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Haute Couture Fashion Cakes from I Dream of Cake -- Insane!

My last post about cakes was about the blog Cake Wrecks, and what happens when things go bad in the world of cakes.  So to cleanse myself, I had to write about cakes I love the most, those that combine two of my favorite things:  cake and fashion.

Sure lots of cake designers make handbag cakes, and  a few make shoe cakes.  But I have never seen anything like what Shinmin Li at I Dream of Cake in San Francisco has created.  She has taken cake design to a whole new level and I'm blown away.

First, a couple of her incredible wedding cake designs...

Now let me give you some serious cake porn to drool over...

Yes, I need a shower too.  You're welcome.  :)

Via I Dream of Cake

How To Throw a Glee-Themed Party

Who doesn't love the hit Fox show Glee??  Since it returns April 13th, it's time to start planning your Glee-themed party now.

To help, I've scoured the Internet to bring you the latest and greatest fan ideas for how to throw an awesome Glee-themed party.

First, get yourself  a cake like this.  This one courtesy of Isn't That Something.


"Have everyone dress as their favorite character."

"Serve the pasta that Rachel got spilled on her in' Wheels,' serve slushies like the ones they get hit with, and of course those vanilla cupcakes with messy red icing from the bake sale!"

"Play the DVD with no sound during the party, definitely do karaoke, create mash-ups, play lots of Journey and Glee trivia/drinking games."

"Have everyone learn the Single Ladies Dance, especially your feminine male friends.  And buy a fake pregnancy suit and rotate it between guests, including the males."

Well, there you have it, some ideas from your fellow fans.  So all you Gleeks out there, have yourselves some awesome parties!!

Cake Wrecks -- Great Blog!

I love Cake Wrecks.  It says on their blog, "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong."  And boy do they...

Here are some of my favorite cake disasters:

This blog is right up there with another one of my favorites.

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