Moana Canoe Craft

by Jillian Leslie on

Moana birthday parties are becoming hugely popular on our site, so I'm excited to be sharing this easy Moana canoe craft. This would be a great party activity, party favor (just fill with candies or stickers), or rainy day activity for your kids.

Popsicle sticks are one of my all-time favorite craft items!

Moana Canoe Craft

What you need:
  • Wooden craft sticks (popsicle sticks)
  • Hot glue (Elmer’s glue for kids)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Red Sharpie or marker
  • Tropical flowers

Grab 14 crafts sticks. Lay 7 of the craft sticks flat and glue the remaining 7, one each on top of the first 7. This will be the base of your canoe. Position the 7 craft sticks at an angle.

14 Popsicle Sticks |

7 Glued Popsicle Sticks |

Put hot glue on another craft stick and press it down on one edge of the 7 you diagonally lined up. This will hold your base together. Before repeating this on the opposite side of the base, insert a craft stick in the center of the base with hot glue.

Sail Making |

Glue another craft stick on the opposite side of the canoe at the ends.

Making the Canoes Ends |

If you flip the canoe over you will see a gap on both ends where you connected the base. Glue an additional craft stick on both ends, making your base 9 crafts sticks wide.

Canoe Base |

Turn the canoe right side up. Start stacking the craft sticks, gluing into place. Alternate sides until you reach the desired height of your canoe.

Adjusting the Height of the Canoe |

Adjusting the Height of the Canoe |

Cut a triangle from cardstock and use a red sharpie or marker to draw the Moana symbol. Glue your flag to the mast of your canoe. Glue on decorative tropical flowers to brighten up your canoe.

Adding decorations to the Canoe |

Canoe Flag |

If you want to make some paddles you can cut the ends off of one craft stick and glue one each to the end of another craft stick.

Canoe with Paddles |

Canoe with Paddles |

For more inspiration, check all the Moana parties on our site.

This party craft was created by our style contributor, Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine! 

To see more of Shauna's work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Moana Necklace Craft

Moana Necklace Craft |

Free Moana Party Printables

Free Moana Party Printables |

Must-See Moana Party Ideas

Must-See Moana Party Ideas |



Best Nautical 1st Birthday Party Supplies

by Jillian Leslie on

Nautical 1st birthday parties are a really popular theme on Catch My Party, so don't miss the best nautical 1st birthday party supplies we've found for you!

Best nautical 1st birthday party supplies |


Nautical 1st Birthday Party Invitation

This nautical birthday party invitation is so cute! Love that it can be personalized with a photo of the birthday boy!!

Nautical 1st Birthday Party Invitation | Nautical Highchair Banner

Just how adorable is this nautical highchair banner? What a great photo op of your one-year-old digging into his smash cake! It's such a great decorative piece. You can hang it on a wall behind a dessert table or even as a photo booth backdrop!

Nautical highchair banner |

Nautical Outfit

Dress up your little man in this truly adorable red raglan shirt. Just how cute is he going to look in his birthday photos?!

Nautical outfit |

Nautical Party Hat

Top off the birthday boy with this fantastic nautical themed party hat. You've got to love that cute little pom-pom!!

Nautical party hat |

Nautical 1st Birthday Sign

This awesome nautical 1st birthday sign will look great either in a frame on the dessert table or hanging on a wall. An extra bonus is that it makes a wonderful keepsake for the little man's bedroom!

Nautical 1st birthday sign |

Nautical Printable Banner

Give your party that nautical feel with this awesome red, white and blue printable banner. Hang it on the wall or tie it to the dessert table to give your party that extra special touch!

Nautical printable banner |

Nautical Party Printables

Add some nautical style to your cupcakes with this great set of cupcake wrappers and toppers. They look fantastic!!

Nautical party printables |

Nautical Decorations

Wow!! Give you nautical 1st birthday party a modern feel with this red, white and blue circle garland. It's just so much fun! Love it!!

Nautical decorations |

Nautical Cookies

Just how delicious are these nautical inspired cookies? The kids are going to love the mix of buoys, anchors, and dolphins.

Nautical cookies |

Nautical Edible Toppers

Quickly give your cupcakes a nautical theme with one of these great edible toppers! Love the mix of boats, whales, anchors and  life preservers.

Nautical edible toppers |

Nautical Cake Topper

Finish off a cake with this awesome blue anchor cake topper to give it a quick and easy nautical feel.

Nautical cake topper |

Nautical Party Cups

These great nautical themed party cups are sure to look fabulous on your dessert table!

Nautical party cups |

Nautical Straws

Give your drinks that extra nautical feel with this fun mix of red, blue, and gold straws!! Love the anchors!!

