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How cute is this little tiny Jedi at Annie H's Star Wars Jedi Training Party. I can't get over the pure sweetness!

Check out the rest of this cool party.  If you love Star Wars, this is definitely the party to see!

Harry Potter Birthday Party on a Budget

Harry Potter parties are some of the most popular on our site. So when I spotted Allison W's Magical Harry Potter Birthday a really original party that cost $200, I got excited and had to ask her how she did it.

Well, here are Alison's top 5 tips for how she saved money throwing her very cool party...

Tip 1

Plan ahead of time! I knew about 4 months before what kind of party my son wanted and made sure he was sticking with that theme. It was then that I started planning for the decorations, activities, and food so I knew what I needed to purchase. Not only does this allow me to find the best deals, but also to spread out the purchases.

Tip 2

Yard/clearance sales! I think my best find was the mason jars with handles. I wanted that look and had seen some glass beer mugs at the Dollar store which is a good deal, but keeping my eye out beforehand, I ran across a pack of 10 mason jar mugs for $2. They were etched so I made a super cute label and had custom Butter Beer mugs for cheap! A lot of people go to the Dollar store for party supplies but be careful $1 each can add up pretty fast so be sure to compare.

Ten mason jars with handles bought at a yard sale for $2

Tip 3

Use what you already have! Again, because I planned ahead of time I was able to save glass jars and containers for the decorations as we used them. Instead of recycling, I washed them out and saved them for the party.

Recycled glass jars and containers

Tip 4

Make it yourself! Before I purchase something I always ask myself if I can make it easily for less ("easily" is the key word haha). One thing I made was the cupcake stand. I love cupcake stands and instead of paying $15-$20 for one that I sort-of liked, I made a custom one for $3 plus 2 cans of soup that I used later. I also made house banners from felt, a birthday banner from the pages of a ruined Harry Potter book, wands, and the Quidditch field.

Homemade cupcake stand


Homemade banner using an old Harry Potter book


Homemade wands

Tip 5

Keep it simple! Your entire house doesn't need to be decorated to have a magical party. A few really great decorations can make the entire party and set the perfect scene.

Thank you, Allison, for these great tips. And I couldn't agree with you more about Tip 5. I always believe that all you need are a few special, well-thought-out design elements and you've got a memorable party that "pops."

Make sure to check out the rest of this magical Harry Potter party.

TRENDS: Little Kid Rockstar Parties

A new trend I've noticed on our site is rockstar parties for little kids (even not-yet-born kids). Of course I had to show off these rad parties! I love all the energy and excitement. Take a look...

Kara T's Our Little Rockstar Is  2 party

Great rock poster and cake!

MKR Creations' Lisa's Baby Shower

A rocker baby shower! Love the guitar cupcakes toppers and the rocker onesie cookies!

Addie A's Matteus' 1st Birthday Bash

Great backstages passes and funny favor bags!

Dawn M's Old School Hip Hop 2nd Birthday

I had to include this awesome hip hop birthday!

Nadia C's Charlotte's 2nd Birthday

And of course one for the girl rockers out there!

Cute, funny, and cool parties... right?

If you're so inspired, take a look at all the rockstar/popstar parties on our site. Some seriously great ideas here!



My husband, who loves to surf, told me I had to choose this photo from Anna P's Max's 1st Birthday as our Party Photo of the Week.

So to all you surfers out there (big and small), this photo is for you! Check out the rest of this delightful retro surf party.

GIVEAWAY: Win 16 Personalized Star Wars Lightsaber Invitations from Inviting Inventions

Mikie M, the woman behind Inviting Inventions, who created this awesome Star Wars Party and these two fantastic Star Wars tutorials on how to make R2D2 cups and lightsaber napkin wraps, is doing a giveaway!

She will be creating 16 handmade personalized Star Wars lightsaber invitations for one of our lucky readers just like these...

Pull on this little tab and... the invitation come to life!!


Amazing, Mikie!!

If you are the winner, all you'll do is send Mikie your party info, and she will design and send 16 handmade invitations right to you! How cool is that?!

To enter the contest, just "like" Inviting Inventions on Facebook, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did just that. Easy peasy!

We’ll pick the winner at random on Thursday, July 14th at 10:00PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry.  We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.

TRENDS: Birthday Boy Outfits

I featured some adorable birthday girl outfits, but clothes aren't just for girls. As promised, here are some fabulous birthday boys in their cool birthday duds. I love showing these off!

Shalimar M's Kailan's Sesame Street Celebration

Allison T's Happy 1st Birdie Par-Tee

Melissa T's Ethan's Lightning McQueen 3rd Birthday

Fran V's Nino's 4th Birthday Shark Party

Kelly S's David's 1st Birthday

Dawn S's De Plane! De Plane!

Christina A's Jayden's 1st Birthday

Serendipity's A Trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Jessica R's Hendrix's First Birthday

Abigail B's Space... The Final Frontier

Nicole L's Parker's 3rd Birthday

Nichole M's Disney Cars Double Birthday

Susan H's Jake's 6th Birthday Party

Lisa W's Kyle's Magic Birthday Party

Not only do the clothes make the man, but in these cases, the clothes make the party (or at least help)!


This week's party photo comes from Cakes Likes a Party's Monkey Donkey Robot Pinata 3rd Birthday Party. This is one of the zaniest themes we've seen and we love it!

