GIVEAWAY: Easter Treat Table Party Box from Shindig Diva

Tara from Shindig Diva creates "party boxes" filled with everything you need to throw a party, and I mean everything (including instructions on how to set it up in less than 20 minutes)! No hassles, no worries, just pure party fun! She's offered to give away an Easter Treat Table party box worth $85 to one of our lucky readers. Take a look at all that you get...

So here's what is in the Easter Treat Table party box:

  • (2) Egg Stands
  • (2) Floral Pails w/ Crinkle Paper
  • (1) Large Plate
  • (2) Small Plates
  • (1) Ceramic Frog
  • (1) Ceramic Bunny
  • (1) Medium Felt Pail
  • (8) Chic Eggs
  • (8) Hand Dipped Rice Crispy Bars
  • (12) Lollipops
  • (1) Peeps
  • (1) Roll of Gift Wrap
  • 2.5 Yards of Lavender Fabric
  • Jelly Beans
All you have to do to enter is first head over to Shindig Diva and “like” them on Facebook.  Then head back to this post and leave a comment saying you did it. It’s that easy!

Thank you Shindig Diva for this adorable giveaway!  Also, if you are the winner, please add your Easter  party to our main site. We’d love to show it off!

We’ll pick the winner at random on Friday, April 8th at 10:00 (PST).  Any entries after that won’t be considered, sorry.  We will use to generate our winner and will notify you by email.



valerie says...

@ 08:29 on Apr 01, 2011

I am having an Easter Eggtravaganza for my daughter and her friends. This would be amazing!!!! Thank you so much. I "like" shindig diva on fb ;-)


Melissa Roach says...

@ 08:30 on Apr 01, 2011

I like Shindig Diva on Facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway!


Christina Peterson says...

@ 08:37 on Apr 01, 2011

I did it! What a great site and an adorable Easter party in a box. My dad and his wife are hosting Easter this year and I am in charge of dessert. I will be better than the Easter Bunny that day if I can set up this Easter dessert buffet for our family! Rabbit foot crossed!


Janelle King says...

@ 08:38 on Apr 01, 2011

Having a Easter Egg hunt at my house would be great for prizes and decorations. I like Shindig Diva on Facebook.


Nikole Prince says...

@ 08:39 on Apr 01, 2011

This is too cute! I "liked" your page on Facebook! This ai the first time I've seen your stuff. Love it!


Lisa Cox says...

@ 08:41 on Apr 01, 2011

I "liked" them. And so glad I did! Look at all that cute stuff! Thanks!


April C says...

@ 08:55 on Apr 01, 2011

I LIKED SHINDIG DIVA!!! :) and I do like it- alot!


Rebecca Wolf says...

@ 09:04 on Apr 01, 2011

Tara, you know that I "like" you!! :)


Elise says...

@ 09:21 on Apr 01, 2011

I liked shindig diva on Facebook! Cute, cute!!


Tara says...

@ 09:27 on Apr 01, 2011

I totally LIKED Shindig Diva on facebook. So cool!


Jennifer says...

@ 10:06 on Apr 01, 2011

I just LIKED Shindig Diva on Facebook! Too bad there's no LOVE button! This Easter Treat Table Party Box would be perfect for the egg hunt I'm hosting for the kiddies this year!!! *crossing fingers*


Lisette gonzalez says...

@ 10:27 on Apr 01, 2011

They have really cute stuff , live the baby chicks


Laura says...

@ 10:58 on Apr 01, 2011

I like them on facebook. And I like this giveaway too!


Leslie says...

@ 11:52 on Apr 01, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva on Face Book and I LOVE her blog!


Dianna T. says...

@ 12:05 on Apr 01, 2011

I liked them! I liked them!


Rebecca says...

@ 13:26 on Apr 01, 2011

I liked shindig diva on facebook :)


Kim says...

@ 14:43 on Apr 01, 2011

I 'liked' shindig diva on facebook! What a great Easter treat - all done and ready to go. This Easter we visiting relatives and it would so nice to bring the Easter package with us and surprise everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to be a winner! I really enjoy both sites so many creative ideas!!


Jaime says...

@ 16:12 on Apr 01, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE Shindig Diva!! She did my son's bday :-) She ROCKS! ;-)


Staci R. says...

@ 16:14 on Apr 01, 2011

I "Liked" Shindig Diva on Facebook. Thanks for the groovy giveaway!! :)


Kirsten says...

@ 17:29 on Apr 01, 2011

Like? I love it!


Brooke says...

