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SPOTLIGHT: A Vintage Circus Birthday Party

As soon as I saw the photos from Laura B's Vintage Circus Birthday Party, I needed to know more, in fact I needed to know everything!

I contacted Laura, asked her some questions about her party, and here's what she said in all the gory details...

Who was the party for and how did you come up with your theme?

The party was to celebrate my three daughters' birthdays. Preslee and Mason who turned four, and Finley who turned two. Last year we did two separate parties two weekends apart and it was a lot. My twins love anything having to do with the circus and once we started talking about it, I knew that this would be the perfect theme. My girls are "girly girls" so we had to have that feminine spin on things. A circus with a girly twist = LOTS of frills, ruffles, pink and glitter!

How long did it take to plan?

The idea came to me about a year ago, right after their last parties, but I didn’t actually start putting things together until about 6 months ago. Don’t laugh, it’s my Type A personality!

How many guests did you have?

We had 33 kids and 55 adults!  It was crazy fun!

What was your overall budget?

I hope my hubby isn’t reading this  HAHA…The biggest expense was the rental of the venue. The party was held at Confetti's Event Center.  They are a party rental place but have a room that you can rent out for parties.   It's local here in Baltimore.  I did the paper goods (signs, favor tags, party circles) myself and there were so many DIY aspects to this party. Spent a lot of time at Home Goods, The Dollar Tree and the clearance aisles at Michaels. You also have to remember that this party was for three children and doing it for just one would be much less expensive.

Did anyone help you put it together?

I had lots of help, ideas and inspiration from some amazingly talented ladies. Jess from Party Box Design designed my invite and offered some cute party ideas, Ally from Allyson Jane did the gorgeous cookies, and Kim from Sweeties by Kim created the yummy Oreo pops and chocolate covered Oreos. The Super Chick herself made the ruffle on the wall behind the dessert table and I ordered some tasty taffy from Kate Landers Events. This was the first party that I designed and did the paper goods for since opening my shop, Cupcakes and Lemonade. It was so fun and special to do that for my daughters and see it used in a “real” party. Also, my babysitter and a few of her college friends worked all the booths.  I ordered them "carnie hats" and aprons from Oriental Trading Company to wear for the party.

What was the most fun part of planning it?

As the months passed, my dining room table began to pile up with all the things I was buying to use for the party. It was so awesome the night that I set up a “mock” dessert table and I could for the first time really see how it was all going to come together. My husband was asleep and I ran in, woke him up and dragged him in just to see. It all looked so pretty!

What was the most difficult part of planning it?

I think forcing myself to stop looking in magazines and on the Internet. The more you look, the more awesome ideas you see, and at some point you just have to step back, stop and say this is enough for this party. I had to remind myself that I didn’t need to use every single one of my ideas on just this party.

What DIY elements did you do?

I did not want to be THAT parent who sent each child home with a live goldfish so I made goldfish soaps for each child to take home as prizes when they played the ping-pong toss. They were so easy and such a cute and unexpected idea for that game. I also made the popcorn cupcakes and the candy apples, which were a HUGE hit with the kids and all the parents.

What was your favorite DIY element?

I think it has to be the goldfish soaps. They really were so easy. I am going to have to do a tutorial on my blog.

What food and beverages did you serve?

We had a dessert table with every kind of sweet you could imagine. Cookies, candy, cupcakes, candy apples, cotton candy, and popcorn. We also served hot dogs, chips and pizza. Just good ole’ circus food. It was so easy and the kids loved being able to just grab a quick bite and run right back to playing all the games. For drinks, I had juice boxes for the kids and bottled water with cute matching labels from The Paper Cupcake. I also found at a garage sale an old Coke crate. My local grocery store carries the old Cokes in bottles. I stuck one of those in each slot with a fun striped paper straw.

What, if any, activities did you have?

We had a stilt walker, a photo booth with lots of fun props; spin art, a bounce house, ring toss, beanbag toss, ping-pong toss, a ballpit for the little ones and a kiddie stryker. We had a face painter as well who was amazing! When the guests arrived at the party, they each received a gable box full of circus treats as well as tickets to play each game. When they “won” the games, they were given a gold coin, which they could turn in, at the end of the party for prizes.

What was your favorite moment during the party?

Almost ever child that walked in the door had this look of amazement on their faces. Literally their mouths were hanging open and they just squealed. That made my whole day! So many of them have since told me that it was the best party that they have ever been too. Makes all the hard work totally worthwhile.

Any lessons learned from planning the party (things you might do the same or differently next time)?

