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TRENDS: Little Red Wagon Birthdays on Catch My Party

I'm loving the trend of little red wagon 1st birthdays we've seen on our main site. They have such a sweet retro feel. If you're looking for a theme for your 1 year old boy, this could be it...

Katie W's Corbin's Little Red Wagon 1st Birthday


Melody F's Red Wagon First Birthday

Brittanie G's Little Red Wagon 1st Birthday

Gina F's Cooper's 1st Birthday



Cute, right?

If you like these, take a look at all our other toy themed parties on our main site. There are some great ideas here.


This week's party photo comes from Frog Prince Paperie's Goldilocks and the Three Bears party. How amazing is this Goldilocks "bed" table! I've never seen anything quite like it.

All the details at this party are incredible, including the bear photo booth, the lunch boxes, and the dessert table... Check out the whole shebang. You won't be disappointed.

DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Letter Garland

When I saw these letter garlands Chelsea A made for her Modern Meets Vintage Baby Fete, I nearly flipped. I've seen many garlands before but never anything like this, and how sweet that the letters spell out lullabies.


I asked Chelsea how she made them and here's what she said...

The letter garlands were made using my Quickutz Silhouette. I think the letters turned out to be about 6" each.

I went through about 20-30 pieces of red cardstock to cut out the two different lullabies. I could only fit between 5 and 7 letters per sheet, even with creative arranging. Even with the Silhouette it took about 5 hours to cut everything.

I know it would have taken SO much longer if I did it by hand. Just thinking about tracing everything and THEN cutting it with scissors is making my hand hurt!

But, if someone doesn't have an extra $200-$225 laying around to shell out for a Silhouette, it's definitely doable with good old tracing and cutting.

After they were all cut out, I used a big needle and red and white striped bakers twine (but any old string would work - just don't use a single thread because it would be heartbreaking to have to re-string it or have it break from the weight in the middle of the party) and strung up each letter.

If you'll notice, some of them are backwards. That wasn't on purpose originally, but as usual I was running late for set up and said, "oh well! Now it's going to be on purpose!" and started making some other letters backwards. The charm of handmade, right?

Chelsea, thank you for sharing how you did this. It's truly original!

Please check out the other clever details at Chelsea's party including the adorable cupcake favors.

FREE Easter Printables From Peace Love Cupcakes

Yes, it's true. We have another gorgeous set of Easter printables to give away. This "polka dot" set is designed by Karen & Allison from Peace Love Cupcakes. They are so sweet I want to eat them right up!

This collection includes: party circles, tented cards, and a "Happy Easter" banner.

Party circles

Tented cards

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

To download the high resolution files for printing:

Party circles

Tented cards

"Happy Easter" banner

Thank you Karen & Allison for this playful "polka dot" collection! To see more of Karen & Allison's printable designs, please visit their Etsy shop, Peace Love Cupcakes.

Also, check out all the other  FREE Easter printable collections on our site.

My Daughter's 4th Mermaid Birthday

Finally, finally. Now that my daughter and I have both recovered from being sick and I've returned from Bloggy Boot Camp, I'm finally able to post photos of my daughter's 4th mermaid birthday.

Here is my daughter with her fairy princess hat. She debated wearing a mermaid costume, but ultimately fell in love with this dress. The face paint was of her own design. Every Friday, the children at my daughter's preschool are able to paint their own faces, hence the face painting you'll see on the other little guests.

The beautiful printables are from Lindi of Love the Day. The birthday banner was a great decoration for the fence. I printed out Lindi's cupcake topper designs, strung them together, and used them as a border along the pizza table. Plus I decorated a coral centerpiece with hanging tags.

The awesome photo booth props are courtesy of Kelli from The Paper Dolls Shoppe and my homemade "photo booth" sign I printed out and put in a frame.

Here's the bucket of photo booth props. I decided to step out of our mermaid theme a bit and put together a collection  of fun hats, masks, tiaras, leis, sunglasses, boas, and colored hair. The kids had a blast with them and wore them throughout the party.

These are the insanely lovely fondant cupcake toppers from Charynn at Two Sugar Babies and were a nice surprise for the guests. And here's a pictures of the special mermaid cupcake topper (with a bite taken out of it) that Charynn made especially for my daughter's cupcake.

Here is what the table looked like before the pizzas arrived.

The bucket of favors: they were mermaid and pirate Shrinky Dinks with cute printable "thank you" favor tags from Lindi. I got a lot of good feedback from the parents on the favors. Nice take-home activity.

Here are the unbelievable balloon bouquets from Balloon Celebrations. Since the party was at a park and there was a lot of open space, we needed something "big" to make an impact and the balloons did just that!

The entertainment -- Goofy Gil and his friend Momo -- kept everyone laughing.

Some of the photo booth pics...

And finally... my delicious girl and me!!

