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DIY S'mores Party Favors

I stumbled upon this great summer party favor idea at Tiny Prints and had to share -- DIY s'mores kits.  (Just writing those words makes me hungry.)

Here's how pretty their favors look:

DIY s'mores party favors

And to make them, all you need is this:

Supplies for your s'mores

What I like about these favors is that they're inexpensive and easy to make, they're kid and adult friendly (who doesn't love a s'more?), and while they'd work great at a "camping" themed party, they could really work at any summer party.

I know I'd be psyched to go home with one of these!

TRENDS: July 4th Parties on Catch My Party

Here are some of my favorite design elements from the July 4th parties we've seen on our site.

From Lindsey M's Little Firecracker's 4th of July Riverside Soiree

This party is all about the gorgeous sweets and the beautiful party printables.  Lindsey and her partner design the printables themselves at Paper and Pigtails.

Some of my favorite things: the delicious confetti cupcakes, the hand-dipped marshmallows, and the lemonade bottles and straws.  The whole party has such a festive spirit.  It puts me in a good mood.

Daphne J's 4th of July Backyard Bash

What's great about this traditional BBQ is how it's taken to a whole new level by adding all these gorgeous printables.  The printables are designed by Daphne and are available in her store Moo Moo's & Tutus.

Notice how the hamburgers, and even the straws, become something to celebrate when they're given a little decoration.

Molly E's Celebrate Our Independence!

This is a sumptuous party.  The flowers, food, and decor make it seem rich and beautiful.  I want to eat everything: the sliders, the corn, and those fabulous parfait and tart desserts.

And to finish it off, the favors are sweet and simple -- red, white, and blue candies in little jars.  They look elegant and give the table punch.  It's true, sometimes less is more.

Staci G's Old Fashion 4th

This party has "kid" written all over it.  My favorite details: the red, white, and blue robot and the painted coffee filter decorations.  What a great way for a mom to come up with arts and crafts projects for her kids that she can then use for a family celebration.

And how fun are the firecracker cookies with sprinkles and pop rocks?  Nice touch.

Claudia S's Red, White, and Blue Ladybug Party

Great idea for this party -- a July 4th "slash"ladybug birthday party for a seven-year-old.

Again, custom decorations is where it's at this July 4th.  Claudia and her partner designed these.  You can find more at Tini Posh.

My favorite thing about this party is how both themes are incorporated.  Check out the red, white, and blue cupcake toppers with ladies bugs, stars, and photos of the birthday girl on them.  Combining themes does bring something new and exciting to your party.   Definitely try it.

It's so much fun seeing all your great ideas.  Thanks for sharing!

Party Starters is Turning 1 and Throwing a Party!

I don't know if you saw the Hazardous Teen Birthday on our homepage, but it's one of my favorite parties.  It was planned by Pamela Smerker for her 13 year old son.

Pamela is the creative mind behind Party Starters, a site that sells handmade party essentials -- party favor boxes, party banners, cupcake toppers, bottle labels, signs, and invitations.  You can see her products in her Etsy shop here but she also loves custom orders.

She has a great blog filled with party ideas, inspirations, and tutorials.  She even shares with her readers what it's like to be both a mom and an entrepreneur, a balancing act many of us struggle with.

But let's get to the good stuff!!

Her site is turning 1 and she's throwing a party from July 5th - July 9th.   A real online party!

She's having guest bloggers all week (of which I will be one, thanks Pamela!) and there will be festivities and prizes galore!

So what should you do?

First, check out her blog and her shop.  Then from July 5th through the 9th, keep checking back to see all the great stuff she has in store.

Knowing Pamela, I think this will be a very good time!

How About this for you Next Lemonade Stand?

Along time ago I wrote a blog post on Paper and Cake because I love the printable partyware they do.  And this lemonade stand is no exception!

Need an activity this summer?   Make a beautiful lemonade stand with their printables.

And this one is so gorgeous you don't even need the excuse of kids to do it!

For $14.95, here's  what the Paper and Cake kit comes with:

Invitation (fits A7 envelope) + Pennant Banner + Coasters Cupcake Picks + Lolli Wraps Lolli Flags Straw Markers Jar Labels + Treat Wraps + Skinny Treat Wraps + Snack Box + Pinwheels Paper Doilies Menu + Signage + Lemonade Recipe Card Stand How To Foam Ball Cover Sheets Paper Chain Sheets Full Pattern Sheets

You will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood with this!

