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TRENDS: Ballet Parties on Catch My Parties (Part 1)

My daughter is all about ballet right now so I thought I'd highlight some of the beautiful ballerina birthdays we've seen on our main site.  These are just gorgeous!

Renee B's Prima Ballerina Birthday

Amy O's Glittery Ballerina Party

Jane and Lou's Grade 1 Ballet Party

Merydwen P's Tutu Cute Birthday




Stay tuned for Part 2 where I show off more gorgeous ballerina birthdays from our site.

DIY Tutorial from A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Cupcake Liner Wreath

Lisa G not only make this lovely ribbon topiary for her daughter's Pink-errific 4th Birthday, but she also make this adorable cupcake liner wreath.

Lisa agreed to put together this tutorial, too, showing how she made it. Lisa, thank you again. You are keeping our readers in the know, and we so appreciate it!


  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Ribbon or crepe paper
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Cupcake liners
Step 1: Tightly wrap the wreath with either crepe paper or ribbon. (I used crepe paper since I had it on hand.)
Step 2: Secure the crepe paper with two pins. Step 3: Insert a pin through the center of two cupcake liners and bunch the liners around the pin.
Step 4: Insert the pin tightly into the wreath.
Step 5: Repeat until the front of the entire wreath is covered. Step 6: Fluff the cupcake liners to add more fullness. Optional Step 7: Using ribbon create a hanger and secure with pins.

Thank you, Lisa, for another one of your easy-to-follow tutorials.

Check out more of Lisa’s Pink-eriffic 4th Birthday here.

Also, take a look at her other beautiful parties on our site and her blog Blissful Chaos.

And finally, if you make your own cupcake liner wreath using this tutorial, please send photos to I'd love to show it off!

FREE Mother's Day Party Printables from 9 to 5 Mom

Now that Easter is over and it's almost May, we're giving away our first collection of  Mother's Day printables. This lovely "pink and yellow" set is from Brady from 9 to 5 Mom and aren't they the sweetest!

This collection includes party circles, favor tags, food labels, drink flags, water bottle labels, a "Happy Mother's Day" banner.

Download the high resolution files for printing:

Thank you, Brady, for this sweet collection!  To learn more about Brady, please check out 9 to 5 Mom.

If you use these for your party, please send photos to jillian@catchmyparty, so I can post them.

Also, if you still need Easter printables, we've got you covered with five collections to choose from!


How to Host a Royal Wedding Viewing Party -- As Seen on TV!

Today is my big TV debut! I'm going to be on KTLA, a local TV station in LA, to discuss ideas for throwing a royal wedding viewing party. I'm on their morning show and my segment should air around 8:45am.

In case you don't live in LA or miss the broadcast, I thought I'd share with you the ideas I'm presenting today! (Catherine from Design Editor helped with these ideas, so thank you, Catherine.)



  • The queen is hosting a breakfast for the royal couple, so how about you do the same? And since many of you might be hosting your parties at 2:00am or DVRing the wedding and hosting them a little later in the morning, what's better than breakfast?
  • I recommend serving everything buffet-style. This keeps your party focused around the TV and your guests can grab food when they like.
  • For food, I like scones with British jellies and jams, a fritatta that you can make the night before and serve cold, English sausage ("bangers"),  strawberries and clotted cream, an assortment of British cheeses (my favorite being Stilton), and some petite fours for those looking for something sweet.
  • For tea, how about setting up a "tea bar" with different teas for tasting. If you're hosting your party in the early morning, what better way is there to keep your guests awake?
  • Also, how about a signature champage cocktail? A simple one can be made with a touch of pomegranate juice and champagne. This will give you a pretty rose-colored drink and you can call it something fun like, “Kissed by a Prince.”
  • Party printables, party printable, party printables!! Catherine from Design Editor designed a great collection of royal wedding printables that we've been giving away free on our blog.
  • The collection includes an invitation.  So how about writing something on it like: "Wear your favorite PJs or your most regal robe,” or "Don't forget your fancy hat,” and sending it to your friends.
  • Drink flag labels can be used to decorate tea cups and champagne stems, or wrapped around napkins as napkin rings.
  • Labels can be used on favor bags, as toppers glued to lollipop sticks stuck into scones or other desserts, or tied with ribbon to your tea pot or tea cups.
  • The pennant flags can be strung together with ribbon to create a bunting banner to decorate your table.
  • And finally, the collection includes a cut-out queen's crown.  You can make a bunch of these and hand them out to your guests when they arrive, along with noise makers, confetti, and party poppers to really get them in the spirit.
  • Also, British flags bring some regal-ness to your party. If you have one, use it.
  • I’m  a big believer in sending your guests home with a favor, and my favorite type of favor is an edible one.
  • I recommend buying some cute favor bags, attaching one of our printable labels to them, then stuffing them with British candy bars, British shortbread cookies, and British Hobnob biscuits.  You can find all these items at Cost Plus. They won't cost an arm and a leg and your guests will depart with a sweet British taste in their mouths.
Happy planning! If you host a Royal Wedding Viewing Party please add your photos to our site. I'd love to show it off!

