DIY Tutorial -- How to Make a Candy Tree Topiary

I can't say enough about Maria, Kristina, and Roxana, the women at MKR Creations.  I met two of them at the CPN So Cal meetup and they are lovely and so creative.

They created this adorable candy tree topiary for their Y's Diapers and Wipes Shower using Smarties Pops and marshmallow rope. I just love it.

Maria, Kristina, and Roxana were kind enough to put together this tutorial and wait until you see how easy it is...


  • Large foam ball
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Stick
  • Vase
  • Foam & artificial grass from Michaels
  • Poofy marshmallow rope or candy necklace from It'Sugar
  • Smarties Pops unwrapped from


STEP 1 -- Cut half off the Smarties Pop sticks.

STEP 2 -- Start inserting the Smarties Pop sticks into the large foam ball.

Show diy-topiary-candy-tree

 STEP 3 -- After you are done filling the foam ball with Smarties Pops, add the stick to your vase and insert it in your large foam ball.

STEP 4 -- Tie the poofy marshmallow rope around the stick to cover it. You could use the candy necklace instead; if you use the candy necklace you will need a glue gun to glue it so it will stay in place.


STEP 5 -- Add your ribbon and you're done!

Candy tree topiaries makes such a great addition to your party!

I couldn't agree more! Thank you, lovely ladies, for putting this tutorial together. To learn more about MKR Creations and see the other amazing parties they've styled, please check out their vendor page on our site.



Britney says...

@ 08:13 on Sep 23, 2011

I made one similar to this bt I used dum dum suckers for my daughters "Candy Land" party. It was so cute but super heavy. I painted the ends of the sticks a different color and the kids pulled out a sucker and the color of the stick represented a prize they one. They loved it! It was heavy though so I used a little plaster-o-paris to hold it in place.


pom says...

@ 09:43 on Mar 19, 2012

thanx it was really help ful xx :)


candice perera says...

@ 02:04 on Jun 01, 2012

The finished product seems to have a bluish pink hue on the ball, where as the foam ball used is white. Was the foam ball painted in any colour before the filling takes place. just see the pictures


candice perera says...

@ 02:05 on Jun 01, 2012

Shall I say a bluish purple and not bluish pink


Mummy C says...

@ 15:44 on Dec 11, 2012

@ candice perera the bottom of the lollies are mostly lilac/pink hense the colour

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