Nautical straws |

Nautical Photo Booth Props

Your guests are sure to have lots of love with this wonderful set of nautical photo booth props. You'll be laughing at the photos for years to come!!

Nautical photo booth props |

** Some of the links are affiliate links.**

For more nautical party inspiration, check out these awesome nautical party ideas and nautical party supplies from our site!

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12 Must-See Nautical Party Ideas

12 Must-See Nautical Party Ideas |

Free Nautical Party Printables

Free Nautical Party Printables |








Galentines Valentine's Day Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

This week, many beautiful parties were added to Catch My Party, including this fabulous Galentines Valentine's day party! What a fun way to get your "gal" friends together to celebrate love and friendship!

My 4 favorite parties of the week are a Galentines Valentine's day party, a Valentines Galentines Brunch, a Girls Football 1st birthday party and a Family Backyard Carnival party!

This week's parties are great! We have an amazing Galentines Valentine's Day party, a fantastic Valentines Galentines Brunch, a cute Girls Football 1st birthday party and a fun Family Backyard Carnival party! You really don't want to miss them...

The Party Porch's Galentine's Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Party

My favorite details:

  • The stunning romantic dessert table
  • The gorgeous backdrop of teal, pink and gold tissue paper fans, balloons and fun banner
  • The pretty decorated cookies
Galentine's Follow Your Heart Valentine's Day Party |

Melissa M's Hearts + Arrows Galentines Brunch

My favorite details:

  • The amazing table settings with the pretty floral centerpieces
  • The beautiful gold donuts
  • The stylish custom wrapped bouquets of pink roses
Hearts + Arrows Galentines Brunch |

Susie S' Melina's First Down Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The amazing football inspired dessert table
  • The stylish tiered birthday cake
  • The adorable football helmet cake pops
Melina's First Down Birthday Party |

SunshineParties' Sanders Family Backyard Carnival Theme Party

My favorite details:

  • The fun carnival inspired dessert table
  • The cute striped carnival tent birthday cake
  • The awesome cotton candy party favors
Sanders Family Backyard Carnival Theme Party |

Happy almost Valentine's Day! My daughter is currently 3D printing her classroom Valentines. Cool, right?

For more Valentine's Day inspiration, check out all these awesome Valentine's Day parties on Catch My Party, plus all our free Valentine's Day printables and our Valentine's Day crafts and recipes.











Linzer Cookies Recipe

by Jillian Leslie on

Linzer Cookies Recipe |

Linzer Cookies Recipe

  • 1 cup salted butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon clear vanilla extract
  • ½ cup powdered sugar and extra for dusting
  • ¼ cup cornstarch
  • 1 ½ cups all purpose flour
Delcious Cookies |

Just in time for Valentine's Day, how about using this linzer cookies recipe to make pretty jelly-filled cookies to share with the people you love!

The best thing about these cookies is they're a combination of crispy shortbread with sweet fruitiness. Yum!


Preheat oven to 375 ℉.

In a medium bowl, combine butter and clear vanilla.

Cream butter and vanilla together.

Butter and Vanilla Combined |

Mix in powdered sugar and cornstarch. Mix until combined. Add in the flour.

Using your hands, mix the ingredients and form the dough. It gets pretty sticky.

Dough formed into a ball |

Once the ingredients are combined and you have your sticky dough, dust your hands and a clean surface with powdered sugar. Grab the dough and form it into a ball. Continue to add powdered sugar until dough is less sticky and ready to roll out.

Roll out the dough on a powdered sugared covered surface.

Rolled out dough |

Use a large heart cookie cutter to cut out the “base” and “tops” of the cookies. Cut an even number of tops and bottoms.

Small cut out heart |

Line the hearts on a greased cookie sheet. Using a small heart cookie cutter, center it on the tops of the heart cutouts and cut a small heart in the center.

Cookies topped with jelly |

Cut out cookies |

Repeat for each top. Bake all cookies for 12 minutes. Allow cookies to cool.

Spread your favorite jelly on the bottoms of your linzer cookies (the ones without the small heart cutout).

Topped with Jelly |

Cookies filled with jelly |

Optional: Sprinkle powdered sugar over the tops of your linzer cookies. Gently place tops on top of the bottoms.

Linzer cookie with powdered sugar |

Aren’t they pretty! They will melt in your mouth...

Delcious Linzer Cookies Recipe |

Delcious Linzer Cookies Recipe |

This party craft was created by our style contributor, Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine! 

