Rocket Balloons Rock at a Kid's Party

by Jillian Leslie on

One of Lainey's friends brought rocket balloons to her party and they were such a huge hit, I had to write about them.

A must-have for a kid's party!

Rocket balloons are really simple.  They're just colorful long balloons and a hand pump.

You use the pump to blow up the balloons.  Then you let the balloons go and they fly super high in the sky and make a funny noise.  Simple, and yet the kids LOVED them.

We used them right as the party was starting to bring the kids together.  It worked like a charm.

The only downside was we used up all the balloons pretty fast so make sure you buy replacements.

Trust me, rocket balloons are a cheap, fun way to get your outdoor party started!



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    Kids Party Place wrote:

    Balloons are so simple, they are often overlooked. We use them on our parachute for the kinder kids too at our Melbourne Birthday Kids Party Venue.

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