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TRENDS: July 4th Parties on Catch My Party

Here are some of my favorite design elements from the July 4th parties we've seen on our site.

From Lindsey M's Little Firecracker's 4th of July Riverside Soiree

This party is all about the gorgeous sweets and the beautiful party printables.  Lindsey and her partner design the printables themselves at Paper and Pigtails.

Some of my favorite things: the delicious confetti cupcakes, the hand-dipped marshmallows, and the lemonade bottles and straws.  The whole party has such a festive spirit.  It puts me in a good mood.

Daphne J's 4th of July Backyard Bash

What's great about this traditional BBQ is how it's taken to a whole new level by adding all these gorgeous printables.  The printables are designed by Daphne and are available in her store Moo Moo's & Tutus.

Notice how the hamburgers, and even the straws, become something to celebrate when they're given a little decoration.

Molly E's Celebrate Our Independence!

This is a sumptuous party.  The flowers, food, and decor make it seem rich and beautiful.  I want to eat everything: the sliders, the corn, and those fabulous parfait and tart desserts.

And to finish it off, the favors are sweet and simple -- red, white, and blue candies in little jars.  They look elegant and give the table punch.  It's true, sometimes less is more.

Staci G's Old Fashion 4th

This party has "kid" written all over it.  My favorite details: the red, white, and blue robot and the painted coffee filter decorations.  What a great way for a mom to come up with arts and crafts projects for her kids that she can then use for a family celebration.

And how fun are the firecracker cookies with sprinkles and pop rocks?  Nice touch.

Claudia S's Red, White, and Blue Ladybug Party

Great idea for this party -- a July 4th "slash"ladybug birthday party for a seven-year-old.

Again, custom decorations is where it's at this July 4th.  Claudia and her partner designed these.  You can find more at Tini Posh.

My favorite thing about this party is how both themes are incorporated.  Check out the red, white, and blue cupcake toppers with ladies bugs, stars, and photos of the birthday girl on them.  Combining themes does bring something new and exciting to your party.   Definitely try it.

It's so much fun seeing all your great ideas.  Thanks for sharing!

Canada Day Parties on Catch My Party

We've gotten two beautiful Canada Day parties on the site.

Candace M's Canada Day Party

And Genevieve B's Celebrating Canada Day... Philly Style Party

For those of you who don't know, Canada Day is celebrated on July 1, commemorating the day when Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada were combined into a federation on July 1, 1867.

I've already asked everyone to upload their July 4th parties so I could blog about them.  Well to honor our Canadian friends, I also everyone to add their Canada Day parties, too.

I plan to do a big blog post about all these recent festivities.

I can't wait to see what everyone has done!

Please Add Your July 4th Parties to the Site (After You've Had Them, Of Course)

I'm planning to do a TRENDS post after the July 4th weekend to showcase all the great parties you've thrown to celebrate.

Please add your photos to our site.  We're excited to see all the cool creative ideas you've come up with!

Until then... have a safe and Happy 4th!

Party Starters is Turning 1 and Throwing a Party!

I don't know if you saw the Hazardous Teen Birthday on our homepage, but it's one of my favorite parties.  It was planned by Pamela Smerker for her 13 year old son.

Pamela is the creative mind behind Party Starters, a site that sells handmade party essentials -- party favor boxes, party banners, cupcake toppers, bottle labels, signs, and invitations.  You can see her products in her Etsy shop here but she also loves custom orders.

She has a great blog filled with party ideas, inspirations, and tutorials.  She even shares with her readers what it's like to be both a mom and an entrepreneur, a balancing act many of us struggle with.

But let's get to the good stuff!!

Her site is turning 1 and she's throwing a party from July 5th - July 9th.   A real online party!

She's having guest bloggers all week (of which I will be one, thanks Pamela!) and there will be festivities and prizes galore!

So what should you do?

First, check out her blog and her shop.  Then from July 5th through the 9th, keep checking back to see all the great stuff she has in store.

Knowing Pamela, I think this will be a very good time!

We've Added a New Feature -- Our "Like" Button

Last night we rolled out our newest feature, our "like" button!

Now on each party page, in the info box at the top, you will find one of these.  (In case you're wondering, we're big fans of cupcakes over here.)

So if you like a party, please give it a click, and help us spread some happy cupcake love all over the site.

I'm Heading to New York

My husband, daughter, and I are catching a very early plane to NY to visit family and have some fun.  Might be a little hot and sticky but should be exciting.