@ 18:00 on Apr 01, 2011

What a fun giveaway! I like Shindig Diva on Facebook.


molly says...

@ 18:21 on Apr 01, 2011

i "like" shindig diva on fb and i love this theme! thanks for the giveaway opp!


Ruki Innis says...

@ 00:09 on Apr 02, 2011

FB "like" is done What a great idea!! We love it and would love to host an Easter celebration with it all Xo


angela says...

@ 06:12 on Apr 02, 2011

Clicked on Like on Facebook/Shindig Diva!


Alisha says...

@ 06:53 on Apr 02, 2011

I clicked "like" on shindig diva's FB page. I adore this precious Easter set giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win it!


Angela says...

@ 09:05 on Apr 02, 2011

I did it.thank you!!!! I Love your site ..


ShootingStarsMag says...

@ 14:29 on Apr 02, 2011

what a fun idea. i liked them on facebook.


Katy says...

@ 15:25 on Apr 02, 2011

"like" it? I LOVE it!! What a fabulous looking prize! Keeping my fingers crossed : )


Maureen says...

@ 17:01 on Apr 02, 2011

You have such great ideas! I voted for you and liked Shindig Diva.


Erica says...

@ 17:15 on Apr 02, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva on Facebook! Thanks for the great giveaway!


Shea says...

@ 18:50 on Apr 02, 2011

I liked them on facebook! What a fun party!


Elena Rodriguez says...

@ 20:43 on Apr 02, 2011

Very nice ideas ,love Shindig Diva ,will a big surprise for my girls.


crystal says...

@ 20:57 on Apr 02, 2011

Done :-) Love your blog!!


Debbie Smothers says...

@ 05:37 on Apr 03, 2011

I liked it.


Amanda McMillen says...

@ 06:49 on Apr 03, 2011

I liked them! I am glad I did they have some awesome stuff! Thank you for the amazing giveaway


Tori Baisch says...

@ 08:19 on Apr 03, 2011

I "like" Shindig Diva on FB!


Ashley Wilson says...

@ 10:39 on Apr 03, 2011

I liked shindig diva!!


Jen says...

@ 15:45 on Apr 03, 2011

I liked it!


Kim Wagner says...

@ 15:56 on Apr 03, 2011

Of course I'm a fan. Been there along time. Love you and your family. :-)


Shlomzi says...

@ 11:30 on Apr 04, 2011

I just "liked" Shindig Diva on Facebook and I just love this easter set!


Donna Collins says...

@ 11:45 on Apr 04, 2011

I "liked" on Shindig Diva FB page.


Amy Hellewell says...

@ 11:45 on Apr 04, 2011

Would love this for my first Easter party hosted at my place!


Teresa Curtis says...

@ 11:45 on Apr 04, 2011

Became a fan on glad you told us about them...cute stuff! Doing a spring birthday party for my soon to be 13 year old daughter this month...would be perfect!


Ronda Shelman says...

@ 11:52 on Apr 04, 2011

I did !! and I SO need to win this !!! PLease pick me !! PLease pick me !!


Liz says...

@ 12:04 on Apr 04, 2011

Done :)))


Kim says...

@ 12:10 on Apr 04, 2011

I LOVE the whole "party box" concept!!!! So happy to have found this site!! I 'liked' Shindig Diva on Facebook~~~SUPER excited to have a chance at winning the darling Easter party box!!!!


Lisa says...

@ 12:12 on Apr 04, 2011

Liked it & got some cute ideas from it as well!


Amanda Eimer says...

@ 12:12 on Apr 04, 2011

I "LIKE" Shinding Diva! I dont have Easter Partys because I would not know how to decorate, this would be great!!!!


Leslie R says...

@ 12:45 on Apr 04, 2011

I liked them on FB!


Christina Peterson says...

@ 14:02 on Apr 04, 2011

Love it1 Need it! Want it! Happy Easter!


Kristin says...

@ 15:52 on Apr 04, 2011

Love it all! So adorable and would be perfect for the little Easter party my daughter wants to have with her friends!!


Charilee says...

@ 17:36 on Apr 04, 2011

Like, like, like! Super Adorable!


Jessica says...

@ 07:19 on Apr 05, 2011

Super fun! "Liked" Shindig Diva on FB.


Tina Hicks says...

@ 13:03 on Apr 05, 2011

I have 'liked' Shindig Diva' for some time now. Tara is a very talented person and I love her parties in a box.


Krissy W. says...

