Lime Margarita Cookie Recipe + My Margarita Moment

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Lime margarita cookie recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

With Cinco de Mayo just a few days away, I wanted to share an easy cookie recipe perfect for the occasion... enter my yummy lime margarita cookies! These cookies have the tang of lime juice and the kick of tequila. What's not to love? I gave some of these cookies to my friends and they raved about them!



  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup salted butter, softened
  • 1 1/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons Sauza Agave or tequila
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 2 tablespoon lime zest
  • 1/2 cup of pastel green sanding sugar (for decoration)

Lime margarita cookie recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |


Preheat oven to 350F.

Add  flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder into a bowl, mix, and set aside.

In another bowl, add the softened (room temperature) butter, eggs, sugar, tequila, lime juice, and lime zest. Beat with an electric mixer on high for about 2 minutes.

In three or four batches, add the dry ingredients to the wet, mixing until incorporated. Because there is a lot of liquid in this dough, it will be sticky. It is a little easier to work with if you chill for about 45-60 minutes.

Roll about 2 tablespoons of dough into a ball, then roll in the sanding sugar. Place on a baking sheet, leaving lots of space for the cookies to spread.

Bake at 350F degrees. Take them out when you see the edges starting to brown, about 10-12 minutes.

Makes about 3 dozen.

I love the speckles of lime zest in the dough.

Lime margarita cookie recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

Sauza tequila asked me to share a recent "Margarita Moment" of mine -- you know, a moment when you realize life would be a whole lot better if only you were sipping margaritas with your girlfriends.

Recently, I have wanted to get in better shape, so I mustered the courage to go to my first "Grit" class at the gym. It has a reputation for being hard, but I had no idea.

"Grit" is definitely a catch-phrase of the moment, something we are all supposed to cultivate in ourselves so we can better face life's challenges.

So it was time for me to face my fear. I went to the class. I was nervous, but I actually made it through without passing out. I sweated like a pig, a couple of times I felt like my heart was going to explode, and my arms were unable to hold the steering wheel on the way home, but I was proud.

Here's a selfie of me, a little shell-shocked but feeling good, when I finished my class.

Lime margarita cookie recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

But the next morning, I woke up and... I couldn't walk. Seriously. It was more than grit, it was pain. And I couldn't sit either because of all the squats. I was like a hobbling ninety-year-old woman. And at that moment, I realized that life would be a whole lot better if I could just share a margarita with my best girlfriends.

I have not yet gone back to another class, but I will (even though it took 3 days to recover)... I think I just need to dig a little deeper, work on cultivating a little more grit, and make sure I have a margarita at the ready for when I'm finished.

So in the spirit of "margarita moments," here's my favorite margarita recipe, the Sauza-rita. Last year, I did a video shoot for Sauza tequila, and it was the first time I tried one. I loved it from the first sip. It's both tangy and smooth, with a little effervescent bite. This is my go-to margarita recipe. I promise, you won't be disappointed!


  • 1 can Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila*
  • 1 bottle light beer
  • 1 can frozen limeade
  • 1 can water
  • *If Sauza® Blue Silver isn’t available, try Sauza® Silver
  • Pour limeade and beer into a pitcher with ice.
  • Fill limeade can with Sauza® Blue Silver and pour into pitcher.
  • Finally, add a can of water, stir and enjoy.

Sauza-rita margarita recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

 And with the cookies, it's a one-two punch. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Sauza-rita margarita recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

Sauza-rita margarita recipe. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo! |

 Nothing's more relaxing than a cool desert breeze blowing across your tired shoulders. Oh wait. That's the breath of a man who has something very important to tell you. He's the cowboy. And he's here to help you relax after a hard day on the ranch. When he's not rounding up baby cattle, he's rounding up ingredients for the perfect Sauza®-rita. Learn how to make it with him on your next ladies' night in:


Sauza® is a registered trademark of Tequila Sauza S. de R.L. de C.V. (“Tequila Sauza”) and is used with permission. The information, comments and ideas expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Tequila Sauza, its affiliated companies or any of their directors or employees. Tequila Sauza does not sponsor, authorize, or otherwise endorse this website.

15 Mouthwatering BBQ Recipes

by Jillian Leslie on

15 Mouthwatering BBQ Recipes |

I love cooking in summer. All I have to do is throw something on the grill, add a simple marinade (or not) and whatever I cook, typically ends up tasting good. And for entertaining, it's such an effortless and casual way to go. Plus, I like that it usually gets messy, which I think just adds to the fun. I always make sure I have plenty of napkins available.