So here are my lessons learned:

  • Serving just pizza and cupcakes worked better than expected. No one seemed to miss the healthy fruit or the decadent dessert table.
  • My photographer, Samantha Zachrich, was well worth it, and I loved working with her. Next time I will put together a shot list because of course after it was over, I realized I missed certain shots, like a group photo of all the guests, the pizza table, the cupcakes in their trays, etc.
  • Having someone there to help man the photo booth with the photographer was essential because 4-year-olds definitely need some wrangling. Also, I wish I'd gotten a bigger piece of fabric to hang up as the backdrop.
  • Keeping the party short to one and half hours was ideal. For most of the kids and parents it was just enough time, and for others we left them wanting more. Love that!
  • I still need to work on "flowing with it." This is definitely my hardest lesson. When the pizzas were almost late I got stressed. When the kids raided the photo booth props to wear during the party, I had to remind myself to breathe. And when my daughter became obsessed with the presents during the party (having never gotten so many from her friends before) I had to remember to laugh about it.
After it was all over, my daughter hugged me and said this was "the best party ever!" That is what made the whole day (and months of planning) worth it!!

FREE Easter Party Printables from Little Things Creations

Take a look at this FREE "little egg"  Easter printables collection designed by Fara at Little Things Creations. Aren't they so cute!!

This collection includes: small party circles, large party circles, invitations, favor tags, tented cards, and a "Happy Easter" banner. So sweet!

Party circles

Large party circles


Favor tags

Tented cards

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner


Download the high resolution files for printing:

Party circles

Large party circles


Favor tags

Tented cards

"Happy Easter" banner

Thank you so much, Fara, for this lovely collection!

To learn about Fara and see more of her designs, please visit her site Little Things Creations and her etsy shop.

Also, check out all the other  FREE Easter printable collections on our site.


GIVEAWAY: Vintage Super Hero Party Package from Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Have you seen this Vintage Super Hero Party Maureen of Anders Ruff Custom Designs threw for her son Pierson? It is off the hook!

Well today's your lucky day because now you can throw one yourself!

Anders Ruff is giving one of our readers the entire Vintage Super Hero Party Package which includes party accessories, a printable invitation, and City Skyline (plus text customization with your child’s name).

The package is worth over $90 and all you have to do to enter is first head over to Anders Ruff's Facebook page and "like" them.  Then head back to this post and leave a comment saying that you did just it. It's that easy!

Now take a look at all that you'll receive. It's quite amazing...

Printable Party Accessories

Printable Invitation

City Skyline Coloring Poster

If you plan to throw one yourself, be sure to read how Maureen and her business partner, Adria, put this party together. They are such a creative duo and their ideas are amazing!

Thank you Anders Ruff Custom Designs for this fabulous giveaway!  Also, if you are the winner, please add your super hero party to our main site. We'd love to see how you threw yours.

We’ll pick the winner at random on Friday, March 25th at 10:00 (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry.  We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.

FREE Easter Party Printables from Autumn Leah Designs

Take a look at our new collection of FREE "baby chick" Easter party printables from Autumn Leah Designs. I love the all the happy colors!

This collection includes: party circles, invitations, food labels, favor tags, water bottle labels, and a "Happy Easter" banner.

Party circles


Food labels

Favor tags

Water bottle labels

"Happy Easter" banner - chicks

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

"Happy Easter" banner

Download the high resolution files for printing here:

Easter party circles

Easter party invitations

Easter food labels

Easter favor tags

Easter water bottle labels

"Happy Easter" banner (chicks)

"Happy Easter" banner

Thank you so much, Autumn, for this charming collection.

To learn about Autumn and see more of her designs, please visit her site Autumn Leah Designs and her etsy shop.

Check out all the  FREE Easter printable collections on our site.

TRENDS: Alice in Wonderland Parties on Catch My Party (Part 1)

One of the most popular themes on our main site is Alice in Wonderland parties. We have gotten so many beautiful ones, I thought it was about time I showed them off.

If you are planning one, or even if you're not, you will be blown away by the incredibly creative ideas here. (Click on the photos or the party name to see more of each party...)

Tabitha B's Wonderland Birthday

Kelli B's Ariel in Wonderland

Faride T's Maya's Tea Party!!

Rozanna F's Alexis' Unbirthday Tea Party

Rashae T's A Very Merry 1st Un-Birthday Party

Check out all of the Alice in Wonderland parties on our main site. And stay tuned for part 2 where I highlight even more of these amazing parties.

DIY Tutorial from A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Rainbow Wreath

Rainbow themed parties are some of my favorites because of all the decor possibilities.  When Wendy B threw her daughter this Rainbow Party, she added so many great touches, including this gorgeous rainbow wreath.

Wendy put together this tutorial on her blog, Ramblings From the Sunshine State, on how she made it, and has kindly let me repost it. So take a look at how amazingly easy this is to make...

  • $1 wreath form from the Dollar Tree
  • Batting
  • Tacky glue
  • Baby yarn
  • Felt
  • Glue gun
  • Baker's twine

Wendy first cut strips out of the batting (which doesn't need to be perfect) and wrapped it all around the wreath.

This is what she ended up with.

Next she used this super soft baby yarn. It has 86 yards & was less than $3. She knew this would cover it & wasn't looking to spend much on this.

After wrapping the entire wreath in yarn, she had this, so soft & fluffy. It looks almost like a cloud!

And here is the end result!

To make the flowers, Wendy cut a spiral in the felt & rolled it up then used a little hot glue to secure them together.

She wanted to add some rainbow bunting to the wreath so she cut triangles in the felt, glued them together...

...And strung them on a piece of baker's twine.

How absolutely adorable, Wendy!! Thank you for the tutorial!

Please check out Wendy's other incredible parties on our main site. She definitely know how to throw an amazing party. And to learn more about Wendy, take a look at her blog Ramblings From the Sunshine State.

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