And again, thank you, Catherine, for your fabulous printables and amazing party ideas.

FREE Teacher Appreciation Printables From Sweet Craft Cakes

When Noelle and Kerry of Sweet Craft Cakes approached me about giving away their "Teacher's Rock!" teacher appreciation printables collection I jumped at the chance. Not only are the printables adorable, but I love the idea of giving teachers a little extra special appreciation during their week (May 2 - 6).

This retro cool collection includes: free lunch gift certificate for your teacher, "5 reasons teachers rock" cards, party labels, and a "teachers rock" banner.

Gift certificate for free lunch and "5 reasons teachers rock" card

Party labels

"Teachers Rock" banner

"Teachers Rock" banner

"Teachers Rock" banner

"Teachers Rock" banner

Download the high resolution files for printing:

Also, Noelle and Kerry had some great ideas for how to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Here's what they had to say:

Our PTA schedules a full week of activities every year to pamper the teachers who take care of our children. We have picked a fun way to treat them like “Rock Stars” to let them know how much we appreciate the wonderful thing they do for our children.

  • Monday: Let's buy you and a friend lunch! Alter a lunch box, and then gather take-out menus from your local restaurants, next print out the poem we have created and place all items in the lunch box to deliver to your “Rock Star” teacher.
  • Tuesday: Notes of appreciation to rock their world: Print out "5 reasons your Teacher Rocks" and have your child add their own words of appreciation.
  • Wednesday: “Here's The Scoop, Teachers Rock." Alter a take-out box, add some Pop Rocks, and give a gift card to a local ice cream shoppe.
  • Thursday: Rock your teacher’s day by bringing them some beautiful flowers.
  • Friday: If your PTA hosts a luncheon, you can make it extra special with an ever-so-popular candy or ice cream buffet. Use our rockin banner, labels, and signs to dress up the teachers lounge.
Thank you, Noelle and Kerry, not only for your fabulous printables, but for these great Teacher Appreciation Week ideas!

If you use these printables to celebrate your teachers, please send photos to I'd love to show them off.

Also, to learn more about Noelle and Kerry please visit their blog Sweet Craft Cakes and their Etsy shop for party ideas, inspirations, and adorable printables.




TRENDS: Easter Party Roundup

Looking for Easter party ideas? Check out some of these gorgeous Easter parties our members have added to our main site.

Christine K's Gingham Easter PartyLove both the gingham and the Japanese touches at this party (like the Peep sushi).

Alexandra D's Mother & Daughter Easter Tea - Nothing sweeter than a bunch of little ladies having an Easter tea party.

Courtney D's Carrot Easter Party - What a fresh idea to make a whole party based around the theme of "carrots."

Gwynn W's Hippity Hop Easter Party - Who would have thought this beautiful party was put together will all items bought at national chain stores?

Melissa T's Chocolate Bunny Inspired Easter Egg Hunt - An Easter party with chocolate bunnies everywhere and Peeps used for decor (love that).


Do's A Springin' Gingham Easter - What sweet gingham touches like these gingham flowers. Also, I love the flower cupcakes decorated with M&Ms. So easy and so cute!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the Easter parties on our site and be sure to take advantage of our free Easter printables to dress up your table.

FREE Cinco de Mayo Party Printables from 9 to 5 Mom

I saw these printables Brady from 9 to 5 Mom created, and I thought now I need to host a Cinco de Mayo party! They are so festive and fabulous, I have no excuse. Thank you, Brady!

The collection includes: a 5x7 invitation, party circles, drink flags, water/beer bottle labels, and a "Cinco de Mayo" banner.

5x7 invitation


Party circles


Drink flags

Water/beer bottle labels








Download the high resolution files for printing:

Thank you, Brady, for this wonderful collection!  To learn more about Brady, please check out 9 to 5 Mom.

If you use these for your Cinco de Mayo party, please send photos to jillian@catchmyparty, so I can post them.

Also, if you still need Easter printables, we've got you covered with five collections to choose from!





DIY Tutorial from A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Toy Story Rocket Ship Pizza Tray

When I was browsing through the photos of Leslie I's Toy Story 4th Birthday I saw this cool rocket ship pizza tray she made. I posted about it on Facebook, and a couple of people commented that they'd love to see a tutorial. Well, here it is! Thank you, Leslie, for putting this together!

My original inspiration for the rocket ship tray was the whole idea of recreating Pizza Planet and Buzz Lightyear's space ship. Over Christmas, I'd seen Bird Craft's tutorial for her DIY cupcake stand, and used a similar method for the centers of the rocket ship.


