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Away We Go Transportation Party Printables + Coloring Pages from Chieu Urban


How wonderful are these "Away we Go" transportation party printables designed by Chieu Anh Urban, based on her baby-preschool book, Away We Go! A Shape and Seek Book. These printables would be perfect at styling your boy 1st birthday or boy baby shower.

The collection includes: cupcake flags, banner (with pennants for birthday or baby shower), thank you cards, tented display cards, welcome signs, shape signs, and 17 coloring pages (to keep your little guests busy)!


Here are the individual files...









These party printables coordinate perfectly with the Away We Go! A Shape and Seek Book by Chiêu Anh Urban, published with Scholastic, Cartwheel.  It's a fun board book about shapes and things-that-go for baby-preschool age (and a perfect favor gift for your party).
To see more Away We Go! treats and craft activities please visit Chiêu's blog.

{TRENDS} Sock Monkey Parties

One of my favorite themes for boy 1st birthdays and baby showers is Sock Monkey parties. They have a built in retro feel and you can decorate them so easily with sock monkey toys (and other vintage toys), sock monkey cake pops, cookies, and printables!

To see more of these adorable parties, click on the link or the photo...

LOUISE S' Sock Monkey Birthday Party sock_monkey#1

AUTUMN G's Sock Monkey Reed Turns One!!


JENIFER H's Up & Away Sock Monkey 1st Birthda


ILA G's Miles 1st Birthday


JILLIAN B's Sock Monkey 1st Birthday


MARIAH L's Sock Monkey Baby Shower


ANA P's Sock Monkey Shower


AMIE K's Hudson's First Birthday


For further inspiration, check out all the Sock Monkey parties on our site!

{TRENDS} Awesome Minecraft Parties

Here's a new trend we're seeing on our site... Minecraft parties! For those of you who don't know, Minecraft is a video game that allow players to build worlds using textured cubes. These parties are so good at representing the game!

To see each party, click on the link or the photo...

B Moore Celebrations' Minecraft Party


Sugar Bites' Aiden's Minecraft Birthday!


Feather S's Minecraft Vintage


Gemma T's Minecraft Birthday Party

Carol C's Minecraft Birthday


Sunny D's Minecraft Inspired Birthday Party


For further inspiration, check out all the Minecraft parties and video game parties on our site!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week

I'm excited to share my favorite parties added to our site this week... A totally rad motorcycle party, a Cat in the Hat 1st birthday with an amazing cake and balloon figures, an Avenger birthday with tons of DIY details, and a birthday party for twins that will take your breath away...


Clockwise from top left:

I'm always blown away by your creativity. Can't wait to see what parties you put up this week!




FREE Little Man Mustache Bash Party Printables from Printabelle


Little Man Mustache Bash parties are so popular on our site! The theme works great for baby showers, 1st birthdays, and even older boy birthdays.  The whole idea of a boy pretending to be a man is so inherently cute, and then put a tie and a mustache on him and you've just upped the cuteness factor by a power of ten!

I'm super excited to be giving away these little man mustache bash party printables designed by my friend Michelle at Printabelle. Add some of our free mustache photo booth props and you've got yourself a complete birthday party or shower!

This collection includes: invitations, welcome sign, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, treat toppers, mini candy bar wrappers, "Little Man" banner (big and small), gift tags, thank you and menu/place cards.


Here are the individual files...


mustachesign mustacheminicandybar mustachetreattoppers mustachetymenu mustachebanner mustachewaterbottle mustachegifttags

Thank you, Michelle, what a fun collection.

And remember, if you’d like any of these printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file! To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.

For more inspiration, check out the Little Man Mustache Bash parties on our site!

FREE Outer Space Party Printables from Lil' Monkeys Designs

Need a theme for your little boy's next birthday? How about Outer Space! We're giving away this adorable collection of FREE party printables designed by Valerie from Lil' Monkeys Designs. I love all the cute aliens, rockets, astronauts, and planets!

The collection includes: an invitation, cupcake toppers, tented food cards, water bottle labels, a "Happy Birthday" banner, a welcome sign, and favor tags.


Here's the whole collection...


And here are the individual files...

free-outer-space-robot-party-printables catch_my_party_Outer_Space_party_circles


catch_my_party_outerspace_water_bottle_labels catch_my_party_outerspace_Pennant_Banner_ha catch_my_party_outerspace_Pennant_Banner_PP catch_my_party_outerspace_Welcome_Sign


Thanks Valerie for these delightful printables!

To learn more about Valerie and see all of her designs check out her Lil' Monkey Etsy Shop and her Facebook page.

For more inspiration, check out these fantastic outer space parties on our site.

{TRENDS} Awesome Pirate Birthday Parties

I had to show off some of the fantastic pirate birthdays we've seen on our site. The creativity -- from treasure maps, to homemade pirate ships, to pirate themed desserts, to pirate party games -- is incredible! Click on the link or the photo to see the full party below.

