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{PARTY ON A BUDGET} Fun and Inexpensive Ideas for a Thanksgiving Kids' Table

Melissa Newell from My Party Passion, and our budget party contributor, is back with some ideas on how to create a fun and inexpensive kids' table for Thanksgiving, something we all need! 

Happy Holidays to you all out there. Getting ready for Thanksgiving I assume? This Party Gal celebrated early this year with our BFF’s who came into town (during our power outage from Sandy, no less).

One of my fondest memories as a child during the holidays was the “kids' table." WE ALWAYS had to sit at a fold out card table.  My cousins, sister, and I would gather round that table to partake in the feast.  As an adult and a mom of 4, I now understand the reason behind it!  LOL

Today I wanted to share with you some ideas that are SUPER easy for your Thanksgiving Kids' Table.

Table Setting – Let’s start with this.  Keeping the children busy while their plates are prepared is KEY.  Otherwise they get up and go back to playing and you are spending another 10 mins getting them back to the table!

So I recommend using a roll of brown craft paper to use as their table covering. Put out some markers or crayons. (I pulled out NEW crayons that I had saved from my Back to School purchases – isn’t everything more fun with NEW sharp crayons?)  Now they can draw and play tic tac toe until their plates arrive.  Cost $ 1.00 for roll of craft paper at the dollar store. Makes for EZ clean up also!

BONUS TIP:  Target Dollar Spot also had paper place mats with activities on them set of 4 for $ 1.00

Snacks – Now you might be wondering snacks?  Um they are going to eat in a minute…

Well, if they are anything like my children, eating keeps them busy and out of my kitchen while I am preparing food!  I am not talking a full blown buffet of snacks, but just some popcorn, trail mix, or carrots with dip in the middle of their table to share.  Just enough to get them through until the meal arrives.  I used little individual snack cups that I purchased at Target. I put popcorn in them – reminds me of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie. They gobbled that up and ate everything on their plates!

A Favor/Treat – This year I made two “treats” for the kids to take home with them.  One was SO easy your kids can help with it. Using toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls, I put some tootsie rolls inside of them and wrapped them up with some dollar store paper and some jute around the ends. They looked SO cute on the table and the kids had fun ripping them open to get to their prize inside.

The other item was candy corn tubes. I took plastic tubes and filled  them with a gum ball at each end with candy corn sandwiched in the middle. They took these with them. Added a pop of color to the table and yummy later!

As an added bonus, the children each received their own Mayflower Place Card Boats.  These name place cards doubled as a snack boat with some fishy crackers and a few candy corns hidden inside.  I used my Silhouette SD machine to cut them out, put them together with glue stick and then added the sticker (using WORD and AVERY Stickers).  I added the cute blue fringe at the bottom for the "ocean" effect.  The fringe can be found at Party On Designs.

Crafts – The last piece to the Kids' Table puzzle is a craft for AFTER dinner.  After you have cleaned up but BEFORE dessert I like to have a simple craft for them. (Our kids seem to think that dessert is followed within seconds of clearing their plate.) This year I had purchased fall magnets for them to color and take home with them.  This activity kept them busy while I cleared the adult table and prepared desserts.

Well there you have it – my Kiddie Table for Thanksgiving on a budget.  I hope you walked away with something you can incorporate into your holiday!  Until December – Party on Friends!

Thanks, Melissa, love the before dessert craft idea... brilliant! To learn more about Melissa, visit her at My Party Passion and find her on Facebook or Twitter.

{DIY} How to Make Trendy Envelopes for Spring

Wanessa from Wanessa Carolina Creationsand our new contributor, came up with these trendy DIY envelopes for spring that I just love!

She's designed three template sizes in both pastels and bright colors that you can easily download. Then follow her simple directions below and see what fantastic envelopes you can create!

These envelopes would work great for small gifts, little notes, or if you're hosting a spring party, how about little seed packet party favors? Plus the pastel envelopes match the adorable "Bunnies and Birds" Easter printables Wanessa designed.

Here are the pastel envelopes...

Here are the bright colored envelopes...

And here's how you do it...