To see more of Shauna's work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Free Printable Valentine's Day 8x10 Signs

Free Printable Valentine's Day Sign |

Pink Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Pink Marshmallow Popcorn Balls |

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Free Printable Romantic Valentine's Day Signs

by Jillian Leslie on

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we're offering these two free romantic printable Valentine's Day signs!

Free Printable Romantic Valentine's Day Signs - You Had Me At Hello |

We've got a "Shut up and kiss me!" sign and a "You had me at hello" sign. We designed them to help you bring a little spice and romance to your Valentine's Day.

Free Printable Romantic Valentine's Day Signs - Shut Up and Kiss Me! |

These would look great at a special Valentine's Day dinner, Valentine's Day party, or even as everyday decor in your home.

Each sign fits nicely in an 8x10 inch frame. Download the file, save them to your computer and print them out. Then cut them down to fit in your frame and voila!

DOWNLOAD the free printable romantic Valentine's Day signs here!

These gorgeous printables were designed by Ana at Love Party Printables. To learn more about Ana and see all of her designs, please visit her on her Facebook page.

And to spice up your Valentine's Day even more, check out our Free Printable Love Coupons for couples.

Free Printable Love Coupons for Couples |

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Tropical Moana Birthday Party and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

People added awesome parties to Catch My Party this week, including this fun tropical Moana birthday party!

This weeks 4 favorite parties of the week are a tropical Moana birthday party, a Superbowl party, a fun Under Construction party and a Nautical Mickey Birthday Party !

This weeks parties are amazing!! We have a wonderful Moana birthday party, a fun Super Bowl party, an awesome under construction birthday party and an adorable nautical Mickey birthday party ! You really don't want to miss them...

Laura's Little Party's Moana Party Ideas

My favorite details:

  • The gorgeous dessert table
  • The fun colorful tropical party decorations
  • The cute kakamora cake pops
Moana Party Ideas |

ButFirstParty's Superbowl Sunyay!

My favorite details:

  • The amazing football field inspired table settings
  • The fantastic balloon decorations and 'touchdown' banner
  • The awesome football inspired party food
Superbowl Sunyay! |

Anastasia D's The Party Is Under Construction

My favorite details:

  • The amazing construction work top inspired dessert table
  • The fabulous construction decor made up of tools
  • The awesome construction birthday cake with diggers
The party is under construction |

Print Party B's Nautical Mickey Birthday Party

My favorite details:

  • The fun nautical Mickey inspired dessert table
  • The cute nautical decorations
  • The awesome nautical inspired favor bags
Nautical Mickey Birthday Party |

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I'm rooting for the Patriots, but I honestly only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and half-time show. What about you?




Fifty Shades Darker Cocktail Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on


Fifty Shades Darker Cocktail Party Ideas

Did you know Fifty Shades Darker, the next installment in Fifty Shades series, is opening in theaters just in time for Valentine's Day?

In honor of the movie, I was asked to host a Fifty Shades Darker cocktail party for my 3 best girlfriends! I know, tough job, right? :)

Fifty Shades Darker Cocktail Party Ideas

Universal even sent me a box of goodies to help!

If you're excited about the movie, and thinking of hosting your own opening night party for your girlfriends, check out this blog post!

I've included easy party hacks, a "Black Mask" mocktail recipe, and free printable signs to help you decorate.

Overall Concept

Since there's a big masquerade party scene in the movie, it felt right to give my party a masquerade theme. I wanted my party to feel decadent, fabulous, fun, and mysterious.

Here, my friend, Wendy, and I are being very mysterious!

Because I didn't have a lot of time to pull this party together, I headed to my local Safeway to stock up on desserts. It's almost Valentine's Day, so they had a huge assortment of yummy treats.

I chose these pink and red cupcakes because I wanted to add some pops of color to my grey table.

Fifty Shades Darker Cocktail Party Ideas

I also put out red velvet cookies with red Reese's Peanut Butter hearts, plus gigantic chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate.

And if there was such a thing as a sexy cake, I'd say this was it!

To set the tone for my party, I bought this silver masquerade mask (affil) and placed it front and center on my table.

I also printed out two photos from the movie and the Fifty Shade Darker logo, put them in three silver frames, and used them to add drama to my table. I've included them here for you to download for your own party.


I always like to add gumballs to my dessert tables. Gumballs add a touch of whimsy, so I loved how these red ones looked displayed in a vase. (Note on gumballs: people will actually put them in their mouths and chew them! I think it's a childhood thing. :))

To finish off my table, I added red and white roses (which play a role in the movie), two grey candles, and silver stars.

Fifty Shades Darker Cocktail Party Ideas

The grey and black balloons and silver streamers came care of Universal.