Charred smoky flavors make my mouth water. To me, there's nothing better than the smell of grilled food -- from steaks to hamburgers to shrimp to chicken to veggetables... and even fruit. That's why I loved compiling this collection of grilled dishes from Foodie.

From the collection, you'll see that I'm a big fan of skewers. You can make them beforehand.  Then when the time comes, just put them on the grill and they're pretty foolproof. Since I'm always looking for ways to dress my skewers  up, I will definitely be trying the tequila shrimp skewers and the Sriracha-glazed chicken skewers.

Plus, I love grilled fruit desserts in summer. That's why I included in the collection, the grilled peach and vanilla cake trifle and the recipe that I think is actually the most interesting... the chocolate and marshmallow BBQ bananas. You actually cook the marshmallows and chocolate chips inside the banana on the grill. Get out!

I hope this collection makes you as hungry and happy as it does me...

This is a sponsored post by Foodie but all opinions and ideas are ours.

5 Tips for Throwing a Beautiful Mother's Day Brunch

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5 Tips for Throwing an Easy Mother's Day brunch |

Laura Aguirre from Laura's Little Party is here with some easy tips for putting together a beautiful Mother's Day brunch celebration, any mother will love!

Every year I love to put together a small Mother's Day gathering for a few of my girlfriends. I celebrate with my friends the day before Mother’s Day so all my Mom friends can celebrate with their loved ones the day of.

I love planning an outdoor event. There’s something about sipping & nibbling with everyone, while enjoying the birds & trees in my own backyard.

If you’re having trouble thinking of what to plan, hopefully my tips will help point you in the right direction!

And I’m sure you’ll love how Catch My Party can be your one stop party site for party ideas, printables, and a party supplies! I know I do!

Tip 1 - Free Mother's Day Printables

I start my party planning process by looking for a printable set. I love going to the Catch My Party free printables page. They always have sets I love.

Free Printables for Mother's Day |

This year, I’m using these "Chandelier" Mother's Day free printables. The colors are fabulous. The set had everything I needed: straw flags, cupcake toppers, a banner, and even digital paper to add my own personal touches - plus so much more!

And don’t be afraid to use the printables for other things. For example, I took a water bottle label and added it to a piece of digital paper and made a Happy Mother’s Day sign. I placed it in a yellow frame and instantly added a special touch to my dessert table.

TIP 2 - Party Decor

One of my favorite things about throwing parties is picking out the decor. From plates and napkins, to ribbon & doilies, the Catch My Party Store has all the latest party supplies for throwing a super sweet party!

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Here are some of the supplies I used from the Catch My Party Store.

Mother's Day Party Decor |

Mother's Day Products (clockwise from top right):

Tip 3 - Party Menu

When planning your  menu, you’ll need to keep in mind the time of day your guests will be there. This year I planned a mid-morning event, so my menu consisted of cupcakes, yogurt parfaits, blueberry shortcakes, and iced tea. I really enjoy easy menu items. And everything on my dessert table was store bought, and super easy to put together!

Cupcakes: These pretty pink cupcakes are strawberry filled! Talk about delicious. I was thrilled that they happened to match my party decor. Top with a cupcake topper, and you’re ready to party!

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Yogurt parfaits: I filled sundae cups with vanilla yogurt, and topped with fresh strawberries, and blueberries. So easy!

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Blueberry shortcake: I took little shortcake pound cakes and put them inside ice cream cups. I added whipped cream, and topped them off with blueberries. A light treat that was super simple! I added little flag toppers that I made from the straw flag printable by cutting them out, and taping them to sandwich picks.

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Tip 4 - Table setting

I wanted to make my table pretty, and most of all, inviting. I knew the cheery colors from the printables, and pretty party supplies would do the trick!

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Table cover: At first I had trouble trying to find just the right table cover. When you need a quick solution like I did, you can always use fabric from your local fabric store! I found a nice, yellow chevron print fabric from JoAnn fabric and craft stores. I had them cut it to fit my 6’ table - it turned out to be 2 1/2 yards.

Centerpiece: Flowers are always a nice touch to add for a centerpiece, but this time, I couldn’t pass up the pretty faux greenery that I spotted at Target. It came in a nice white vase that looked nice against the yellow chevron fabric.

