FREE Valentine's Day Printables from Green Apple Paperie

by Jillian Leslie on

Once again we're the luckiest site in the world! Katie from Green Apple Paperie designed this adorable "cupcake" collection of FREE Valentine's Day party printables just for us.

The collection includes: party circles, favor tags, candy bar wrappers, mini candy bar wrappers, food tents, and a "Be Mine" banner. They are so sweet, I could just eat them!

Download the free Valentine's Day printables here!

[caption id="attachment_10204" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Party circles[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10205" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Favor tags[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10206" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Candy bar wrappers[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10207" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Mini candy bar wrappers[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_10208" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Tented cards[/caption]

"Be Mine" banner (Part 1)

[caption id="attachment_10210" align="aligncenter" width="463"] "Be Mine" banner (Part 2)[/caption]


Thank you, Katie for this delicious collection! If you like these designs, please see more of Katie's wonderful printable party decorations and invitations at her Green Apple Paperie Etsy Shop.

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DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm really into party wreaths, so when I saw this homemade wreath Amy C made for her Milla Turns 3 in a Rainbow of Ribbons Party, I had to ask her if she'd do a tutorial for us. Thank you, Amy, for agreeing, and take it away...

I love the idea of a wreath hanging on the front door to greet party guests at any soiree. They are such a great way to set a tone for the party as people arrive. I have seen a few different and fun styles of wreaths around but when my daughters 3rd birthday party theme was decided on - 'Rainbow of Ribbons' - I knew I had to put something together so came up with a ribbon wreath.

It was so simple, cheap and fun to put together and almost everyone who came to the party commented on it. One of the best things about this handmade decoration is it can be used over and over. The rainbow one I made now hangs on my daughters bedroom door. I've put together a little 'How To' for you to follow and make your own - have fun!!

You will need: * Wire coat hanger * Scissors * Selection of ribbons in whatever colour/theme/pattern you like * Tin snips (optional)

1) Bend the wire hanger into shape. Traditional wreath shape is circle but you could do whatever shape you desire. Heart shape for Valentines Day, tree shape for Christmas, star shape, car shape, fairy wings shape... it's limited to your imagination!!

2) Cut your ribbon. I cut mine into lengths of about 8.5inches long. You will need LOTS as the wreath looks best when the ribbons are all squeezed up together and not spread out. I also use ribbon in a mix of textures and widths for a bit of fun but purely personal preference.

3) Ready. Set. Tie! Now you just tie the ribbons with a basic knot to the wire hanger until the wreath is full and you have your desired look.

4) Using the tin snips cut off the 'hook' piece from the top of the coat hanger - this is optional: if you don't have tin snips around just bend the 'hook' down so it's hiding in the ribbons.

5) Tie a complimenting ribbon to the top of the wreath for hanging it and you are done - Easy!

These look fabulous on the front door but don't have to be used for just that.... How about three of them hanging in a row on the backdrop behind a candy buffet or dessert table... Or make a bunch of them and hang them around your party for general party decoration - FUN!!

Thank you, Amy, for this great tutorial. I had no idea you made it with a simple wire hanger!

To learn more about Amy and see her gorgeous homemade fabric bunting banners and ribbon garlands (they are some of the most beautiful I've seen), check out her site, Giggleberry Creations. Also, take a look at Amy's other amazing parties on our main site. And if you're inspired by rainbow parties, take a look at these.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

FREE Valentine's Day Printables from Magnolia Creative Co.

by Jillian Leslie on

As I said before, I'm a forward thinking girl, so here is our first set of FREE Valentine's Day party printables designed by Emily of Magnolia Creative Co.

This gorgeous "cupid" collection includes: an invitation, large party circles, medium party circles, party labels, favor tags, Valentine's Day cards, drink flags, food tents, and a "Happy Valentine's Day" banner. Everything you need to throw a love-filled party!

Download the free Valentine's printables here!


Thank you, Emily, for this great collection of printables! To learn more about Magnolia Creative Co., which sells party and event invitations, stationery items, and hand painted ceramic and canvas gifts, please check out their website and Etsy shop.

TREND: Art Themed Parties on Catch My Party

by Jillian Leslie on

Art parties are one of my all-time favorite themes and I love when they show up on our main site. You can see from these parties how creative you can get with the decor, plus you have a built in activity for your guests. Brilliant!

Kate P's Art Party

The art supplybuffet

Palette of cupcakes

Guest doing their art project

Lisa W's Paris 'Frida Kahlo' Party

Frida Kahlo coloring books

Festive Mexican decor

The artists at work

Jill's Pink & Zebra Art Party

The invitation

A palette of cupcakes

The guests at work on their masterpieces

Mandy H's Faith's 6th Rainbow Art Party

The dessert table

Great rainbow details

The art studio

To be further inspired and to get some more great idea, take a look at all the art parties on our main site.

