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My New Favorite Site for Mother's Day E-Cards is Ojolie

My new favorite site for Mother's Day e-cards is Ojolie.

The cards are both beautiful and understated.

Here's what the artist/owner of the site, Frederikke Tu, says about her work:

"Our ecards are my work of passion, taking weeks of painstaking - but fun and satisfying - work and attention to detail to complete. First I hand paint many parts, and then the scanned images are combined with Flash animation to create a visually stunning story."

The ecards are not free, but for a 1 year subscription it will cost you only $10.

My favorites are definitely the animated origami cards, but so many of the them are absolutely gorgeous.

Origami e-card

Origami Cranes e-card

Flutter e-card

Pigeongram e-card

How to Throw a Sex and the City Themed Party

Now that Sex and the City 2 is premiering on May 27th, I thought it was time to write about how to throw your own Sex and the City 2 themed party.

First off, you can always start old school.

  • For drinks serve cosmopolitans, Manhattans, Long Island ice teas, or appletinis
  • For food, Chinese food and sushi are two show favorites
  • Send fancy invitations and ask your guests to dress as their favorite character
  • For atmosphere, put out boas, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, flower pins, and jewelry
  • To create a NYC backdrop, hang twinkle lights and blow up some pictures of the New York City skyline
  • Play the show DVDs, the first movie, or the movie soundtrack during the party
  • Play the Sex and the City trivia game

But now to make it more current, add some Middle Eastern flavor.

  • Serve some middle eastern dishes like hummus, tabouleh, falafel, baba ganoush, and kebabs
  • Decorate with sand, blow up palm trees, and toy camels
  • Provide colorful scarves for your guests and have a belly dancing contest
  • Create a game to see who can point to Abu Dhabi on a map
  • Get "Team Aidan" and "Team Big" t-shirts made to give out as party favors
If you have any other ideas, please share.  And if you have a Sex and the City 2 party, let me know.  I'd love to write about it here in my blog.

Just 21 days until opening day... but who's counting.

How to Throw a Birthday Party for your Dog (or Cat)

I just stumbled upon Tail Waggin' Celebrations, which is an actual party supply store for dogs.

If you want to throw your dog a party, this is your one-stop shop.  They've got invitations, dog party hats, cakes and treats.

They've even got supplies for cat parties too.

If anyone throws a party for your dog or cat, I'd love to feature it on our homepage in our Party of the Day and blog about it.

Cocodot: My New Favorite Online Invitation Site

I first learned about the online invitation site, Cocodot, from watching the Techcrunch 50 conference, an event put on by the tech blog, TechCrunch, highlighting some of the newest technology startups.

I thought Cocodot's invitations looked cool, but what hooked me was the free trial.  After having used Evite so many times, I wasn't going to step up and pay for an online invitation.  Crazy.

So I used my free Cocodot invitation for a charity event I hosted with a friend.  I liked that I was able to upload my own background photo, and except for a few little sniggly things, I thought the process was pretty easy and the invitation turned out looking good.  Here it is.

My first Cocodot invitation

I even got a few compliments.

Then my daughter's 3rd birthday rolled around, and having used Cocodot once, Evite seemed less interesting (especially with all the ads).  Plus, I didn't want to do a paper invitation.  Not only are they expensive, but tracking down people's actual addresses... way too hard.

So I stepped up, paid my $19 to use Cocodot again.  I photoshopped together some pictures of my daughter dancing, uploaded the image, and used one of their birthday templates to make the invitation.  And I have to admit, again, I was pretty impressed.

My second, but not my last, Cocodot invitation

So now I'm actually thinking I might step up and ( gasp!) even buy the one-year delux membership for $99.  That way I can do all my birthday cards, holiday cards, thank you notes, and invitations at Cocodot, too.  Crazy!!

Brilliant Way to Have a Frugal Sweet 16

I came across this blog post and thought this was a great way to throw a party without having to pay for it.

Instead of an official Sweet 16, with invitations, food, and the lot, this guy sent out a text,  said that he was having his Sweet 16th birthday at a certain local skating rink with the date, time, & how much it cost to get in.

This way his friends had to pay for their own admission, but the parents provided the birthday cake.

It was a night of skating, cake, and a little dancing at the end of the evening thrown in by the rink.  Brilliant.

Via Free Birthday Treats Blog

The Party Planning Continues...

So the invitations to my daughter's party are out.  The responses are trickling in.  While my intention was to keep it small, I don't think I'm going to be successful.  Now I'm planning on about 30 kids, 45 adults.  That's a lot of mouths to feed.  So for my menu...

45 inch sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica.   They make big Italian sandwiches on fresh baked slightly sour, slightly sweet bread.   Their "godmother" and "caprese" sandwiches are their most famous.  We'll order a few of both and maybe a turkey and cheese.

I'm also ordering about 8 pizzas for the kids, not sure from where yet, and a big fruit platter.  The question is do I need a big salad too or is that overkill?  Any thoughts please comment.

Planning My Daughter's 3rd Birthday Party -- Trying to Keep it Simple but Awesome

Every time I plan a party, I'm always amazed at how many details there are and how much work the whole thing is.

For my daughter's 3rd birthday party, my goal is to create a hip, fun, and relatively simple shindig, with low stress.  A tall order, I know, but here's how I'm thinking of doing it...

The party will be at a local park.  I'm limiting the invite list to just school friends to keep it manageable, however, we're still talking 25 kids and an equal number of adults.

I'm sending online invitations from Cocodot, my new favorite online invitation site.  For $20 you get something like this.

Made with Cocodot and some simple Photoshop

I'm serving pizza, salad, and a big fruit plate, but still deciding where the food is coming from.

For dessert, initially I was thinking I'd bake cupcakes, but now I'm talking to some bakers I found on Craigslist to see if they can do it for a reasonable price.  Otherwise, I might splurge on a cake from Susie Cakes, my favorite bake shop in LA.  I might not be able to control myself.

An array of cakes from Susie Cakes.

For entertainment (this is LA after all), and since my daughter LOVES to dance, I'm calling it her  "dance party" and I've hired Gil Santoscoy, aka "Goofy Gil" to get the kids grooving.  He's a kids' theater and movement teacher and he's fabulous -- funny, silly, but always in control (even with seriously out-of-control three-year-olds).  Trust me, the man has a gift.

Goofy Gil is beyond great for kids' parties

And for favors, I'm thinking of buying a slew of mardi gras beads to pass out during the party and then as a little gift for the kids to take home, getting CDs made of my daughter''s favorite dance songs -- some Laurie Berkner, some Dan Zanes, some Yo Gabba Gabba... It's gonna rock (especially if you're a toddler).

Okay, so this is what I know so far.  As I move forward, I'll keep posting.  And if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make this party simple but awesome, I'd love them!

(Isn't it funny how we'll go to such lengths to throw a party for our kid who won't even remember it when she's 25.)

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