I had a helium tank lying around (it's what happens when you're a party blogger), so I blew up the balloons and displayed them in front of the streamers to create my dessert table backdrop.

In the movie, Anastasia wears a grey ostrich feather jacket over her metallic evening gown, so I thought this grey ostrich feather trim would be a perfect touch around my table.

I also bought a pack of 4 red tissue paper pom poms, placed them on the floor to lined the bottom of my dessert table.

I'm loving this new trend of pom poms or honeycomb balls at the bottom of a dessert table -- adds such a pretty visual detail.


Universal also sent me some Fifty Shades of Grey wine.

Big hit!

In addition to wine, I also served a signature cocktail.

Signature cocktails are a great way to add a personal touch to your party, because you can make them unique and tie them into your theme.

For this party, I made a cocktail that I called "The Black Mask." It's a vodka tonic with two special ingredients - activated charcoal (to turn the drink black) and white pearl dust (to give it shimmer).

Black Mask Cocktail

  • 2 parts vodka
  • 4 parts tonic
  • 1 part black cherry juice
  • 1 opened activated charcoal capsule per drink *special ingredient* (affil)
  • 1 sprinkle of pearl dust per drink *special ingredient* (affil)
  • Raspberries for garnish

Fill  your glass with ice.

Pour in one opened activated charcoal capsule.

Pour vodka, tonic, and black cherry juice into the glass and mix well.

Sprinkle pearl dust and mix.

Place raspberries on a paper straw and serve.

Can you see it looks like it's shimmering?

Here was one of the highlights of the party. Universal sent me awesome party favors to give to my guests.

Each guest got to go home a copy of the Fifty Shades Darker book, an Anastasia lip balm, a makeup case, a paper masquerade mask, and a tee shirt that says, "Slip into something a shade darker."

What a way to spread some of the sexy love from the movie!

At the end of the night, we even read some of our favorite passages and tried to keep a straight face. :)

So there's my party in a nutshell. We all had a blast!

Lots of desserts was eaten, lots of cocktails were imbibed...

And lots of fun girl-time was had by everyone!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades Darker, the second chapter based on the worldwide bestselling “Fifty Shades” phenomenon.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, fans should get ready to slip into something a shade darker and purchase their tickets now on Fandango. Intrigued? Watch the trailer here. I'm very excited to see it!

If you host a Fifty Shades Darker viewing party for your girlfriends, please add it to Catch My Party. I'd love to see what you do!

Also, check out the viewing party I styled for the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey!

12 Must-See Nautical Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

If you're planning a nautical themed party, you don't want to miss these must-see nautical party ideas we've picked out for you!

It's such a versatile theme, with such iconic details -- anchors, boats, life preservers, etc. -- that can be applied to birthday parties for both girls and boys, baby showers, and more...

12 Must-See Nautical Party Ideas |


Nautical Dessert Table

Check out this fantastic red and blue nautical 1st birthday dessert table. The pale blue striped backdrop with the red and blue garland is so cute!! Love the blue anchor garland hanging on the table, along with all the desserts and awesome birthday cake!

Nautical Dessert table | Nautical Cake Pops

These nautical life preserver cake pops are gorgeous. I love the little red and blue ribbons that match the fondant toppers.

Nautical Cake Pops |

Nautical Cupcakes

Turn your cupcakes into sailboats by adding little paper sails!

Nautical Cupcake |

Nautical Table Settings

Such a simple yet beautiful nautical table setting in red, white, and blue. The garlands on the chairs really bring it all to life!

Nautical Table Settings |

Nautical Cake

This classic nautical cake in white and navy blue adds a touch of class to any dessert table! Love the rope icing around the middle tier. So stylish!

Nautical Cake |

Nautical Drinks

The cute printables on these little water bottles bring the theme home! Love the 'sea water' sign!

Nautical Drinks |

Nautical Cookies

You can't have a nautical birthday party and not have beautifully decorated anchor cookies like these!

Nautical Cookies |

Nautical Party Decorations

The red and blue hanging anchors and whales are a great decorative addition to your nautical party! This would be an easy DIY!

Nautical Party Decorations | Nautical Party Activities

Keep the kids at your party happy with a fun Nautical party activity such as this pirate hook toss. This is guaranteed to keep your guests busy and entertained!

Nautical Party Activities |

Nautical Photo Booth

This photo booth is so fun! Just imagine how many fantastic photos you'll be taking with your guests in the sailboat!

Nautical Photo Booth |

Nautical Dessert

Love these dessert cake boats which have been given a nautical feel by simply adding sail toppers and placing them on layer of blue Sixlets. Such an awesome idea!