Place setting: I found the perfect shade of Caribbean blue plates, with a chevron pattern, over at Catch My Party’s shop. I paired it with a small yellow plate by stacking it on top. I also found some pretty paper doilies that I placed on top of the yellow plates. This worked well for any little treats to add to the guest’s plates.

I wrapped polka dotted napkins with napkin rings that I made from digital paper in the printable set. To add a little extra touch to the napkin rings, I added another color of digital paper by punching out a flower shape, and attaching it to the napkin ring.

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

Tip 5 - Dessert table

I have a favorite piece of furniture that I use for just about every one of my parties. I enjoy painting it to match my party’s theme. I found a pretty shade of watermelon spray paint by Krylon, and went to town on my buffet stand. It came out beautifully, and couldn’t have matched my party decor any more perfectly.

I cut & assembled the Mother’s Day banner {from the printable set} with ribbon, and added it to the front of the table. I then started to add my cupcake stand, and cake plates. There is no right or wrong way to set up your dessert table. I try to make it look appealing, while having it flow nicely with the rest of the party.

Mother's Day Party Ideas |

I hope my Mother’s Day party tips were helpful and inspiring for you to create a fabulous party of your own. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks, Laura, for all your fantastic tips. To learn more about Laura, find her at Laura's Little Party and on Facebook and Pinterest.

For more Mother's Day inspiration, check out these amazing Mother's Day parties and celebrations on our site, our free printables for Mother's Day, and our new and improved Catch My Party Store!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - April 27th

by Jillian Leslie on

Here are my favorite parties for the week... wait until you see these!

An amazing Alice in Wonderland birthday party, a gorgeous blue and purple Mermaid girl birthday celebration, a boy birthday party with a fun spy secret agent theme, and an over the top beautiful Frozen girl birthday party.

My Four Favorite Parties April 27 |

Clockwise from top left:

Heading to Disneyland tomorrow. Hoping to see Anna and Elsa!

Yarn Cake Balls DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I've gotten some requests to post how I made the yarn cake balls I featured in my Grumpy Cat party post, so here is the tutorial... finally!

These were actually pretty simple to make, and I thought the result turned out great, like real balls of yarn, only yummier! How cute would these look at a knitting, cat, or vintage themed party.



I made my cake balls in slightly different sizes to give variation to my balls of yarn. To make my cake balls, I crumbled pound cake and mixed in white frosting until I could roll the "dough" into balls.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I used this clay extruder gun that I bought at Joann's, and inserted this three circle disc to make my yarn shape. I learned about using this shape from this knitting cake tutorial.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I cut my fondant into three pieces. I worked each section of fondant in my hands until it was soft. I kneaded food coloring into each one: pink, purple, green.

I started extruding the fondant by stuffing thin cylinders into the extruder. Just so you know, you do need some hand strength to squeeze the fondant through.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

Once I had a rope that was about 5-7 inches long, I start twisting it to make it look like yarn. Then, wetting my cake ball slightly so the fondant would stick, I started at the top of the cake ball, and wound the yarn around it.  It took me 2-3 pieces of yarn to cover one cake ball. I then wrapped additional pieces of yarn around the ball to make it look like real balls of yarn.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I think these are one of the coolest things I've ever made. At least my daughter thinks so. She told me while stuffing them in her mouth!

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

Personally, I think fondant is so fun to work with, because it is like playing with Play Doh, only you can eat it!

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

What to Give the Cat Who Hates Everything!

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Grumpy Cat Gift Ideas |

Grumpy Cat's 2nd birthday is in 5 days! Given that she is probably hating it, here are some ways you can celebrate instead.

1) Make a Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft

Cubeecrafts are paper toys you fold and create yourself. They have interlocking tabs to hold them together, so there's no need for tape or glue.

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft Printable |

To make your own Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft, download the Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft template here, then add your own unique speech bubble and give it to your least favorite friend! (This awesome cubeecraft was designed for us by Kelter at BadCat Design.)

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft Printable |

2) Try on a Grumpy Cat Temporary Tattoo

Show some grumpy love by wearing a Grumpy Cat tattoo.

Grumpy Cat Free Temporary Tattoos |

To make yours, just purchase this temporary tattoo printer paper, then download this page of Grumpy Cat temporary tattoos and print them out. Affix with water like a regular temporary tattoo. Then get your grump on!