I feel so lucky, for me, this party went exactly the way I envisioned it. One thing I did that I have never done before was having a photographer. It was something that I budgeted and planned to spend the money on. It was so nice to be able to enjoy the party and not worry about running around trying to take pictures of everything and everybody. I know this is an extra expense, but even if you don’t do a professional photographer, get someone to be responsible for taking those special pictures for you.

Any final thoughts about the party?

This was a party that anyone can do. My daughters all have birthdays in January so that makes it hard to do anything outside. This would be a FAB party in your backyard. You could have so many fun outdoor games, petting zoo, etc. There are so many DIY aspects as far as the food and decorating, etc. I think all kids love the circus/carnival and it was just so neat to stand back, actually enjoy the party myself and let them run wild. It doesn’t have to be totally organized and that was one of the best parts!

Thank you, Laura, for sharing how you put this unbelievable party together! It looks so magical and fun.

To learn more about Laura and find great party tips and ideas, visit her blog, Cupcakes and Lemonade. Also visit her Etsy shop for cute printables, cards, and invitations.

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Who doesn't love the book, A Very Hungry Caterpillar? Well it shows in these incredible Very Hungry Caterpillar parties we've seen on our main site. Here are some of my favorite details from each party...

Corey V's Brooklyn's Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Great cupcake cake

The invitation with holes in it wrapped in twine with the apple and little caterpillar

The coloring activity with cool colored pencils

The favor bags with the little pom pom caterpillars

The birthday boy in his birthday crown

Katie P's Lucas Turns 1 Party

The insane homemade cake!

Food labels with passages from the book. So clever.

Caterpillar cookie favors. Love the tags with art from the book.

Favor bags with personalized tags

Heather T's Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Homemade caterpillar cake

Again food labels with passages from the book

A caterpillar hunt with hidden homemade egg carton caterpillars in the bushes

Using the book as a guest book

Brittany S's Grant's Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Fun cupcakes in the shape of a caterpillar

Personalized favors bags with a cute saying

The Party Wall's Very Special 1st Birthday

Wall decals from the book

I love these caterpillar pizzas

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I couldn't decide between the gorgeous cookies and the gorgeous cupcakes at Sarah T's Surf's Up Birthday Party, so I'm including both as our Dessert of the Week.  I think they are both clever and cute. Any preference?

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If your son is in love with Super Mario Bros check out these inspiring parties from our main site.  There are so many great ideas. Here are the details I'm loving...

Rachael L's Mario Kart Wii Birthday

Dessert table

The invitation was in a box shaped like a Wii remote

Hats and star cookies

Brittany S's Super Mario Party

Dessert table

Insane cake

Cookie pops

Party favors - Mario and Luigi hats

Tiffany B's Matthews Super Mario Party


All the party details including the great cake

Super Mario bingo

Kelly R's Tyler's Super 6 Mario Bros Party

Party favors

Dessert/candy table

Angelina P's Frank and Sissy's Birthday Bash

Chocolate mustaches

Favor boxes

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We get photos of so many beautiful desserts on our main site, I thought I'd create a feature where I highlight one per week. This week's honor comes from Junita N's Holiday Dessert Table. These cupcakes and treats are so delicate and beautiful. I've never seen anything like them...

Junita's dessert table is Japanese inspired, so be sure to take a look at her kimono cookies and the other gorgeous Japanese cupcakes on her party page.

TREND: Art Themed Parties on Catch My Party

Art parties are one of my all-time favorite themes and I love when they show up on our main site. You can see from these parties how creative you can get with the decor, plus you have a built in activity for your guests. Brilliant!

Kate P's Art Party

The art supplybuffet

Palette of cupcakes

Guest doing their art project

Lisa W's Paris 'Frida Kahlo' Party

Frida Kahlo coloring books

Festive Mexican decor

The artists at work

Jill's Pink & Zebra Art Party

The invitation

A palette of cupcakes

The guests at work on their masterpieces

Mandy H's Faith's 6th Rainbow Art Party

The dessert table

Great rainbow details

The art studio

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DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member - How to Make Cake Bunting

Anyone who has read my blog or my posts knows I am a huge fan of cake bunting. What is cake bunting, you ask? Mini banners you stick into cakes. Like this adorable one Carey B made for her Teddy Bear Picnic.

I asked Carey if she would put together a tutorial for us, and she so sweetly said yes. So without further ado, here is Carey's cake bunting tutorial...

Cake bunting is such an adorable touch to your cakes. There are so many variations on the concept it is hard to pick just one. Here are directions for the one I made for my Teddy Bear Picnic.