Nautical Dessert |

Nautical Party Favor

Send your guests home with a great party favor treat like these decorated sailing boat cookies. Add a pretty favor tag and you're good to go.

Nautical Party Favor |

For more nautical party inspiration, check out these nautical Mickey party ideas, nautical 1st birthdays, nautical parties for girls, nautical baby showers and nautical baptism parties.

If it's supplies you're looking for, then check out the nautical party supplies we have for you here on Catch My Party and our free nautical party printables!


Best Nautical 1st Birthday Party Supplies

Best Nautical 1st Birthday Party Supplies |

Free Nautical Party Printables

Free Nautical Party Printables |













Carousel 1st Birthday and More!

by Jillian Leslie on

Absolutely amazing parties were added to Catch My Party this week, including a magical Carousel 1st birthday you've got to see!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week are a magical Carousel 1st birthday, a National Park party, a Little Red Riding Hood Picnic party and a vintage airplane Baby Shower |

This weeks parties are truly stunning!! We have a magical carousel 1st birthday party, an adorable  national park birthday party, a wonderful Little Red Riding Hood picnic birthday party and a gorgeous vintage airplane baby shower! You really don't want to miss them...

Carmen Navarro Designs' Willows 1st Birthday

My favorite details:

  • The gorgeous backdrop with the pink, teal, gold and white paper flowers and matching fabric tassel garland
  • The beautiful carousel birthday cake
  • The stunning carousel inspired decorated cookies
Carousel 1st birthday party |

Katy N's Vintage National Park/Camping Themed 3rd Birthday "Holden National Park"

My favorite details:

  • The amazing decor, such as the outdoor National Park party 'entrance' sign
  • The fantastic National Park 'Visitor Center' entry table with the backdrop of vintage posters
  • The awesome table settings with the adorable party favor berry baskets full of goodies
Vintage National Park Camping Birthday party |

SunshineParties' Hannah's Red Riding Hood Picnic Party

My favorite details:

  • The cute toadstool cookies served in little berry baskets
  • The adorable naked chocolate layered cake with a Little Red Riding Hood topper
  • The beautiful personalized 1st birthday keepsake poster
Little Red Riding Hood Picnic Birthday Party |

Distinctive Party Designs' Fly The World Baby Shower

My favorite details:

  • The awesome dessert table with the airplane poster backdrop and the clouds made of white balloons
  • The cute vintage airplane cookies
  • The fantastic vintage airplane cake pops
Vintage Airplane Baby Shower |

I've been busy styling a 50 Shades Darker ladies' night party this weekend. It was so much fun to put together. The post will be live on our blog this week so be on the lookout!

Are you excited about the movie? It's opening Valentine's Day. Who doesn't want to see Anastasia and Christian together again? Definitely a guilty pleasure!






10 Popular Quinceanera Themes

by Jillian Leslie on

If you are planning a Quinceanera and need fabulous inspiration, then look no further! We have the 10 most popular Quinceanera themes for you to look through. If you want your daughter to have the perfect party, you've got to see this!

10 Popular Quinceanera Themes |


Royal / Princess

Doesn't every girl deserve a royal princess party like this! This dessert table is to die for!

Royal/Princess themed Quinceanera | Alice in Wonderland

This Alice in Wonderland quinceanera takes the cake! Loving all the Mad Hatter details.

Alice in Wonderland themed Quinceanera |

Tiffany & Co.

Talk about style. Nothing says elegance like a Tiffany's themed party!

Tiffany & Co. themed Quinceanera |


Add some Parisian chic to your Quinceanera. The use of damask to the cakes gives the party that extra sophisticated look!

Parisian themed Quinceanera |


Wow! Talk about style! You must see all the Chanel desserts at this party.

Chanel themed Quinceanera |


There's something mysterious about throwing a masquerade-themed quinceanera. But I definitely love the feminine colors!

Masquerade themed Quinceanera |


Here's how to add some sparkly glam to your quinceanera!

Glam themed Quinceanera |


If you want to do an exotic theme, I recommend a Moroccan themed Quinceanera! Lots of bright colors at this party!

Moroccan themed Quinceanera |


If you're looking for a sweet and feminine theme, I recommend doing something floral.

Floral themed Quinceanera | Under the Sea

Get in touch with your daughter's inner mermaid by throwing an under the sea themed quinceanera!

Under the Sea themed Quinceanera |

For more Quinceanera party inspiration, check out these fabulous Quinceanera party ideas and Quinceanera party supplies from our site!

If you are also looking for more inspiration for a girls' birthday party then take a look at our wonderful selection of girl's parties.