I'm the Guest Blogger Today on the Birthday Girl Blog

Becca from the Birthday Girl Blog, one of my favorite party blogs, asked me to write a guest post for her while she enjoys her first days of motherhood.

So in honor of her new baby girl, I thought I'd write about some of my favorite baby shower details that I've pooled from the gorgeous baby showers on our site.

Here is the post.

Thanks Becca!  (And I hope you're getting sleep.)

Hey YoYo is an Awesome Etsy Party Store!

As many of you know, we get a lot of circus, carnival, and retro /vintage toy themed parties on our site.

Plus, "old school" elements, like vintage straws and vintage popcorn bags, are popping up at even the most posh events.

So when I found Hey YoYo, this awesome store on Etsy that caters to all things kitschy, whimsical, and retro, I had to post about it.

As I was browsing through, I couldn't help saying to myself, "I remember that!"

Below is just a small sample of the cool stuff they sell.

Vintage paper straws

Vintage popcorn bags

"Old school" jacks

Fortune teller fish - remember these?

Fun cupcake wrappers

Smiles on a stick

Chattering teeth

Hey YoYo is such a fun find.  Even if you're not planning a party, it's definitely worth a look!

A Sprinkler Party Theme

My daughter finishes school this week so I definitely have summer on the brain.

I saw this sprinkler-themed party idea on Martha Stewart and had to blog about it.

Sprinkler themed party

For anyone with kids but no pool, what a fun way to have an outdoor party in the heat.  The key is to have a lot of sprinklers so the party starts to feel like a water park.  You can even add a Slip N Slide for more fun.

Slip N Slide

And it's easy to tie in a water/fish theme with invitations, food, and favors.

I like the idea Martha Stewart has of DIY fish towel favors.  Cute and functional.

DIY towel favor

My New Favorite Online Craft Store -- Save On Crafts

I'm loving Save on Crafts.  It speaks to the DIYer in me begging to come out.

I browse through the site and think about all the crazy things I could do here:

I could make a cool sweets table with the apothecary jars.

I could make some great centerpieces with the birdcages and silk flowers.

I could string twinkle lights all over my backyard to set a really awesome mood.

I could make a great cupcake tree.

I could hang up some homemade pom poms.

I could even throw some ecofriendly confetti at a wedding... or just because.

So much to do, so little time.

SPOTLIGHT ON: An Insanely Awesome Picnic Engagement Party

I fell in love with Morgan + KTs Picnic Engagement Party the first moment I saw the pictures.

What speaks to me about it is that it's homemade, low key, beautiful, fun, and all about love.  What could be better?

[caption id="attachment_1817" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The party theme."]

I asked Katie, from NSW Australia, how she created it, and here's what she said:

What was your inspiration for the party?

I can't remember my exact inspiration for the party but I know it was just coming out of winter and I wanted to get outdoors and into the sunshine! Also a lot of our friends were also having night time engagement parties and we wanted to do something a little different.

We wanted to create a laid back picnic feel, where people could dine on the grass, enjoying the sunshine and where we could spend a lazy Saturday afternoon with our friends and family. Unfortunately the weather didn't co-operate for us and we ended up having to bring in shelters and no-one really 'picnicked' on the grass (instead on chairs) but we had fun just the same.  I created a mind map for the event and starting listing all the ideas that came to mind when I thought of a picnic party - and it kinda grew from there.

Here is what i wrote on my blog: “simple a little country (to compliment our wedding which is being held in the country) picnic style a red & orange colour theme and a M+K= <3 theme (which many of our guests cleverly used too!)


Can you describe all the different things that went on during the party? You can find a lot of info on this on my blog: (under wedding) I have listed all the things we did in seperate posts.

Food: Morgan's cousins acted as servers and brought out trays of yummy food. For mains we served chicken ceaser salad and anglo-asian lamb salad in noodle boxes (which were left over from another party) It was YUMMY. Also yummy was the home made lemonade which was drunk out of straws with flags which guests were asked to write their name on.

Homemade lemonade in jelly jars.

Games: We set up lawn boules on the grass, random balls and I'm pretty sure Morgan put some cricket equipment out too. The homemade twister quilt was also a fun game for kids and adults alike.

Homemade Twister sign

Homemade Twister game in action.

