Here's What's in My Party Toolkit

I've been meaning to post this for a while... Here are the items in my party toolkit that I couldn't live without. I'm dying to know what is in yours, so please comment at the end of this post.

A good pair of sissors.

A 3 inch extra large punch for making all my party circles.

A 3 inch extra large scalloped edge punch for a little variety.

Several sheets of removable glue dots. I just got turned onto these and I love them!  They are great for sticking things on the wall or sticking things to each other.

A set of permanent markers in lots of colors for any last minute signs I have to make.

Lots of safety pins in different sizes. Because I don't sew, these are a life-saver for any fabric that needs pinning or tucking.

Double-sided tape, my old standby. But since I've been using glue dots, I don't use this as much.

A big piece of white tulle. I'm always amazed at all the ways I can use it, it goes with everything, and it's cheap. This item doesn't fit in my toolkit, but I love it so much, I have to include it. A big roll of kraft paper. It's not only functional, but I think it looks cool - unfinished and playful.

Lots of ribbon. I buy them on sale in loads of colors and use them to dress up everything.

Okay, your turn.



Paty says...

@ 05:25 on Aug 02, 2011

ok, here I am... Scissor - to cut papers scisso - to cut fabrics Punch 2,5" - circular Punch 2" - scalloped circular doble sided tape ( a lot) Ribons stick glue trimmer Permanet pen - black brazilian hugs!!!


Wonderland Party Props says...

@ 07:00 on Aug 02, 2011

Set of paint brushes. lots of paint ( many colors ) glitter glue, silk flowers, silk ribbon, rinestones ( many colors & sizes )


Pink Peppermint Paper says...

@ 07:00 on Aug 02, 2011

I would add a rotary fabric cutter and glue gun! Eleanor


joanne says...

@ 07:06 on Aug 02, 2011

same here!! along with clothespins to hang things, suction cups, pinking shears, dowels, 3M strips, S hooks, tapemeasure and stapler.


Kristi says...

@ 07:18 on Aug 02, 2011

yes to all of your stuff...and then throw in my Silhouette, which I've been using a LOT lately. I'm digging not having to cut stuff by hand! Thanks for all of your great ideas--I love reading your blog!


Franchesca says...

@ 07:54 on Aug 02, 2011

-hot glue gun (My #1) -acryllic paints & brushes -tissue paper & cardboard (pinata making) -fishing line (hanging things, makes floating illusion) -fabric & safety pins -clear tape & thumb tacks -poster board -x-acto knife & scissors


Melissa Newell says...

@ 09:08 on Aug 02, 2011

GLUE DOTS....can't do a party without them!


Felecia says...

@ 10:22 on Aug 02, 2011

My cricut machine and carts Colorful cardstock scissors double sided tape 2 way glue stick glue gun and glue


Lisa says...

@ 06:05 on Aug 03, 2011

I am just getting started, but this is what I have so far: Hot glue gun LOTS of ribbon (all varieties) 2" scallopped punch 3" round punch 1" round punch 8" circular cutter hole puncher double sided tape LOADS OF IMAGINATION :)

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