2 Wooden skewers
Ribbon (3/16" width)
Cardstock in color of choice
Coordinating ribbon
Glue Gun
Fishing line
Double sided tape
Scallop punch or die cut machine.

Step One:  Punch or cut your scallops. You will need two sizes. I used a 1 and a 1 1/4 on my Cricut. You will need 3 cut scallops for each 3-D scallop you are making for the bunting.

Step Two: Take 3 scallops of the same size and fold in half. Using double sided tape (my best friend) and stick your scallops halves together. One side will be left unstuck.

Step Three: Thread your needle with fishing line and begin "sewing" your scallops together. You will poke the needle through the top center of each scallop. KEY: Once the needle is through DOUBLE knot the top of each scallop so that it stays in place. *You can also use thread I just like the floating in air look that fishing line or invisible thread achieves.

Step Four: Double knot the end of your fishing line, with the scallops on it, to the top of a skewer. Place a dot of hot glue on the knot to hold it in place. While the glue is still hot place the end of your ribbon there and begin wrapping the skewer. I left some of the natural part of the skewer showing to bring out those tones we were using throughout the party. But, I think it would be nice with a fully wrapped skewer too.

Step Five:  Repeat step four on the other skewer. I use glasses filled with rice to hold my skewers up and help with with spacing.

Step Six:  Finish off the top of the skewer with trailing ribbons or a bow.

Step Seven:  Top your cake, step back and ENJOY your creation!

Thank you so much, Carey, for putting this tutorial together! If anyone makes cake bunting, please send us a photo so we can post it.

To learn more about Carey and read about all her crafting and party planning adventures please check out her blog, With Joy, and also check out her other gorgeous parties on our site.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

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First I showed off the girl dinosaur parties. Now, I'm showing off these cool boy dinosaur parties we've seen on our main site!

Christine K's Phoenix's DinoFOUR Birthday Party

Invitation with dinosaur decor

Dinosaur fondant cupcake toppers

A dino egg hunt

4-wheeler rides. Nice touch!

Frog Prince Paperie's Modern Dinosaur Birthday Adventure

The gorgeous dessert table

The cake. Love the footprints.

The favor bags

The dinosaur bounce house

Corrie S's Dinosaur Dig Party

The table

Paper mache dinosaur eggs

The cake

The dinosaur dig

Cheeks Celebrations Charlie's Dino-mite Birthday Party

Dinosaur activities

Cake, cupcakes, and dinosaur eggs


Jenn K's Dino Party, Bryson's 5th

Dino cake

Personalized favor bag

Dino cookie favors with tags

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TRENDS: Girl Dinosaur Parties on Catch My Party

We've gotten a lot of amazing dinosaur parties on our main site. In Part 1, I'm showing off the girls!

If you've got a girl who's into dinosaurs, there are so many ways to make your party ferocious and feminine. Take a look at the ideas here...

Genevieve L's I am Girly... hear me ROAR - A Pink Dino Party

Dinosaur birthday banner

Goodie bag

Pink dinosaur cupcake toppers

Nala C's Polka Dots and Triceratops - 3rd Birthday Party

Triceratops decorations and a polka dot food sign

Dinosaur masks for guests

The polka dot cake. Love the girl and the triceratops!

Robin G's Dinosaur Party

Digging for dinosaurs activity

Dinosaur andwiches with cucumber spikes

Scary dinosaur cake balanced by pink flowers

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TRENDS: Elmo Parties on Catch My Party

Just in case you're snowed in watching Sesame Street with your kids, I thought I'd show off these great Elmo parties we've seen on our site. You can't go wrong with Elmo. Boy... girl... works for both, and there are so many ways to make it your own! Here are some interesting ideas...

Rene K's Carnival Elmo! - A carnival themed Elmo party with a gorgeous cake, Elmo cake pops, cupcakes with Elmo toppers, a bunting banner, cotton candy, and peanuts.

Vanessa C's Elmo with Some Fluff Birthday - Who says an Elmo birthday can't be fancy? Love the desserts including the macarons and the Dorothy the fish (and fish food) favors.

Natalie's Kenzie's Elmo Inspired 2nd Birthday - Another girlie Elmo party with these fun party hats, gorgeous cupcake toppers, and pretty favor boxes.

Donna L's Brady's 2nd Birthday - A fun Elmo cake and sweet Sesame Street character cupcakes.

Melissa P's Elmo's World Birthday - Love this chalk drawing to welcome the guests and these cute favor boxes.

Courtney's Aiden is 1 Birthday - What a great big colorful candy buffet and we really like this Elmo cupcake cake.

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