Grumpy Cat Free Temporary Tattoos |

Well, hopefully now you have enough ideas, including our Grumpy Cat party food ideas, so you can party like the grumpy girl herself.

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft |

Grumpy Cat Temporary Tattoo |

And remember, if you upload a photo of your cat's best frown to the 1 million frowns challenge (#1MMGrumpyFrowns), on the Friskies Party Mix site or on Instagram, using the hashtag #1MMGrumpyFrowns, you will be entered to win some great prizes! 

Also, check out this fun Happy 2nd Birthday video to get you in the partying mood!

And Grumpy Cat, we wish you a very unhappy birthday and a miserable year ahead!

This is a sponsored post by Friskies Party Mix, but all creative ideas are ours. 

Gumball Necklace DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Gumball Necklace DIY |

I'm excited to announce our new blog contributors, Kristen and Missy from Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, who came up with this beautiful gumball necklace craft I can't wait to share. So take it away, ladies...

Gumball candy necklaces are a fun and fashionable new trend that are sure to make a sweet statement! This new take on your typical candy necklace is a quick and easy option for your next party favor, easy gift, or as a simple craft project.

DIY Gumball Necklace |


  • Thin satin ribbon
  • 5-8 Large gumballs
  • 1 Metal skewer
DIY Gumball Necklace |


Gather your satin ribbon and gumballs. In honor of spring, we chose a bright yellow ribbon and shimmer pink gumballs by Sweetworks.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Use your metal skewer to carefully puncture a hole into the center of one of your gumballs. Be sure to only puncture one side at a time or the gumball could split. Once you have punctured the gumball, spin the skewer until you have made a smooth hole.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

DIY Gumball Necklace | Next, string your ribbon through the gumball. This can be a bit tricky! We used out metal skewer to push our ribbon through both holes in the gumball.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Tie a knot after each gumball you string to secure it into place.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Feel free to add a cute accent to your necklace for a little extra flair! (We chose the perfect pink flower to compliment our gumballs). Or, you can simply tie a pretty bow to finish off your necklace!

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Once finished, you can enjoy your gumball necklace for years to come or give it as a fun gift!

DIY Gumball Necklace |


Thanks, Missy and Kristen. Wouldn't these be would be perfect as a favor at a princess party! Also, if you're looking for gumballs, we sell a bunch of different colors in the Catch My Party Store.

To learn more about Missy and Kristen, please visit them at Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Free Father's Day Printable Gift + Blog Hop

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Father's Day Free Printable Gift |

I wanted to create a free printable that could be an awesome Father's Day gift for your kids. I know it's early, but if you're a busy mom like me, you appreciate getting items crossed off your list. (What would I do without my lists?)

For the printable, all you need to do is download it and print it out, then grab some blue tempera paint and get your kids hand-stamping. They will love this!


Also, I've teamed up with seven amazing bloggers to bring you more free Mother's Day and Father's Day printables. Check them out here and download below...


blog hop (1) Free Printables for Mother's Day and for Father's Day |

Peach Earl Grey Cocktail Recipe

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Earl Grey Peach Cocktail Recipe |

I made this Earl Grey peach cocktail yesterday for Easter because I thought it would be fun to use the Pinnacle Peach Vodka Bevmo sent us to try. If you like sweet iced tea with a kick, you'll love this drink!



  • 4 cups Earl Grey tea
  • 1 cup Pinnacle Peach Vodka
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Mint leaves to garnish
  • Create a simple syrup by heating 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup water in a saucepan, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Let cool.
  • In a pitcher, mix the syrup, tea, and flavored vodka
  • Add a generous amount of ice to your cocktail glasses
  • Add the tea mixture, and garnish with mint
  • Should make 4-6 cocktails
Cook time: 15 min

Total time: 20 min

Earl Grey Peach Cocktail Recipe |

Earl Grey Peach Cocktail Recipe |

Hope you had a Happy Easter, yesterday! We did, and my daughter is still recovering from her sugar high. :)

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - April 20th

by Jillian Leslie on

Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful day with your friends and family.

Here are my favorite parties for the week... wait until you see these!

A gorgeous pink and navy nautical girl birthday party, a creative silver and blue Batman Disco boy birthday, an amazingly detailed Wreck-It Ralph party, a lovely girl birthday party with a Beauty and the Beast princess theme.

My Favorite Parties of the Week April 20 |

Clockwise from top left:

Can't wait to see what great parties you add to our site this week!

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