on top!

Construction Birthday Party Cake |

2. Dirt cups

To add to the theme of getting dirty, Oreo "dirt, "pudding cups, with gummy worm candy make for a fun treat for kids.

Construction Party Dessert Ideas |

3. Workbench dessert table

Here's a way to wow your guests. Set up your dessert table like a real workbench.

Construction Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas |

4. Construction party activity

Painting a cardboard house is a perfect activity for the party guests to enjoy. Everyone can get in on the action.

Construction Birthday Party Activity Ideas |

5. Work zone kids' table

To make your party feel more authentic, set up your kids' table with work vests and orange cones.

Construction Party Kids' Table Ideas |

6. Marshmallow wet paint brushes

Square marshmallows dipped into yellow candy melts look a lot like wet paint brushes!

Construction Party Dessert Ideas |

7.  Party supplies

And finally, here's a selection of awesome party supplies for your construction party! Construction Birthday Party Supplies |

  1. Construction zone paper dessert plates
  2. Construction zone beverage napkins
  3. Construction zone cupcake toppers
  4. Construction zone tablecover
  5. Construction zone dangling swirls
  6. Black and white baker's twine
  7. Yellow mini popcorn boxes
  8. Black horizontal paper straw
  9. Black gumball tube
  10. Lemon rock candy sugar stick
  11. Yellow construction hat
  12. Construction sign cutouts

For more party ideas and inspiration, check out all these construction birthday parties on our site.

7 Things You Must Have at a Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Best Doc McStuffins Party Ideas |

The Doc is in! If you are planning a Doc McStuffins birthday party for a special girl, we've got some amazing party ideas to inspire you! Take a look below...

1. Cupcake toppers

Cute pink and purple fondant toppers are a fun addition to party cupcakes!

Doc McStuffins Cupcake Ideas |

2. A great balloon backdrop

Pink,  purple and white balloons arranged in a backdrop look striking behind the dessert table!

Doc McStuffins Balloon Ideas |

3. Doctor bag favors

Your guests will love these paper doctor bags filled with Doc McStuffins party treats!

Doc McStuffins Favor Bag Ideas |

4. Giant vitamins

Brightly colored gumballs layered in a glass jar make perfect "vitamin" treats!

Doc McStuffins Candy Ideas |

5. Bear stuffing

Pink cotton candy "stuffing" in push-up pop containers look great in a pink suitcase!

Doc McStuffins Cotton Candy Toy Stuffing Ideas |

6. White chocolate covered pretzel thermometers

Pretzels dipped in white chocolate with pink candy melt stripes are a yummy thermometer treat for the party guests!

Doc McStuffins Dessert Table Ideas |

7. Party Supplies

And of course, make sure you have some awesome party supplies to make your party really stand out! Here are some of my favorites from the Catch My Party Store.

Doc McStuffins Party Supply and Decoration Ideas |

1. Doc McStuffins award ribbons

2. Doc McStuffins lunch napkins 

3. Doc McStuffins plastic cup 

4. Doc McStuffins beverage napkins 

5. Purple horizontal paper straw 

6. Purple paper decorations  

7. Purple and white baker's twine

8. Purple swiss dots latex balloons

9. Classic pink polka-dot candles

10. Grape rock candy sugar stick

11. Purple gumball tube 

12. Purple favor gift baskets 


Hope you found these Doc McStuffins party ideas as fun as I have. For more real-world inspiration, check out all these Doc McStuffins parties on our site!

7 Must Haves for Your Blue Baby Shower

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |


If you are throwing a baby shower for a new baby boy and want to keep it in traditional blue, take a look at these blue baby shower ideas we put together! I'm sure there are a few here to inspire you!

1. Baby Shower invitation and printables

Here's our retro set of blue baby shower party printables and a personalized blue baby shower invitation to help you set the stage for your retro cool party!

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas | Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

2. Vintage blue dessert display

We love the idea of using a vintage cabinet and filling it with blue treats that match perfect with the blue baby shower decor!

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

3. Little man cupcakes

A little man theme is very popular for boy baby showers and is a great way to add a little fun. Check out these cute cupcakes with onesie and tie fondant toppers!

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

4. Blue candy display

Glass jars filled with all shades of blue candy makes an amazing centerpiece on the dessert table! Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

5. Blue and brown diaper cake

A diaper cake is a must at any baby shower and is a lovely gift for the mom-to-be, like this one with blue and brown ribbon.

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

6. Baby blue cookies

Sweet baby fondant decorated cookies placed on a layer of candy will be a showstopper at your blue baby shower!

Blue Boy Baby Shower Ideas |

7. Blue baby shower party supplies

Here are some hand-selected baby shower party supplies from the Catch My Party Store to make decorating for the baby shower very easy! Blue Boy Baby Shower Party Supplies |

1. Blue fluffy baby shower decorations

2. Blue polka dot balloons

3. Blue chevron tape

4. Blue striped mini treat boxes

5. Sweet feet blue dessert plates

6.  Blue raspberry puffy poles

7. Light blue striped paper straws

8. Blue striped whirly pops

9. Blue striped paper bags

10. Blue raspberry rock candy sticks

11. Blue and white chevron ice cream cups

12. Blue dot Chinese take out box

For more terrific ideas, check out all these amazing blue baby showers on our site!

