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FREE Summer Party Printables from Embellish

If you're looking to add a little sophistication to your summer party, we've got these stunning FREE beach party printables for you, designed by the talented Kirsten of Embellish.

The collection includes: party circles, invitations, cupcake wrappers, tented cards, drink flags, banner flags, and water bottle labels.

Party circles


Cupcake wrappers

Tented cards

Drink flags


Water bottle labels

Download the high resolution files for printing:

Thank you, Kristen, for these gorgeous printables. To learn more about Kirsten and see her beautiful printables, please visit her Etsy shop, and her blog, Embellish.

Now you have every reason to throw a summer party!!

The Winner of our 16 Personalized Lightsaber Invitations is...

Becky B!! Congratulations!! You were the 27th person to "like"  Inviting Inventions and won our lightsaber invitation giveaway!

Once you have your party, please add it to our site, so we can see what you did!

Thank you to everyone who entered. Please check out our newest giveaway where you could win a $50 gift certificate to My Little Jedi, an online store filled with all things "party!"


This week's party photo comes from Nancy P's Leopard Princess Party. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous table fit for a princess?!

This is a princess party you should not miss! I love how the leopard touches give it a more modern and exciting feel.

Check out all the photos at this insanely gorgeous party and take a look at the other amazing parties Nancy has added to our site.

GIVEAWAY: Win a $50 Gift Certificate to My Little Jedi

Vesna from My Little Jedi is giving away a $50 gift certificate to her online store. Yay!

My Little Jedi sells beautiful party printables, wall art, notepads, greeting cards, party hats, pencils, and more. It's a beautiful collection of items filled with elegance and whimsy!

Below is a small selection from her store, but definitely check out the whole collection... So much pretty here!

Sweet Shoppe party printable collection

ABC paper cups

Printable envelopes

Envelopes, twine, pencils, doilies,note cards

I'm having a hard time choosing my favorite item.

To enter the giveaway, please head over to the My Little Jedi blog and follow it, then come back here and leave a comments saying you did just that. Simple...

We’ll pick the winner at random on Thursday, July 21st at 10:00PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry.  We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.


TRENDS: Dog Parties on Catch My Party

I'm not talking dog-themed parties, I'm talking parties for your dog. We've been seeing a bunch of cute one on our main site, so of course I had to show them off.

My dog, Gertie (the most adorable black and white Tibetan Terrier you've ever seen), was once she was invited to a fancy dog party that had a doggy masseuse and doggy cartoonist, I kid you not. Remember, we live in LA.

So check out these darling dog birthdays.

Kristy Posh Pixels Design Studio's Meet the Puppy Party

Star T's Dooney's 2nd Birthday!

Sandra G's Emma's Four Party

Elaine H's Truly Royal Fairy "Tails" Party

Cute, right? Told ya!

Check out all the dog themed parties on our site.

DIY TUTORIAL: How to Make Hamburger Cupcakes

I have been a fan of the hamburger cupcake for some time. Once they started popping up on our main site, I was sold! So how excited was I when Jodie from Party NV said I could repost her hamburger cupcake tutorial. Thank you, Jodie!

I always thought these were hard to make, but take a look at this tutorial and you will soon discover they are actually quite easy.  And talk about giving your party that cool "wow" factor...

Before you get started here's what you'll need:


  • 1 Box Chocolate Cake Mix
  • 1 Box Yellow/Vanilla/Butter Cake Mix {don't use white as it won't look like a real bun}
  • {water, oil & eggs per mix}
  • Frosting {not too creamy or it may soften and spread, thick or stiffer frosting works best}
  •   *You'll need Green, Red & Yellow and can either buy a tub of frosting and color it or buy the tubes of frosting already mixed in those colors {this is easiest}
  • Fondant tinted the color of cheese, if you want cheeseburgers {I make my own marshmallow fondant}
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Orange Juice
  • Cupcake Pan(s) {Don't forget the shortening for the pans}
  • Serrated Knife
  • Cupcake Liners {To hold the finished burgers}
  • Basting or Paint Brush
  • Frosting Decorator Bags & Tips, #4 and #103 {Unless you buy the pre-tinted tubes}
  • Square Cookie Cutter
  • Spatula
Okay let's get started....