  • 3 Frito's Cans from The Dollar Store/Tree (empty)
  • 3 Pizza Pans from the Dollar Store/Tree
  • White scrapbook paper or wrapping paper (warning 8.5 x 11 paper isn't big enough!)
  • Duck tape in your choice of colors
  • Small metal tin filled for weight
  • Styrofoam cone (I wish I could tell you the exact size, but I accidentally left the cone on site, just make sure it's big enough to approximately match the width of the Frito's Cans)
  • Aluminum Flashing or other metal sheeting (I purchased a roll at Lowe's for $11 and have tons left over!)
  • Snips for cutting flashing
  • Silver finishing nails
  • Aluminum foil-wooden skewer-leftover cardboard box

Step 1: Cut one of the Frito's cans to half the original height.  Cover all cans with white scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.  Decorate the cans with stripes of color using Duck tape. Feel free to layer and overlap as you like.  There's no perfect arrangement.

Step 2: Find and mark the centers of the top and bottoms of each of the pizza pans.  Glue the filled metal tin to the bottom of one tray as the base.    Alternate sandwiching the Fritos cans between the base tray and the remaining trays, saving the short can for the top of the highest tray.**Notes: It's a pain to glue the filled tin, but the added weight is very helpful to ensure that the tray doesn't tip over too easily.  Also be very careful to make the tins line up as closely as possible, so it really does look like the ship just flew into the pizza trays.**

Step 3: Cut the cardboard box (I used the flaps of a Pampers box) into two wings, using a pre-cut side as the side that will go against the Fritos cans.  Go ahead and cut them a little wide and high to start and just trim them down until they perfectly fit between the Fritos cans and the lip of the pizza tray.  Glue the wings in place between the lowest and middle pizza trays.

Step 4: Using snips or another metal cutting tool, cut the flashing down to a sheet that will fit over the styrofoam cone.  With help from someone else, carefully wrap the sheeting around the cone and hammer into place with small finishing nails.  Trim off any extra flashing from the bottom of the cone, and glue onto the top of the tray.**Notes: This seriously took me desperately holding everything in place while my husband hammered.  You will likely also still have several sharp edges, so make sure that all kids are supervised around the cone**

Step 5:  Wrap the wooden skewer with aluminum foil and place into the opening at the top of the styrofoam cone.  Now you have your very own rocket ship pizza tray!

Thank you, Leslie for this great tutorial.

If you make one for your own party, please send photos to I'd love to show it off.

Check out the rest of the photos from Leslie's Toy Story 4th Birthday. Also, to learn about Leslie and read more of her party ideas and inspirations, please check out her blog, Pampers, Playdates and Parties. And finally, check out Leslie's other gorgeous parties on our site and take a look at the shabby chic ruffle garland tutorial she created for our site. Fabulous!!

FREE Royal Wedding Viewing Party Printables From Design Editor

Are you planning to have a party to watch the Royal Wedding on April 29th? Well, here are some FREE printables designed by Catherine of Design Editor to make your party even more regal and fun.

This collection includes:

  • A PARTY INVITATION: Get the gang together with this simple invite. The area for the party details is editable or you can write-in the details by hand. Fits in an A2 size envelope (4 3/8" x 5 3/4").
  • ROYAL PENNANTS: Blue and red 4.25" tall pennants can be strung on a ribbon as a banner or use individually as flags. Files include templates for easy trimming.
  • PARTY SQUARES: Festive 2" squares can be used as envelope seals, treat toppers, gift tags, stickers, and more.
  • UNION JACK WRAPS: Dress up your drinks! One inch tall strips wrap around cups, stems of glassware or straws. Pop on skewers to make mini-flags or food picks.
  • QUEEN'S CROWN: Add ribbon around the back to wear or use in your decor. Kids will love these!
  • COORDINATING PAPERS: Three full size papers in the blue and red crown patterns and the Union Jack flag. Wrap around favor boxes, line serving trays or dishes, make napkin rings, wrap bottles, matte a photograph of the royal couple...have fun with it!
Download the high resolution files for printing: Thank you, Catherine, for this festive collection!  To learn more about Catherine and read her posts on interior design, entertaining, and kids, check out her blog, Design Editor. Also, please visit her Etsy shop. And finally, take a look at her adorable twins birthday party on our site!

FREE Gray and Green Party Printables From Embellish

Just like the FREE sophisticated and feminine party printables we posted last week, here's the male version. These printables would work great for a birthday, boy baby shower, mustache bash, or any other kind of "manly" event you can think of!

This gorgeous collection, designed by Kirsten of Embellish includes: invitations, party circles, tented cards, party tags, cupcake wrappers, favor tags, drink flags, water bottle labels, a "let's party" banner, and a "party this way" sign.




Party circles

Tented cards

Party labels

Cupcake wrappers

Favor tags

Drink flags

Water bottle labels

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Let's Party" banner

"Party This Way" sign

Download the high resolution files for printing here:

Thank you, Kirsten, for this stunning collection!  To learn more about Kirsten and see her beautiful printables, please visit her Etsy shop, and her blog, Embellish. Also, check out the sophisticated and feminine party printables and the Easter printables Kirsten designed for Catch My Party!

If you use these for your party, please send photos to jillian@catchmyparty, so I can post them!!

Also, check out our  FREE girl birthday and boy birthday printable collections, great for your kids!

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