Free Graduation Chalkboard Party Printables from Printabelle

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Free Printables for a Graduation Party Chalkboard Style |

Michelle from Printabelle designed this set of hip chalkboard graduation party printables exclusively for us. They can work for a  college, high school, or even a preschool graduation party, which is why I love them!

The collection includes:  graduation party cupcake toppers, gift bag tags, "good luck" banner, mini candy bar wrappers, welcome sign, thank you and menu/place cards and water bottle labels.


Take a look at the individual items..

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for a Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

Free Printables for your Graduation Party - Chalkboard Style |

For more party ideas, please check out these graduation parties from our site and these graduation party supplies from the Catch My Party Store!

And remember, if you’d like any of these printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file! To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - May 11th

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Happy Mother's Day! Hope all you mothers had a wonderful day. Mine was filled with lots of sweetness!

Here are my favorite parties for the week...

A lovely scrapbook Mother's Day luncheon, an amazing outdoor Tangled girl birthday party, a Despicable Me birthday party with all the Minions, and lots of fun activities at this purple and blue Frozen girl birthday party!

My Four Favorite Parties of the Week May 11 |

Clockwise from top left:


DIY Mother's Day Gifts, Fairy Party Ideas, and Balloon Parties

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I wanted to share the posts I did for Spoonful this week...

Check out these DIY gifts for Mother's Day that children can help with!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts |

So many beautiful ideas for fairy birthday parties, including activities, decor, and more.

Fairy Party Ideas |

Take off with these amazing balloon birthday party ideas, which work well for boy or girl birthday parties.

Balloon Party Ideas |

For more party ideas and inspiration, check out all my posts on Spoonful!

Fresh Herb Party Favor DIY

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Herb Garden Party Favor DIY |

Herb Garden Party Favor DIY |

I LOVE to garden. I love everything about it: the feel of the soil in my hands, the smells of the earth, the sweetness of the new baby plants. Gardening brings out the best in me, puts me in a good mood, and calms me like nothing else.

So, at my next party, if I can share a little bit of my good gardening karma with my guests by sending them home with fresh herb party favors, what could be better.

To make these party favors, I bought some herbs at Home Depot. Then I split up the plants (I got two favors per pot of herbs)  and repotted them in these pretty SOLO heavy duty paper cups.

Herb Garden Party Favor DIY |

 I attached a bow made out of grosgrain ribbon to each one, and used Glue Dots to make sure the bow didn't slip down the cup. Then I wrote the name of the herb on Martha Stewart Home Office Labels and attached a label to the front of each cup. Easy!

Herb Garden Party Favor DIY |

 Didn't they turn out so great? They're perfect for any summer party where you want to share a little bit of sweet smelling nature, and boy, do they smell sweet!

Herb Garden Party Favor DIY |

This is a sponsored post by SOLO cups, but all ideas are mine!  To learn more about SOLO cups and see other great ideas, head to the SOLO cups Facebook page.

Minecraft Party Ideas - 12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes

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12 Amazing Minecraft Cakes |

Minecraft birthday parties are so popular on our site right now and it's so much fun to see the fantastic Minecraft cakes! We love all the Steves, Creepers, dirt blocks, and TNT!

Below you'll find some amazing cakes to help inspire you (click on the image to see what party it comes from)! Plus, there's a free printable Minecraft party set at the end of the post.

Dirt block Minecraft cake |

Creeper cake with cupcakes |

Minecraft Cake |

Minecraft Sword Cake |

Minecraft Round Cake | Steve Minecraft Cake |

Real Minecraft Cake |

TNT Minecraft Cake |

Creeper Cake |

TNT Cake on Stand |

Rectangle Creeper |

Simple TNT cake |

And here are our free printables for your Minecraft party!

Free Minecraft Printables |

For more party ideas, check out these must-have party ideas for your Minecraft party and these amazing Minecraft birthday parties from our site!

Pink Baby Shower Ideas

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7 Must Haves For Your Pink Baby Shower

A pink baby shower is such a classic way to celebrate a new baby girl on the way. Below are my 7 easy must-haves for throwing a beautiful shower!

1. Baby Shower invitation and printables

Here's our retro set of pink baby shower party printables and a personalized pink baby shower invitation to help you set the stage for your retro cool party! Pink Baby Shower Printables | Pink Baby Shower Invitation |

2. Pink dessert table

The party show stopper is usually the dessert table, and with pink desserts it's so much fun to go a little crazy! Set your dessert table up in shades of pink and white and load it up with beautiful treats like these.

Pink baby shower dessert table |

3. Pink Baby Shower Party Supplies

Here are some hand selected baby shower party supplies from the Catch My Party Store to make DIY decorating super easy! Pink Baby Shower Party Supplies |


1. Pink fluffy baby shower decorations

2. Pink polka dot balloons

3. Pink chevron tape

4. Striped mini treat boxes

5. Pink striped square paper dessert plates

6. Strawberry puffy poles

7. Cotton candy paper straws

8. Pink striped whirly pops

9. Pink striped paper bags

10. Bubble gum rock candy sticks

11. Pink and white chevron ice cream cups

12. Pink pom-pom flower treat boxes

4. Pink cupcakes

Cupcakes can really make a statement. Splurge on some pretty fondant toppers. You can even add them to grocery store cupcakes and no one will know.

