Creepy Rat & Spider Halloween Wreath DIY and Blog Hop!

by Jillian Leslie on


Be warned, my daughter Lainey, who is 6, is all about "creepy" this Halloween. I think she's rebelling against my usual tendency to go "cute." So in honor of Lainey, I made the creepiest and hopefully the most stylish, wreath I could think of for Halloween this year.

The best part is this was one of the simplest wreaths I've ever made.


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Squeaky rats
  • Spider
  • Floral wire
  • Black shiny spray paint
  • There are black roses in the photo, but I ultimately decided not to use them


Arrange rats and spider how you like. Attach with floral wire.


Trim excess wire off ends.


Take outside and spray with black shiny spray paint. Wait to dry. That's it!



Now hang it and freak everyone out with your creepy wreath! Btw, my daughter loves it. It's hanging on our front door right now scaring the mailman!



What I also love about Halloween, is how creative my fellow blogger friends are!

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scared batty Halloween cake + creative blogger Halloween hop


From left to right in the collage you'll find:



  • Kimberly A

    Kimberly A wrote:

    How perfectly spooky! I love it and it scares me at the same time, hehe!

  • Love The Day L

    Love The Day L wrote:

    So super creepy:)! Fun working with you again Jillian!

  • Mariah L

    Mariah L wrote:

    Is it bad that I had to scroll through the pictures quickly, those rats give me the heebie jeebies! But, I do love that this project is super easy and I can see my son totally loving this! :)