Add a Cool Cardboard Playhouse to Your Kid's Party

by Jillian Leslie on

How cool are these cardboard playhouses from Way Basics, and how great would they look at a your kid's next party?

Throwing a tea party, add a play cottage...

Throwing a princess party? How about this castle and carriage...

Throwing a rocket party or Toy Story party? How about this rocket ship...

These playhouses are sustainably made from 80% recycled cardboard, and come with a set of four markers for decorating.

What fun!  Sure you could make your own out of an old refrigerator box, but if you don't have the time or inclination, $35 a playhouse seems worth it to me.

TREND: Whirly Pops!

by Jillian Leslie on

Here's something we've been seeing on our main site for a while: whirly pops!

I'm not saying the moms at your parties will be happy with you serving their kids these gigantic sticky, sugary treats, but they do look great on a dessert table, work well as party favors, and are just so darn pretty. (Click on the photos to see what parties they came from.)

Looking for a little more inspiration, check out these candy/sweets/dessert parties from our main site.

DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member - How to Make Cake Bunting

by Jillian Leslie on

Anyone who has read my blog or my posts knows I am a huge fan of cake bunting. What is cake bunting, you ask? Mini banners you stick into cakes. Like this adorable one Carey B made for her Teddy Bear Picnic.

I asked Carey if she would put together a tutorial for us, and she so sweetly said yes. So without further ado, here is Carey's cake bunting tutorial...

Cake bunting is such an adorable touch to your cakes. There are so many variations on the concept it is hard to pick just one. Here are directions for the one I made for my Teddy Bear Picnic.

2 Wooden skewers
Ribbon (3/16" width)
Cardstock in color of choice
Coordinating ribbon
Glue Gun
Fishing line
Double sided tape
Scallop punch or die cut machine.

Step One:  Punch or cut your scallops. You will need two sizes. I used a 1 and a 1 1/4 on my Cricut. You will need 3 cut scallops for each 3-D scallop you are making for the bunting.

Step Two: Take 3 scallops of the same size and fold in half. Using double sided tape (my best friend) and stick your scallops halves together. One side will be left unstuck.

Step Three: Thread your needle with fishing line and begin "sewing" your scallops together. You will poke the needle through the top center of each scallop. KEY: Once the needle is through DOUBLE knot the top of each scallop so that it stays in place. *You can also use thread I just like the floating in air look that fishing line or invisible thread achieves.

Step Four: Double knot the end of your fishing line, with the scallops on it, to the top of a skewer. Place a dot of hot glue on the knot to hold it in place. While the glue is still hot place the end of your ribbon there and begin wrapping the skewer. I left some of the natural part of the skewer showing to bring out those tones we were using throughout the party. But, I think it would be nice with a fully wrapped skewer too.

Step Five:  Repeat step four on the other skewer. I use glasses filled with rice to hold my skewers up and help with with spacing.

Step Six:  Finish off the top of the skewer with trailing ribbons or a bow.

Step Seven:  Top your cake, step back and ENJOY your creation!

Thank you so much, Carey, for putting this tutorial together! If anyone makes cake bunting, please send us a photo so we can post it.

To learn more about Carey and read about all her crafting and party planning adventures please check out her blog, With Joy, and also check out her other gorgeous parties on our site.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

TRENDS: Boy Dinosaur Parties on Catch My Party

by Jillian Leslie on

First I showed off the girl dinosaur parties. Now, I'm showing off these cool boy dinosaur parties we've seen on our main site!

Christine K's Phoenix's DinoFOUR Birthday Party

Invitation with dinosaur decor

Dinosaur fondant cupcake toppers

A dino egg hunt

4-wheeler rides. Nice touch!

Frog Prince Paperie's Modern Dinosaur Birthday Adventure

The gorgeous dessert table

The cake. Love the footprints.

The favor bags

The dinosaur bounce house

Corrie S's Dinosaur Dig Party

The table

Paper mache dinosaur eggs

The cake

The dinosaur dig

Cheeks Celebrations Charlie's Dino-mite Birthday Party

Dinosaur activities

Cake, cupcakes, and dinosaur eggs


Jenn K's Dino Party, Bryson's 5th

Dino cake

Personalized favor bag

Dino cookie favors with tags

For more inspiration, check out all the dinosaur parties here at Catch My Party.

"Browse Themes" Button Added to our Nav Bar - Now You Can Find Party Themes More Easily

by Jillian Leslie on

A few months back we created a party inspirations and themes page, a list of all the party themes we have on our main site.  Now we've made it even easier to find that page by adding a "browse themes" button in our nav bar that leads you right to it. Take a look...

To see all the inspirations and themes on our main site (not just in those five categories), scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

We will also be making tweaks to this page to make it easier to use, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know at


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