 Johanne L's Morgan's 3rd Pirate Bash

Regina P's Drew's Pirate P-AARRRRR-TY

Full P's Ahoy! Pirates

Sweet Inspirations Events' Pirate Maddeness

Katie C's Aidan & Kai's Pirate Party

Susana A's Pirate James Party

Tania P's It's a Pirate's Life

 Lorena C's Ian y Thomas Pirate Party

If you're thinking of planning your own pirate party, check out the free pirate printables we have on our site to help you capture that pirate spirit.

Also for more ideas, check out our entire collection of pirate birthdays (we have close to 100) on our site, and our Pirate Party Pinterest board.

FREE Pirate Birthday Party Printables from Printabelle

I'm so excited to be giving away this set of free pirate birthday party printables designed by Michelle from Printabelle. What a fun way to start the New Year!

The collection includes: invitations, cupcake toppers, a welcome banner, gift bag tags, gift tags, an "Ahoy Mateys" banner (small and large), water bottle labels, napkin rings, tented cards, treat toppers, and mini chocolate bar wrappers.


Here's the whole collection...

And here are the individual files...

Thanks, Michelle, for this fun collection!

And remember, if you’d like any of the printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file! To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.

Also, for further pirate inspiration, check out all these fantastic pirate parties on our site.

FREE Circus Birthday Party Printables from Printabelle

I've been dying to give away a set of FREE circus party printables since it's such a popular theme on our site, so I was delighted when Michelle from Printabelle designed these for us. Thank you, Michelle!

The collection includes: a welcome sign, invitations, cupcake toppers, a banner and mini banner, water bottle labels, mini candy bar wrappers, gift bag tags, thank you and menu/place cards, treat toppers, napkin rings, gift tags, and a coloring sheet.


Thanks, Michelle, for designing another fantastic set of printables. And remember, if you’d like any of the printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file!

To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.

{PARTY ON A BUDGET} The Ultimate Nerf Party

Melissa Newell from My Party Passion and our budget party contributor, threw her son the Ultimate Nerf Party.  Not an easy theme to do, but Melissa found inspiration in unusual places. Read her whole story below:

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy breezy chicken peazey to find girl themes for birthdays, however, much more challenging to find a boy -- preteen no less -- theme.

This year for our son’s birthday party my inspiration was found in a strange place – the sporting goods store!

Back story: On one of our “date nights,” my husband and I decided to meander into a local sporting goods store in search of some additional camping gear (yup we go shopping on date nights – lol). No go on the gear, but total SCORE on the birthday party idea!

Walking down the isles..I spotted these targets…

Were they in my budget?  Where they safe?  Where they what I wanted?  YES TO ALL THREE!

What boy doesn’t love NERF?  What boy doesn’t love obstacle courses? So the Ultimate Nerf Party was born!

Nerf parties out there are few and far between.  Nerf brings me back to my older son’s adolescence when the nerf colors were navy and yellow!  I wanted to combine the newer colors of Nerf with the more traditional colors and came up what I think was a great combo! You can see it in this photo:

Oh the wheels were spinning now!  What else could I use these babies for other than just putting them up onto a piece of foam core board?

AH…my son and his friends are not big fans (ok not even small fans) of Justin Beiber (I have no problem with the popstar).  SO I thought what great way for the boys to take out their “feelings” on The Beib than to shoot him with Nerf Darts!

The other décor was easy.  Take any old glass jar, fill with Nerf Darts = centerpiece. 

Reuse some paper lanterns that I purchased at a local shop for $ .99 each! 

A few balloons minus helium. (BONUS – I bought these great plastic balloon holders some time ago from Oriental Trading– reusable – blow up, insert into base and they stand up great. Cost saver on the helium and I reuse the plastic sticks time and time again).

Food – asked the son – "hot" was what he wanted – reply: dogs and French fries – Oh how I love him! One of the most inexpensive foods to buy for “the masses.”  

Add in a popcorn bar for a snack (very inexpensive to do) BONUS TIP:  I used cute popcorn boxes but brown paper lunch bags from your local dollar store or grocery store work just as well!)  

(Big sigh here.)  My original plans (plan A as I call it) was to use our backyard as a huge totally rad (do they say that anymore?) obstacle course.  Mother Nature had a different plan. 

In the 11th hour, I was challenged with hosting the party mostly inside with the hopes of a clearing patch in the rain and we could quickly get out.  "Scale down" was my new motto.  I had to basically take an entire party that was to cover over a ½ acre of backyard and fit it into my playroom/dining room. (laugh, go on, you've been there, done that, right?!)

Low and behold we had a few hours of clearing, sun and we took advantage of it!  Hubby had set up party of the outdoor course that “could get wet”!  Boys had a blast! BONUS:  The “pool noodles” were purchased from the Dollar Tree – SOOO FUN and COST next to nothing!

I was so happy with how everything turned out, despite my Plan B!  The boy was happy and all the boys had a “blast”! (pun intended)  In fact, one of the boys said to me “Mrs Newell, this is the best weekend ever!”  awe..thanks buddy!

I hope I have inspired you to be creative on a budget!  Until next month   – Party on friends!

Thank you, Melissa, for this great story. You prove that with a little ingenuity, anything can be a budget-friendly party theme! To learn more about Melissa, visit her at My Party Passion and find her on Facebook or Twitter.



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