First you need to mix your cake batter together {ok, ok... I know you knew that, I was just testing you!}

Bake your cupcakes per the directions, one batch of each flavor {typically a box will yield 24 cupcakes}  I suggest baking them right in the pan, no papers.  This saves on paper waste, since you will have to remove them once they are baked anyway, and it saves on cake waste, since the cupcakes don't seem to rise as high when baked directly in the pan!

Once the cupcakes are done, remove them from the oven and let cool for about 15 minutes or so, then remove them from the pan {if you greased your pans properly they should just pop out} and let them cool for about another 30 minutes.

Now comes the fun part!!!!  For each Burger Cake you'll need 1 Yellow cupcake and 1 Chocolate cupcake.  Take the yellow cupcakes and use your serrated knife to cut them in half {removing the top from the bottom}.  Set both halves aside for now.

Next, you'll need to cut the tops off of the chocolate cupcakes, this will become the "burger".  The bottoms you can either eat, scrap, or use to make cake pops!  YUMMY!

Once you have the cupcakes cut you can begin assembling them.

First, take a cupcake liner and place the bottom half of the yellow cake in it, cut side up {this will be the bottom bun of your burger cake}.

Then, squirt some green frosting all over it, allowing it to over hang the sides some, using the #103 tip {this will be the lettuce and also holds the Burger Cake together}.

Next, place a chocolate cupcake top {burger} on top of the green frosting {lettuce}, squishing is down some.

At this point you can either add cheese or not.  If you want to add cheese then you will need to roll out your fondant to the desired thickness and cut with your square cookie cutter.

Then place the cheese on top of your burger....

Now all that's left to do is squirt the red and yellow frosting all over the top like ketchup and mustard, using the #4 tip.  I found using a circular motion worked great and allowed for some of the frosting to drip over the edges.

Then place the top portion of the yellow cupcake on top and brush with some orange juice...

...sprinkle with sesame seeds {they really add to the realistic look and don't affect the flavor}.  VIOLA!  Cheeseburger Cakes are served!

Leave plain or top with custom cupcake toppers to enhance your occasion.  Party NV can design the perfect toppers for you, for whatever the occasion!

Jodie, these are incredible! Thank you for the tutorial!

Please check out Jodie's beautiful parties on our main site, and to learn even more about Jodie and what inspires her, please visit her blog, Party NV.

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming post on how to make hamburgers out of cookies!!

FREE Summer Party Printables from Clickable Party

Summer is in full swing, and how sweet of Krysten at Clickable Party to give away this collection of party printables to add some pizzazz to your summer shindigs.

The collection includes: party circles, cupcake wrappers, tented cards, a blank invitation, a "Happy Birthday" banner (in case it's someone's birthday!), an entire alphabet of flip-flops to make your own banner, food labels, votive labels, water bottle labels, favor boxes, and thank you cards. Phew, that's a lot!! Thank you, Krysten!

Party circles

Cupcake wrappers

Tented cards


A "Happy Birthday" banner

Complete alphabet to build your own banner

Votive candle labels

Large food labels

Water bottle labels

Favor boxes

Thank you cards

Download the high resolution file for printing:

If you use these printables for your summer party, please add your party to our site, I'd love to show it off!

And one more big thank you to you, Krysten, for sharing these amazing printables. To learn more about Krysten, please visit her blog, Clickable Party and also check out her shop where you can buy her adorable printables.

PARTY ON A BUDGET: Ice Cream Social for $175

This is a new feature I'm starting where I find a gorgeous party on our site done on a tight budget, and I ask the Catch My Party member how she pulled it off.

This Ice Cream Social Surprise Birthday was put together by Shelley K. When I read on her party page that she put it together for a little over $100 I had to know how she did it.

First the beautiful party...

Now really, Shelley, how did you do it?

My party cost a little over $100.  Mostly because I used cake plates, dishes etc. that I already had around the house.

I used a gauzy flower ribbon and glue-dotted it to one of my cake plates to give it a vintage feel.

I designed paper hats and used crepe paper for the pom poms on top.

I created a banner and printed it out on heavy card stock and used brads to hold it together then glue dotted it to the wall.

I bought water bottles and made the labels match the rest of my theme with the birthday girl's name.