Download the envelope templates here:

These Are The Other Material Will Need:
  • Buttons (for the C7 and standard envelopes)
  • Small round head fasteners (for the tiny envelopes)
  • Needle and thread (for the C7 and standard envelopes)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Round scallop punch (smallest one)

Tiny Envelope Instructions

  • Download the small envelopes
  • Cut out the envelopes and circles
  • Using a pen mark the place where you will place the fasteners
  • First, place the fastener through the paper circle, then through the envelope
  • Fold the sides, and apply glue on the very edge of the opposite side of the circle
  • Glue the bottom side
  • With a thread, make a knot under the top circle and tie around the bottom one to close

Standard Envelope Instructions

  • Cut out the envelopes and a circle
  • With a pen, mark where you will place the button toward the top of the envelope flap
  • Sew the button as you marked onto the envelope
  • Use the circle to hide the knot on the back of the envelope flap
  • Fold and glue the sides
C7 Envelope Instructions
  • Cut out the envelopes and circles
  • With a pen, mark where you will place the buttons, one toward the top of the envelope flap and the other where the sides come together.
  • Sew the buttons on where you marked them
  • Fold the sides, and apply glue on the very edge of the opposite side of the side button
  • Glue the circles on the back of the buttons to hide the knot
  • Fold and glue the botton side
  • With a thread, make a knot under the top circle and tie around the bottom one to close
Now honestly, how beautiful are these!

Thank you, Wanessa, for such a wonderful DIY...

To learn more about Wanessa and see more of her designs, please visit her blog, Facebook pageand Etsy shop.

What I've Been Up To With My Cricut

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was recently sent a Cricut Expression 2 by the nice folks at Cricut, and I've been busy.

I have to say, there is a learning curve to using your Cricut, so don't be surprised if it takes a little while to get the hang of it. That's what I discovered for myself, and is also why I recommend starting with some easy projects, like those found on the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 cartridge. (Perfect cartridge for party people, btw.)

Look what I created with it! I can't wait to use these favor boxes and paper tea cups at the small tea party I'm throwing for my daughter next month.

They were so simple to cut out and put together. Plus, my daughter likes pushing the buttons and pealing the paper off the cutting mat once the machine does its magic. She now thinks we're crafting wizzes!

To do this project, I also used the Cricut Craft Room, which is an online resource that's free, and allows you to see the entire library of Cricut images, as well as lay out your projects on your computer screen. I found it of hugely helpful and a much easier way to make adjustments to my designs.

I've also been looking at Cricut videos on YouTube and there are some super helpful ones out there.

Now the good part... This Friday we will be giving away a Cricut Expression 2 worth $299. So stay tuned for my post on Friday, and thank you kind people at Cricut!

Where will my Cricut adventure take me next?





DIY: How to Make Crayon Hearts for Valentine's Day

Melissa from The Joys of Home Educating made these fantastic crayon hearts to give to her kids' friends for Valentine's Day. I think this is a terrific idea and my silicone heart molds are on their way right now from Amazon so I can make some for my daughter and her friends.

The best part is they are simple to do. Put your broken crayon pieces in silcone cupcake trays and place in the oven at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes. That's it!

And if you want specific crayon colors, you can buy crayons in single color boxes here at Amazon.

Look how cute Melissa's heart crayons turned out. If you want to dress yours up like Melissa did, we've got cute Valentine's Day printable bag toppers here free on our site.

To see Melissa's full tutorial head over to her blog The Joys of Home Educating. Thank you, Melissa, for the great idea!

BONUS GIVEAWAY: Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Beau-coup

Our $100 gift certificate giveaway was such a success, Beau-coup offered us a bonus $50 giveaway. Thank you, Beau-coup!

Beau-coup has one of the widest selection of unique party favors, party supplies, decorations, and gifts online.

They will be giving one of our lucky readers a $50 gift certificate, and they are also offering all our readers 10% off purchases of $75 or more valid until December 31, 2011. Just type in the coupon code: CMP10.

So how do you enter? Just head to Beau-coup, find the item you like the most, and tell us in a comment. That's it!

Again, here are some of my favorite items from their site. Click on the photo for all the details...











We’ll pick a winner at random on Friday, December 30rd at 10:00PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry. We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email. 

Good luck!


DIY TUTORIAL: How to Make a Monogrammed Canvas Favor Bag

When I realized that Caroline B made these adorable favor bags for her daughter Taylynn's 5th Birthday, I had to ask her if I could repost her tutorial. Wait 'til you see how simple it is. I could totally do this!