The party is done so well, filled with so much heart and whimsy. Plus it proves that anything -- really anything -- can make a great theme. Please check out this awesome party!

DIY Tutorial - How to Make Lightsaber Napkin Wraps for your Star Wars Party

Mikie M created this amazing Star Wars Party for her son’s 6th birthday. She made a ton of the decorations herself.

Last week I posted the tutorial she put together for her cute R2D2 cups. This week I'm posting the tutorial she made on how to create these cool lightsaber napkin wraps (including the file for the lightsaber handles).  Thank you, Mikie!

Moms of Star Wars fans, Mickie has totally hooked you up!


  • Napkins - red, blue, lime green or purple (use all one color or a variety)
  • Cardstock - either a medium gray tone or white
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Tape - regular or double sided
  • Silverware - this is optional but does make it easier to keep the napkins in the shape of a lightsaber

Step 1 Print lightsaber handle image on cardstock and cut out with a paper cutter or scissors.  You can download the lightsaber file here. There are 6 handle wraps per page.

Step 2 Place silverware in a stack about an inch from the edge of the napkin.  Silverware should hang down past the bottom of the napkin. Fold the napkin over the silverware and continue flipping the silverware until it is completely rolled up. Without silverware simply roll the napkin up.

Step 3 With the napkin edge facing up, place the printed lightsaber handle half way over the napkin and wrap it around the bottom of the napkin.  The bottom of the handle should cover the bottom of the silverware.

Step 4 Use tape to secure the handle around the napkin.  You can either use double stick tape or regular tape to secure the handle edge to the other side.  Make sure the top and bottom of the handle line up.

Step 5 Your lightsaber napkin is now ready!  Be sure that the seam is placed face down on a table or towards the back if in a basket or other container. If you want to make a double lightsaber you can unfold the napkin once and place the handle wrap in the middle.


Thank you, Mikie for this fabulous tutorial.

If you haven’t already checked out Mikie’s Star Wars party, please take a look. It's really inspiring.

Also, stay tuned for Mikie's upcoming giveaway where you could win a set of these amazing handmade Star Wars invitations designed by Mikie herself.

DIY Tutorial - How to Make R2D2 Cups For Your Star Wars Party

Mikie M created this amazing Star Wars Party for her son's 6th birthday. She made a ton of the decorations herself for the party including these R2D2 cups. That's right, she designed the labels herself and stuck them on.

Well, people have been contacting her about how she made them, so she generously put together this tutorial and even gave us the labels for you to download. Seriously, Mikie, how generous, thank you!


So for those of you throwing Star Wars parties in the near future, you can make these great R2D2 cups to with very little effort. See for yourself...


  • White cups with lids (which are available here.)
  • 8 ½ x 11 white ink jet labels or white paper and double stick tape (if you use paper and tape, apply the double stick tape to the back of both labels and then apply them as instructed below)
  • Scissors (optional: paper trimmer and/or circle cutter)
  • 5/8 inch circle punch
  • Ink pen or pencil

Step 1 Print Image

  • Print out R2-D2 image on ink jet label or paper. You can download the label here. There are 3 cup labels per sheet.
Step 2 Cut out labels
  • Cut out cup labels using scissors.  You can use a paper trimmer on the sides but the top and bottom are slightly curved to fit the shape of the cup so they need to be cut out by hand. Be sure to cut off the black guide lines.
  • Cut out lid labels with scissors or circle cutter.  If using a circle cutter set it for just under 2 ½ inches.  Be sure to cut off the black guide line.

Step 3 Mark Straw Hole on Lid

  • Place the round lid label on the top of the lid. It should fit in the inner circle of the lid.  Then hold the label in place as you flip over the lid to mark the straw opening.
  • Using a 5/8” circle punch, align the mark in the center of the punch and punch a hole in the label.


Step 4 Apply Lid Label

  • Turn the lid back over and peel the backing off the label. Apply to the top of the lid.  Be sure to line up the 5/8” hole with the straw hole of the lid.

Step 5 Apply Cup Label

  • Remove backing from label and align the top edge of the label just below the top rim of the cup.  Once it is properly aligned press one side down at a time making sure you don’t wrinkle the label.

Step 6 Almost done!

  • Fill cup with Yoda Soda or your favorite Star Wars beverage and apply lid!

Thank you, Mikie, for creating this tutorial for our readers (including the image).  How sweet!

If you haven't already checked out the photos from Mikie's Star Wars party, you must. You'll be blown away. And take a look at the other incredible parties Mikie has added to our site.

Also stay tuned for Mikie's 2nd Star Wars tutorial, where she shows you how she made these napkin wrap light sabers.

TRENDS: Some of My Favorite Boy Invitations from Our Site

I love creative invitations. I believe the invitation sets the stage for the whole party, just like a movie poster does for a movie.

Here are some of my favorite boy invitations from our main site. (To see the whole party, click on the invitation or the link.)

Claire B's 6th Birthday


Shea F's Monster Truck 5th Birthday Party

Mikie M's Star Wars 6th Birthday Party

Carrie L's Football Birthday Party

Serendipity's A Trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Yvette S's Gabriel's Super Hero 4th Birthday Party

Christina A's Jayden's 1st Birthday

Christy F's Chase's 3rd Airplane Party

Serendipity's Harry Potter - School of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Vicki's Jacob's 6th Birthday Baseball Party

How cool and creative are these invitations. Stay tuned for my favorite girl invitation post coming soon...


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