Pink Baby Shower Ideas

7 Must Haves For Your Pink Baby Shower

A pink baby shower is such a classic way to celebrate a new baby girl on the way. Below are my 7 easy must-haves for throwing a beautiful shower!

1. Baby Shower invitation and printables

Here's our retro set of pink baby shower party printables and a personalized pink baby shower invitation to help you set the stage for your retro cool party! Pink Baby Shower Printables | Pink Baby Shower Invitation |

2. Pink dessert table

The party show stopper is usually the dessert table, and with pink desserts it's so much fun to go a little crazy! Set your dessert table up in shades of pink and white and load it up with beautiful treats like these.

Pink baby shower dessert table |

3. Pink Baby Shower Party Supplies

Here are some hand selected baby shower party supplies from the Catch My Party Store to make DIY decorating super easy! Pink Baby Shower Party Supplies |


1. Pink fluffy baby shower decorations

2. Pink polka dot balloons

3. Pink chevron tape

4. Striped mini treat boxes

5. Pink striped square paper dessert plates

6. Strawberry puffy poles

7. Cotton candy paper straws

8. Pink striped whirly pops

9. Pink striped paper bags

10. Bubble gum rock candy sticks

11. Pink and white chevron ice cream cups

12. Pink pom-pom flower treat boxes

4. Pink cupcakes

Cupcakes can really make a statement. Splurge on some pretty fondant toppers. You can even add them to grocery store cupcakes and no one will know.

Pink Cupcakes |

5. A pink backdrop

A beautiful backdrop behind your dessert table is such a pretty (and easy) touch! Here's tutorial on how to make a paper rosette backdrop.

Pink Dessert Table |

6. A fun cake

An amazing cake can also be the focal point of the party. It's definitely a splurge, but I just love this fun one with a mom and a stroller!

Pink Baby Shower Cake |

7. Pink cookies

Trend alert: Display your decorated sugar cookies on a layer of pink candy! I think this looks so fun!

Pink Baby Shower Cookies | For more terrific ideas, check out all these beautiful pink baby showers on our site!

7 Things You Must Have at Your Rainbow Party

7 Must Have Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas | CatchMyParty.comRainbow parties are super popular here at Catch My Party. They're one of my favorite themes because they're so colorful and bright!

Below are 7 must-have ideas for planning your own rainbow party!

1. Rainbow cake

A gorgeous layered rainbow cake is the must-have for a rainbow party!

Rainbow Party Ideas |

2. Personalized invitation and printables

From our new Etsy shop, a personalized invitation and a full set of personalized rainbow party printables is the perfect way to decorate your celebration!

Personalized Rainbow Birthday Invitation |

Personalized Rainbow Birthday Party Printable Decorations |



3. Rainbow fruit display

A frequently seen party food at rainbow parties is a simple but beautiful rainbow fruit display.

Rainbow Party Ideas |

4. Rainbow party supplies

Make sure you have tons of colorful party supplies, from balloons to paper straws to rainbow candy! Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies |

1. Happy Birthday Balloon Weight

2. Rainbow Fan Decoration

3. Rainbow Swirl Decorations

4. Rainbow Crepe Paper

5. Rainbow Baking Cups

6. Rainbow Tissue Ball

7. Rainbow Fluffy Decoration

8. Paper Straws

9. Rainbow Unicorn Pops

10. Rainbow Dot Cups

11. Rainbow Pinata

12. Rainbow Balloons

For more rainbow candy, head to the Catch My Party Store!

5. Rainbow table skirt

A tulle table skirt in a rainbow of colors makes a fabulous statement for your party! Learn to make a tulle table skirt here.

Rainbow Party Ideas |

6. Rainbow cupcakes

These themed cupcakes are decorated with sour rainbow candy and frosting clouds.

Rainbow Party Ideas |

7. Candy decorations

Layer candy in glass jars and add clouds and ribbons on sticks for a fun decoration!

Rainbow Party Ideas |

For more rainbow party ideas, check out these parties from our site, and for party supplies check out the new Catch My Party Store.

7 Things You Must Have at Your Ballerina Birthday Party

7 Must Haves for your Ballerina Parties |

Below are 7 must-have ideas for planning a sweet and beautiful ballerina birthday party!

1. Ballerina table settings

Look for lovely decorations for your party table that will fit with the ballet theme.

Ballet table |

2. Ballerina cupcake toppers

Top your cupcakes with amazing detailed fondant creations and paper and tulle tutus, like these.

Ballet cupcake toppers |

3. Tulle table skirt

Dress up the party dessert table with its own tutu, no sewing required!

Ruffle table skirt |

4. Birthday tutu

A colorful tutu like this for the lucky birthday girl would be adorable (and glamorous)!

