Grilled S'more Pizza: Yum!

by Jillian Leslie on


Want a new twist on s'mores? How about making some s'more pizza! All you need are the traditional s'mores ingredients, pizza dough, and a grill.

Pillsbury asked me to try a new grilling recipe using their pizza dough. I was in the mood for sweet, so I thought why not grill up a s'more pizza.

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{RECIPE} Easy and Delicious Herb Compound Butter

by Jillian Leslie on


Do you know what inspired me to make this herb butter? This video from The Chew, the new food show on ABC. It's all about how to save fresh herbs so they don't go to waste.

I had no idea I could save my herbs by  putting them in water in the fridge. After I made this herb butter, the basil I bought at the grocery store lasted more than a week this way! I'm so used to watching my herbs wilt after two days in the fridge and eventually throwing them out, this was such a great tip. I will be putting my unused herbs out like flowers all over my house now!

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Fun New Way to Find Activities for Your Kids

by Jillian Leslie on


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders of Activity Hero. Activity Hero is new site started by moms, to help parents find summer camps, after school activities, and even party locations for their kids. Brilliant idea, right? It's super easy to navigate and I actually found a summer camp for Lainey on their site.

They are rolling out new locations all the time, so if they're not in your area, shoot them an email.

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