Another easy 'game' was leaving buckets of chalk on the driveway to help keep our littlest guest occupied. They loves it and created a whole 'hopscotch land' and covered the rest of the driveway in M<3 K!

The kids played with sidewalk chalk

Photo booth: We hung a sheet between two palm trees, put our camera on a tripod, created some felt mustaches from an online tutorial and had guests take silly photos of themselves. It was a lot of fun and we got some of the best shots of our guests from here. I plan on scrapbooking them with notes from the guestbook.

Homemade photo booth complete with mustaches.

Guestbook: We hung some twine between some palm trees and cut simple squares out of scrapbooking paper which were pegged onto the twine. We also used the line to display some of our favorite engagement photos.

Wishes were strung on clothes lines.

Quiz: We gathered everyone together and made a silly quiz of our relationship. The idea was that at least one guest knew an answer to each of the questions and guest had to mingle to find the answers they didn't know. The answered were then read out and lead into the speeches. (there was also a small prize for the winner)

Speeches + toasts: Speeches were a special part of the day. Also a very special was the part where Morgan's dad prayed over our marriage, relationship and wedding preparation while all of our friends and family joined in.

What were the most fun things to design and create? I had a lot of fun sewing up the twister quilt. And love the idea how this can one day become a family heirloom and picnic tradition - we have used it a lot for picnics since!

Homemade Twister quilt

Also fun was making the chalkboard signs and flag straws, cupcake toppers, framed signs and any paper related crafts.

What activities were the most fun for your guests and you during the party?

The guests all commented on the food actually, particularly Morgans mum's berry pie. :)
And I guess the photobooth were a lot of guest had fun hanging around and being silly.

And for the kids it was the chalk on the driveway!

And we really loved getting to sit down together the morning after the party, at breakfast, and reading over all the guestbook notes from family and friends. There were some really funny responses!

What was your budget?

Hmm wow. As our party was about 7 months ago I can't really remember that one.

But I do know some hints as to how we kept costs down.

Having a party at home was definitely a money saver because it meant no hire costs. We were also lucky enough to borrow all the chairs from church and the 'circus' tarpaulin from a friend. So don't be afraid to ask friends and family if you can borrow.

Instead of buying an 'engagement cake' we opted to make our own cupcakes, which were actually just simple packet mixes (although we made our own icing) - they took about 5 hours worth of icing but were worth it.

Homemade cupcakes and cupcake toppers.

We also made all our own food - a joint effort from my mum, Morgan's mum and aunt, sister, cousins and myself. It was a lot of work but meant we didn't need to hire a caterer. And cousins helped serve so Morgan and myself could enjoy the party.

Signs were made from scrap wood and left over chalk board paint from another project. And other objects, frames, tables, glass jars were brought in from around the house.

We made the invitations ourselves and found lots of free tutorials online for eg. the envelope labels, mustaches, Martha Stewart banner: so keep a great eye out for free printables and ideas.

Homemade invitations.

How long did it take to put together?
I can't quite remember this one either. I think a 2-3 months?
What's your wedding going to be like?

We are having a Spring time wedding in the Hunter Valley NSW with an outdoor ceremony followed by a garden party and then a reception at a closeby vineyard. We want to day to be fun and a reflection of us and most importantly our relationship with Christ and his plan for marriage. So you can expect lots of handmade touches, fun music, games and untraditional twists.
We are also planning to keep our friends and family (they mean a lot to us) quite involved - we will be getting married by Morgan's uncle and close friends will play music etc.
Morgan and Katie's wedding is in November and she promises to share her wedding photos on Catch My Party.   As soon as she does, I will add them to the blog so you can see them!
Can't wait, Katie!!

What is a Cricut?

A bunch of users have mentioned using a Cricut to add details to their parties.  So of course I had to ask, what is a Cricut?

It turns out it's a pretty cool electronic cutting device to cut out shapes and letters for scrapbooking and craft projects.

Here's what one looks like.  No computer necessary.

They seem to range in price from about $100 to $350, but where it can get even pricier is when you add in the cost of the cartridges you need to make the cool shapes.  These run anywhere from $25 to $80 each.

So the question is... is it worth it?

And the answer is... if you are a "crafty" person, yes!   There's really nothing like it.  Take a look at some of the things you can do with a Cricut.

In fact, they even have a new food Cricut for cake and cookie decorating.  Check out this cake.

Kind of cool, right?

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