Pink Tutu |

5. Pink ombre ruffle cake

Ombre and ruffles make a stunning cake for the little ballerina.

Ombre ruffle cake |

6. Ballerina pinata

A ballet slipper pinata is the perfect activity for a ballerina party!

Slipper Pinata |

7. Tiara and tutu party favors

Send every guest home with their own tutu and tiara to remember the event!

Tutus and tiaras |

Check out our site for more ballerina birthday party inspiration!

7 Must-Have Ideas for your Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Gender reveal baby shower ideas | CatchMyParty.comGender reveal baby showers are such a great way to let your friends in on the gender of your baby in a fun and exciting way! In fact, it's one of the most popular baby shower themes on our site.

Below are 7 must-have ideas for planning your own!

1. Pink and Blue Decor

Use light pink and light blue as your core colors for decorating your  baby shower. I love how this table is split right down the middle!

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Decor |

2. Free Printables for your Gender Reveal

Use free party printables to decorate your shower, like these we give away on our site. Just download, print, cut, and decorate! Gender Reveal Baby Shower Printables |

3. He or She Hershey's Bars

Highlight the HE and SHE on Hershey's chocolate candy bars for a cool treat!

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Hershey's | CatchMyParty.comGender Reveal Baby Shower Hershey's |

4. Marshmallow Baby Rattles

Create some adorable baby rattles made out of marshmallows and polka dot paper straws. You can decorate these in pink and blue.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Marshmallow Rattles |

5. Guest Polling

Make sure you have a polling station for your guests to cast their vote for the baby's gender. You can even include pink and blue pins for your guests to wear revealing their vote. Gender Reveal Baby Shower Voting |

6. Party Supplies

All the party supplies you'll need for your gender reveal baby shower are now being sold in the Catch My Party Store. Check it out!

Gender reveal baby shower party supplies |

Gender Reveal Party Supplies

7. Big Reveal Cake

The moment is when the cake is cut into and  the insides reveal the gender with layers of blue or pink! You need a big finale like this.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cake |

For more gender reveal baby shower ideas, check out these parties from our site, and for party supplies check out the new Catch My Party Store.

7 Cool Party Ideas for St. Patrick's Day!

7 Ideas for St. Patrick's Day |

Here's a list of seven cool things you might want to try out this St. Patrick's Day! For more inspiration, check out all of the St. Patrick's Day parties on our site.

1.  Rainbow candy

A pack of Rainbow Twizzlers  and mini marshmallows make an awesome edible rainbow.  Don't forget the chocolate coins!

Rainbow Twizzlers |

2.  Lucky Charms decorations

Lucky Charms double as a fun decoration, just fill the vase and you're good to go! Lucky Charms |

3.  Green beer

Add a few drops of green food coloring to a mug of beer and you have a perfect St. Patrick's Day beverage! Green Beer |

4.  Green whoopie pies

Green whoopie pies are a yummy themed treat for the holiday, just add some green food coloring!

Whoopie Pies |

5.  Leprechaun hat cake

Transform a green frosted cake into a leprechaun hat for your party guests!

Leprechaun Hat Cake |

6.  Rainbow cupcakes

All the colors of the rainbow appear in these cupcakes baked in polka dot cups! Rainbow Cupcakes |

7.  "No pinch" printable sign

Don't forget the "No Pinch" sign to keep everyone safe and pinch free!

No Pinching Sign |


For more party ideas, check out these St. Patrick's Day parties from our site, and if you need free St. Patrick's Day printables, we've got them, too.

7 Things You Must Have at Your Hello Kitty Party

7 Must Haves for a Hello Kitty Party |

Here are seven must-have ideas for throwing an incredible Hello Kitty birthday party!

1. Hello Kitty Cake

An amazing cake is a must at any party, like this ombre rose, double decker one!

Hello Kitty Cake |

2. Hello Kitty Dessert Table Backdrop

We've noticed a dessert table backdrop seems to be a must at a Hello Kitty party, like this balloons one!

Hello Kitty Backdrop |

3. Hello Kitty Cookies

Decorated sugar cookies are popular for treats or favors and Hello Kitty cookies are just so cute!

Hello Kitty Cookies  |

4. A Hello Kitty Welcome Wreath

A wreath is a great way to welcome your guests, like this one with it's puffy paper flowers and Hello Kitty sitting pretty!

Hello Kitty Wreath |

5. Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Hello Kitty cake pops are hugely popular. Again, because they're so darn cute!

Hello Kitty Cake Pops |

6. Hello Kitty Pez

Easy idea for a party favor -- we've seen these at a bunch of Hello Kitty parties --Hello Kitty Pez.

Hello Kitty Pez  |

7. Hello Kitty Photo Booth Props

Make some memories with your guests dressing up like Hello Kitty and her friends for a photo shoot! Just put up a backdrop and you're ready to go!

Hello Kitty Photo Props |

For more party inspiration, check out all these amazing Hello Kitty parties on our site!

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