Easy Gremolata Pasta With Meatballs

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I'm super excited to share my gremolata with pasta and meatballs recipe because it's not only fresh and delicious, it's super easy to make!

"What is gremolata?" you might be asking. I didn't know either until I became a fan of Top Chef. After it was mentioned a bazillion times, I decided to look it up.

Red Velvet Cookies with Peppermint Buttercream

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Red Velvet Cookies with Peppermint Buttercream | CatchMyParty.com

Just four days until Christmas! If you need a quick cookie recipe that's a little bit of a changeup for the holidays, how about whipping up a batch of these red velvet sugar cookies with peppermint frosting!

These have all the flavors of the holidays mixed into one cookie. You get chewy sugar cookies, a hint of chocolate, and lots of peppermint. Delicious!

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Popular Holiday Parties & More!

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My 4 favorite parties of the week include a Pancakes and PJs party, Disney Princesses birthday party, a glam New Year's Eve party, and a hot cocoa bar | CatchMyParty.com

Just five days until Christmas! I love this time when things slow down and we have lots of family time. I hope you are enjoying your families as well.

My 4 favorite parties of the week include some two popular holiday parties. I'm showing off arustic Pancakes and Pajamas holiday party, and a jewel-toned outdoor Christmas party. Plus check out this a gorgeous pink Disney Princesses birthday party, and glam punk New Year's party.

Kate Spade Ornament DIY

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Kate Spade Ornament DIY | CatchMyParty.com

What to give that fashion-forward friend of your... or maybe you are that friend. In either case, you might try our Kate Spade ornament DIY to make stylish decorations for the holidays. The best part is they're inexpensive to make and so so easy!

Kate Spade Ornament DIY

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Hemp Cord Christmas Tree DIY

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Hemp Cord Christmas Tree DIY | CatchMyParty.com

Check out this hemp cord Christmas tree DIY. It's a quick and easy way to add some pretty holiday decorations to your house. All you need is cording, liquid fabric stiffener, paper, and plastic wrap. Plus, your kids can help! Just add a tea light when you're done and you've got a Christmas tree that lights up!

Hemp Cord Christmas Tree DIY

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Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pastry Recipe

by Jillian Leslie on

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pastry Recipe | CatchMyParty.com

I wanted to make something easy and fast for breakfast that would "wow" my family (I love things that look hard but aren't), so I came up with these sausage and egg breakfast pastries.

I made them in minutes, and they came out tasting delicious. We all couldn't stop eating them, and I was a happy mom!

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Easy Christmas Santa Crackers

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Easy Christmas Holiday Santa Crackers with Cheese and Tomato! | CatchMyParty.com

I love creating fun foods for the holidays because when I serve them, people always say, "Wow!" (And who doesn't want to hear "wow" at your own party?)

So here are my easy Christmas Santa crackers. I used Ritz Crackers as the base, then added sundried tomatoes, jack cheese, a touch of cream cheese, and currents.

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