The cupcake bunting was also made on the computer and was super easy as it was just plain pink with the letters "Happy birthday Emily."  I used pink string and 2 paper straws to hold it together.  Again, more glue dots!!!!  Love the glue dots!

The frame is what actually inspired the design of this party.  I found it at TJ Max for $9 and decided right there that I was going to have an ice cream social with the main event printed inside. All the printables for the toppings and the cake stand are by Eat, Drink, Chic by Amy Moss and can be downloaded FREE here.

I used anything I could that was around the house.  I had an earring holder that was shaped like a body and I printed up a sign for the top of it and hung the favor bags from the necklace hooks.

The favor bags were made of pink tulle and I printed up the free download from Eat, Drink, Chic and just adjusted it to fit the kids names.

The kids table was set for 3 girls.  The 3 boys had a separate table in blue with the blue hats and chocolate mustache suckers which my daughter made by picking up a mold at the craft store for $2.  I can't believe how easy it was and she is only 9!

The tiny dishes that held the toppings were purchased also at the craft store for $1.99 each and had pink polkadots so I was pretty happy.  The pink bowls were purchased at the dollar store as were the napkins. The ice cream paper bowls came with lids and wooden spoons, also $1.99 for 6 at Michaels craft store.

I bought the food mostly at World Market which is an import store.  We served lemon wafers, mini macaroons, vanilla wafer straws, cherries, nuts,  cone wafers, tons of assorted sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauces.

The cupcakes were a great find at the local grocery store and were 2.99 a piece and we ordered 9 since there were only 6 people.  There was chocolate truffle, cream cheese strawberry and strawberry chocolate.

The cotton candy cookies and strawberry mini cupcakes were from Target for a respectable $10. I think I spent the most on the paper straws than I did anything else!  They were $15 for 50.

Here is my total breakdown:

  • Crepe paper ...$2.00
  • Brads for banner ...$2.50
  • Ribbon.....4.99
  • Water bottles...$6.00
  • Glue dots...$5.00
  • Pink frame... $9.00
  • Favor bags ...$3.00
  • Mini pink flower lip gloss for favor bags...$4.50 for 3
  • Chocolate mustache mold with chocolate chips for melting...$6.00
  • Straws...$15.00
  • Grocery store items...$60.00 which included all the ice cream etc. with the toppings
  • Paper ice cream bowls...$2.00
  • Cupcakes...$27.00
  • Pink bowls ...$3.00
  • Imported wafers...$25.00
The total price for this entire party was approximately $175.00.

The best part was that I didn't spend a month planning this party.  It was thrown together in 2 days thanks to the pink vintage frame which sparked the idea as well as the free downloads which saved me from creating my own.

To finish the post, I ask each member what their top 5 money saving tips are...

Oh, I guess my 5 things would be:

  1. Own a computer for printing up labels, banners, hats, etc.
  2. Shop at the thrift stores and dollar stores.
  3. Use items around the house and embellish them to fit your party theme.
  4. Glue dots work for everything... and I mean everything.
  5. Presentation.  Make it pretty. My table only had 3 cake stands, 5 small dishes and a frame.  Not a lot all by itself.  Pretty them up and you have yourself a party!
Thank you, Shelley, for all these wonderful tips and details. Your creativity is amazing and you are truly a money-saving inspiration! :)


My husband, who loves to surf, told me I had to choose this photo from Anna P's Max's 1st Birthday as our Party Photo of the Week.

So to all you surfers out there (big and small), this photo is for you! Check out the rest of this delightful retro surf party.

GIVEAWAY: Win 16 Personalized Star Wars Lightsaber Invitations from Inviting Inventions

Mikie M, the woman behind Inviting Inventions, who created this awesome Star Wars Party and these two fantastic Star Wars tutorials on how to make R2D2 cups and lightsaber napkin wraps, is doing a giveaway!

She will be creating 16 handmade personalized Star Wars lightsaber invitations for one of our lucky readers just like these...

Pull on this little tab and... the invitation come to life!!


Amazing, Mikie!!

If you are the winner, all you'll do is send Mikie your party info, and she will design and send 16 handmade invitations right to you! How cool is that?!

To enter the contest, just "like" Inviting Inventions on Facebook, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did just that. Easy peasy!

We’ll pick the winner at random on Thursday, July 14th at 10:00PM (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry.  We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.

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