Pink Cupcakes |

5. A pink backdrop

A beautiful backdrop behind your dessert table is such a pretty (and easy) touch! Here's tutorial on how to make a paper rosette backdrop.

Pink Dessert Table |

6. A fun cake

An amazing cake can also be the focal point of the party. It's definitely a splurge, but I just love this fun one with a mom and a stroller!

Pink Baby Shower Cake |

7. Pink cookies

Trend alert: Display your decorated sugar cookies on a layer of pink candy! I think this looks so fun!

Pink Baby Shower Cookies | For more terrific ideas, check out all these beautiful pink baby showers on our site!

Pretty Paper Flower DIY

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Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Virginie, from That Cute Little Cake is here with a great gift for Mother's Day, and it's something the kids can do with just a little help!
Are you looking for a last minute homemade gift or project for Mother's Day? Then I've got just what you need! Here is a tutorial to show you how to quickly and easily make a paper flower bouquet using three different types of pretty paper flowers.

The flowers are simple enough for children to make, and with a little help from Daddy, even pre-schoolers will manage to create a beautiful bunch in no time!


  • Crepe paper streamers in various colors (I used pink, yellow, red and green) Note: You could use tissue paper for this project but it would be a lot more delicate to handle and most likely too difficult for little hands
  • Sticks for the stem. I use lollipop sticks but you could also use coffee stirrers or even floral wire.
  • Craft glue
  • Brush
  • Scissors


Flower Stem

Cut a piece of green streamer the length of the lollipop stick. Then fold in half lengthwise and cut again so you have two thin strips of paper. You'll use this to cover your lollipop stick.

Brush some craft glue on the paper. Put the stick on one side of the paper and roll it so it is completely covered. Let dry for a few minutes

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Puffy Flower

Cut a piece of streamer about 20 inches in length. Fold like an accordion so you can cut several layers at the same time.

Follow the design below for cutting (you want to create thin pointy petals). Dab some glue on one end of the stem stick and start rolling the streamer around, puffing the flower as you go and securing with more glue every few turns.

Squeeze the base of the flower onto the stick to secure and make sure it is well glued to the stem. Let dry.

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Small Bud

The method to assemble this flower is the same as with the puffy flowers. Just follow the cutting design shown below to make larger petals.

For this small bud you'll want to start by making a couple of turns without touching the petals, so as to create a closed flower center, and then as the flower grows, start pulling the petals out as you roll.

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |


This flower calls for a yellow center. To create the centre, roll a small piece of paper into a ball and then wrap it in another piece of yellow paper, twisting the base to secure. Cut any excess paper.

To attach to the stick, the easiest is to un-twist the base and re-twist around the stick with a little glue to secure.

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Again, use the same assembly method as with the puffy flower above, pulling all the petals out as you roll the paper.


Wrap a ribbon around your flowers to make a bouquet (you can even use crepe paper), and watch the big smile emerge on Mom's face when you give them to her! Happy Mother's Day!

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Pretty Paper Flowers DIY |

Thanks, Virginie, for this beautiful gift for Mom! To learn more about Virginie, please visit her at That Cute Little Cake and on Facebook and Pinterest.

For more party ideas, check out these incredible Mother's Day party ideas and free Mother's Day printables from our site!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - May 4th

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Here are my favorite parties for the week...

A "Hats Off to Mom" celebration honoring all that our mothers do, a beautiful Tiffany inspired baby shower, a gorgeous, colorful My Little Pony rainbow girl birthday party, and a glamorous high tea Mother's Day party.

My 4 Favorite Parties May 4 |

Clockwise from top left:

I did my first planting of the year today in my garden, and it felt great! Happy spring!

Summer BBQ Candy Table DIY

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Easy summer BBQ candy table |

I love summer entertaining, especially when it's easy and casual.

I came up with this idea for creating a quick candy table for a picnic or BBQ using these personalizable “It’s My SOLO Cup” yellow cups. You just peel off the label, write the name of your candy on them by scratching (I used a ballpoint pen with the tip retracted), and stuff with treats.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

To give height to the back row (like on a real candy table), I stacked the cups on upside-down SOLO "For Kids On-The-Go" cups (which are a little smaller) and used Glue Dots to affix them. They were sturdier than I thought they'd be.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

Wouldn't this be perfect for a summer BBQ or picnic at the park? And think how easy it is to clean up.

Easy summer BBQ candy table |

This is a sponsored post by SOLO cups, but all ideas are mine!  To learn more about SOLO cups and see other great ideas, head to the SOLO cups Facebook page.

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