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{RECIPE} Easy Velveeta Cheese Soufflé

by Jillian Leslie on


If you follow my blog, you know that I've been trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen. I recently tackled chocolate soufflé and tarte Tatin, and was very proud of myself. So when Velveeta asked me to come up with a unique recipe using their "liquid gold" Velveeta, I thought... Why not Velveeta cheese souffle? Crazy?! Would it be?

People think a cheese soufflé has to be this challenging dish with lots of stinky French cheese, but honestly, I'm not a fan of stinky French cheese and now, with my chocolate soufflé experience, I don't think soufflés are so tough (just make sure not to get any yolk in the whites). So I thought I'd give it a try. And did it work? The answer is a resounding... YES!

What I'm Baking to Zest up my Life!

by Jillian Leslie on


I was asked by Kraft to write a post about how I might try something new to "spice up" my life.

What immediately came to mind were all the things I'm afraid to make in the kitchen. In my fantasy, I am a fearless chef who can tackle anything. In reality, I tend to stick to what's safe (sound familiar, per chance?).

{RECIPE} Strawberry Ginger Lemonade + Fun Summer Shopping Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on


Summer is right around the corner. In fact it's been so warm here, it already feels like summer.

As I've written in my blog before, we have a ginormous lemon tree in our backyard, so lemons are one of my favorite ingredients. I've already shared my lemon cake recipe and my lemon sugar cookie recipe, so of course I had to share my sparkling strawberry ginger lemonade recipe. This lemonade is refreshing and sweet. It's got a little spice from the ginger and earthiness from the lemongrass, perfect for a hot day!

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