@ 09:59 on Apr 06, 2011

Just "liked" Shindig Diva on Facebook! What an amazing Easter party gift box this is :-) It's such a wonderful idea and I'd love to win the giveaway!


Diana Norcross says...

@ 10:01 on Apr 06, 2011

Did it! Love it; hoping I win IT!


Melissa Norwood says...

@ 10:04 on Apr 06, 2011

Liked it, and I love her stuff! So awesome!! :)


Leslie Waters says...

@ 10:08 on Apr 06, 2011

liked it! love it!


Ashley Lynn says...

@ 10:10 on Apr 06, 2011

I already liked them! This colorful and fun set is a great package!


Heather C says...

@ 10:15 on Apr 06, 2011

Already liked it and would love to have it!! Thanks!! What a great addition to a spring party!!


Gina S says...

@ 10:28 on Apr 06, 2011

"Liked" on FB!


Celi says...

@ 10:29 on Apr 06, 2011

I like it!! I love it!!


Natalie says...

@ 10:32 on Apr 06, 2011

I did it!


Stacey says...

@ 10:33 on Apr 06, 2011

Adorable! I love it all! But I "liked" it too! ;)


Brandy says...

@ 10:45 on Apr 06, 2011

So cute! I liked them on FB :)



@ 11:06 on Apr 06, 2011



nilla says...

@ 11:10 on Apr 06, 2011

liked shindig..... on fb.... too cute


Kelly Smith says...

@ 11:17 on Apr 06, 2011

so cute!!! 'Like' shindig Diva on facebook...Happy Easter, and God bless:)


Misty says...

@ 12:09 on Apr 06, 2011

I did it!!!! This would be perfect for our playgroup easter party/bakesale!


Lois says...

@ 13:42 on Apr 06, 2011

Liked them. What a wonderful giveaway!


Jennifer Tejada says...

@ 15:01 on Apr 07, 2011

Super duper cute!!! Great idea!!! I "liked" you on Facebook.


Melony says...

@ 16:13 on Apr 07, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva on Fb and would absolutely love to win this easter setup. Would make a great party for my two girls this Easter. Thanks For a chance to win what a great giveaway


Sally says...

@ 16:15 on Apr 07, 2011

ADORABLE!!!!! I just " Like" on Shindig Diva. and Like like like all of ur Profile!


Lauri says...

@ 16:34 on Apr 07, 2011

I liked the page, and love all the goodies!


Melissa says...

@ 16:34 on Apr 07, 2011

I just "like"d on Shindig! Thanks!


Nichole Morris says...

@ 16:40 on Apr 07, 2011

Done! Adorable stuff!


Aimee Brunson says...

@ 16:45 on Apr 07, 2011

I just liked Shindig on FB! :)


Roseanne A says...

@ 16:48 on Apr 07, 2011



Haidee says...

@ 16:48 on Apr 07, 2011

I did it!!


Breanne Cyr says...

@ 17:19 on Apr 07, 2011

Liked Shindig on FB!


Jenn Richards says...

@ 17:34 on Apr 07, 2011

I did it! Love it!


Melanie Wicks says...

@ 17:59 on Apr 07, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva on facebook. I really enjoyed the party you did for Gregory's second birthday.


Kim Parker says...

@ 18:34 on Apr 07, 2011

I 'liked' Shindig Diva on Facebook. Love your Easter Giveaway - it looks marvelous!! Thanks for a chance - Kim tandkparker at comcast dot net


Addie Abner says...

@ 19:31 on Apr 07, 2011

Loved them on fb! So amazed at the creativity. Would live to win this!


Antonella Augugliaro says...

@ 20:00 on Apr 07, 2011

I liked, liked, liked Shindig Diva!!! Great giveaway....hope I win....Thanks!


Terra Donlon says...

@ 21:01 on Apr 07, 2011

Officially "like" it! Cute give-away.


Christine DelGuzzi says...

@ 03:42 on Apr 08, 2011

Did it! Would love to win the Easter giveaway - my daughter's birthday is the day before, so her celebration will be Easter themed....:)


andrea foster says...

@ 13:36 on Apr 08, 2011

Would love the easter giveaway!! Thank you!!


Tara says...

@ 13:38 on Apr 08, 2011

I LIKED Shindig Diva!!


Kim says...

@ 15:21 on Apr 08, 2011

Just "liked" Shindig Diva on FB. Love it!!


Bobbi says...

@ 15:22 on Apr 08, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva! super cute!


Michele W. says...

@ 19:32 on Apr 08, 2011

I liked Shindig Diva on FB! Great giveaway! Thanks!

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