See you when I get back!

Grab our Catch My Party Buttons!

We just designed our Catch My Party buttons.  Please feel free to grab one.  We have many sizes to choose from.

Here's our "Yes, you're invited" logo button...

And here's our  "I was featured on" button...

We'd love to hear what you think of them.

TRENDS: Unique Party Themes on Catch My Party

We get some unbelievable parties on our site and are constantly blown away by the level of creativity. So here are some very unique parties we've seen recently.

(Click on the pictures to see more of these fabulous parties.)

Around the World Birthday Party

The children each got a passport and set off to visit every continent on the planet.

Around the World Birthday Party

Top Secret Military Mission Birthday Party

Target practice, battle gear, and an actual mission.  What could be cooler for a seven-year-old birthday?

Top Secret Military Mission Party

Retro Toy Party

Put away the video games.  It was time to go "old school" with some Dick and Jane books, Slinkies, spinning tops, and sock monkeys.

Retro Toy Party

Meet the Puppy Party

There were treats for the humans and treats for the dogs, and we couldn't tell which looked more delicious.

Meet the Puppy Party

Lauren and Simon's Llama Wedding

Yes, they're at a real llama farm and those are real llamas at their wedding.

Lauren and Simon's Llama Wedding

Tiny Two Birthday Party

Everything was tiny at this party (the invitations, the food, the drinks, the favors) but we couldn't get over the tiny town.

Tiny Two Party

We hope these parties inspire you like they inspire us.

TRENDS: Popular Party Themes on Catch My Party

I thought I'd periodically write about party trends on the site, so here are some of the most popular party themes we've seen recently.

(Click on the photos below to see these fabulous parties on the site.)


I love how bright and cheery these parties are and I'm really digging the rainbow cakes.  Plus it's easy to incorporate colorful candy at a sweets table with this theme.

Buggie's Rainbow Party

Georgie's 4th Birdie Birthday

Katie's 8th Birthday

Rainbow N Ruffles Party


What's great about circus parties is the number of elements you can pull from like clowns, games, circus tents, peanuts, popcorn, and cotton candy.

Circus Comes for Nicky's 2nd Birthday

Greyson's Circus First Birthday

Jacob's 2nd Birthday

Carter's First Birthday


To keep things interesting, you get to add some (hopefully) friendly competition to a sports themed party, and of course banners, pennants, trophies, and sports drinks work great here.

Obstacle Course Birthday Party

Wii Tournament Party

Slam-Dunk Sports Party


Having a three year old daughter myself, anything "princess" hits close to home.   I think the key here is playing up the fantasy with costumes, crowns, wands, and of course, loads of pink and purple (great fun for DIY moms).

And if you can have a "real live princes" show up, you're golden!

Tutus & Tiaras!

Princess tea party

Sofia's 4th Birthday Party

Nikki's Princess and the Frog Royal Celebration


I love what these parties represent: nesting, hatching, and spring.  This is definitely one of my favorite themes for a baby shower right now.

About to Hatch Baby Shower

How "Tweet" it Is

Feather Her Nest Sip-N-See

Stay tuned for my next TRENDS post on the most unique themes we've seen recently on the site.

The Party was a Success!

The party went off without a hitch!!  Lainey had a great time, we had a great time.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  Here are some pictures to show you what it looked like.

Setting up before the party.  Everything was in Lainey's favorite colors -- pink and purple.  The day couldn't have been more beautiful and if you look in the distance, you'll see the ocean.

The birthday girl arriving at her party...

Lainey and me before the party started.  Notice our party beads.  All the kids got pink and purple party beads as a welcome gift when they arrived.

One of the guests brought rocket balloons, which was a great addition to the party.  Here's David surrounded by the kids as he works the magic rocket balloon launcher...

Goofy Gil, the entertainment, who really got the party started...

And it wasn't called "Lainey's Dance Party" for nothing.  Serious dancing occurred.  When I asked Lainey what her favorite part of the party was, she said, "The dancing!"  I did my job.

And to any three year old (and most adults), the most important element... the cake!  This one was from Susie Cakes in LA.  It was well worth the expense.  Beautiful and delicious.

At the end of the party, I gave out these gift bags.  To seal them, I got stickers made at Kinko's of the picture on the Cocodot invitation.  Inside was a pink glow stick, some Silly Putty, and some Wikki Stix.

All in all, it was a really great day!  And to make sure Lainey remembers this when she's 20, I've got the pictures to prove it!

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