For the party favors we had lots of goodies so I wanted cute bags for the guests to put their things in. I made these bags for the girls, and they were so easy.


  • Canvas tote
  • Doily
  • Paint (I used house paint, but fabric paint is best)
  • Spray adhesive
  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Xacto knife
  • Sponge brush

Start by spraying adhesive onto the doily and place it on your bag.


With your sponge brush paint over the doily and on the rim of the doily.


Slowly remove the doily.


Trace your initial onto your freezer paper, wax side down and with an xacto knife cut out your initial.



Then with a hot iron and freezer paper wax side down, iron the paper until it sealed on your bag.


You can then paint your letter and peel off the paper




Voila! I love it, Caroline. Thanks for letting me share your tutorial. And btw, I noticed your daughter has lots of "K" and "A" initial friends. :)

Also, if you haven't seen the photos from the party these bags come from, you must. It's that gorgeous!

And finally, to learn more about Caroline and see all her great party tutorials, please check out her blog, Oh Pickles!

GIVEAWAY: Win a $100 Gift Certificate to Beau-coup

If you are throwing a wedding, birthday, or shower and want beautiful party favors and supplies, this is the giveaway from Beau-coup is for you.

Beau-coup's mission is to offer the widest selection of unique and quality party favors, supplies, decorations, and gifts for all of life's special occasion, and boy, do they ever!

They are giving one of our lucky readers a $100 gift certificate, perfect for all your holiday parties. And they are also offering all our readers 10% off purchases of $75 or more valid until December 31, 2011. Just type in the coupon code: CMP10.

Here are some of my favorite items from their site. Click on the photo for all the details...











To enter the giveaway, just “like” Beau-coup on Facebook, then leave a comment at the end of this post saying you did it. How easy!

We’ll pick a winner at random on Thursday, December 8th at 10:00PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry. We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.


Do You Need Handmade Halloween Party Supplies? Check out Our New Product Guide!

We've put together a Halloween Product Guide of all the handmade Halloween party supplies created by our vendors. Just click on the photo of the item you like and you can purchase it right there. Simple, right? That's the point. :)

halloween-party-vendor-collage Thank you to all our vendors for all your creativity this Halloween. I'm so glad I get to show off your work!

If you are a party vendor and have not yet added yourself to our free party vendor directory, just click on the light blue link in the right hand column of our vendor page that says, "Add your listing to our vendor directory."

We will be rolling out new vendor features soon to make it even easier for people to find you, so stay tuned!

Halloween Treats from our Favorite Vendors (Part 1)

If you haven't already checked out our new party vendor directory, you will be amazed at the talented people creating handmade party invitations, printables, decorations, and of course treats!

Since I love Halloween goodies, I thought I'd show off some of my favorites. To learn more about the vendors or to buy some treats, just click on the link or the photo.

Halloween haunted cookies from Charming Treats by Chelsea


Skeleton Witch Hand Chocolate Lollipop by FunFavors


Halloween cake pops from Sugar Parlour

Witch fondant cupcake topper from Lynlee's Petite Cakes


Ghost decorated cookies by Lori's Place


Sugar cupcake toppers from Modern Luxe Events


Chocolate eyeballs from Sugarbelly's Boutique


Halloween cookies from acookiejar


Amazing, right?! Stay tuned for Part 2 where I show off more fabulous treats and desserts from our vendors.

If you are one of our vendors and have a Halloween treat you'd like me to add, please email me at jillian(at)catchmyparty(dot)com.

DIY TUTORIAL: Homemade Play Dough

I think homemade play dough is a great favor idea. It's cheap to make and you can pick your own colors.

I found this gorgeous and simple tutorial on adelynSTONE and thought it would be perfect to share.  Kristan, the woman behind adelynSTONE, says the secret to her recipe is cream of tarter and not a lot of salt.

Plus, I love how she packaged it in little plastic baby food containers. Great idea!

My husband and daughter made some yesterday to try it out. It was simple to make, and had a super smooth texture, better than any other homemade play dough we've tried. As you can see, my daughter loved it.


Here's the full homemade play dough recipe. It's definitely worth a try, great for a rainy day activity or for some fun cheap party favors.


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