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FREE (Girl and Boy) Baby Shower Bingo Printables from A Party Studio

When Tali from A Party Studio contacted me about giving away the sweet Baby Shower Bingo Game she designed (in both a girl version and a boy version), I jumped at the chance.

I like activities at baby showers. I think they bring the guests together and add some unexpected fun. And now, if you're throwing a shower, you don't even have to pay for one because these bingo cards are absolutely free! Thank you, Tali!

Both sets include instructions and seven different bingo cards.




The pink bingo game matches Tali's pink and white damask baby shower collection which can be purchased in her Etsy shop here, or you can buy the pink and white  water bottle labels and cupcake toppers separately.

The blue bingo game matches her blue and white baby shower collection which can also be found in her Etsy shop.

Thank you again, Tali, for creating so much fun!


This week's party photo come from Nicole W's The Secret Garden Baby Shower. Nicole made the incredibly gorgeous white paper flower backdrop by hand. And how lovely is the little rustic garden swing to add that sweet touch to the dessert table? I'm swooning.

If you haven't seen this party, you must. It will seriously take your breath away.

DIY: How To Make Paper Baby Shoe Favors

Clemens B's sister-in-law created these amazing paper baby shoe favors for her baby shower, and now she has created this easy tutorial with a FREE downloadable baby shoe template.

To create these shoe favors, all you need are scissors, glue, paper, embellishments, and some good cutting skills. That's it!




To learn how simple they are to make and download the baby shoe template, head to A Blog by Clemens Designs.

Also, to learn more about Clemens, check out her Clemens Designs vendor page.

And for all you Brazilian out there, please check out Clemens' sister-in-law's online store, elo7.


PARTY ON A BUDGET: A Sock Monkey Baby Shower for $100

Since we're all trying to save money throwing parties these days, I'm always looking for new ideas. 

Mariah L threw this incredible Sock Money Baby Shower and I can't believe she did it for $100!  I had to know more (and make sure she wasn't lying :)). So here's what she had to say about her party...

I was born a natural social butterfly and have always loved to plan and host parties. From holidays to birthday parties, I can find any excuse to throw a fabulous party! Having a fabulous party doesn’t mean you have to spend BIG. I believe the little details are what set ordinary events apart from extraordinary events, even in everyday life!

My sister was hosting a baby shower for a good friend and asked me to help her with the shower. We had a small budget; again I throw lots of parties, so I have to keep things reasonable. ;) She told me the mom-to-be was decorating the nursery in Sock Monkeys and I knew immediately this would be a great theme for the shower.

Here are 5 of my tips for throwing a fabulous party on a budget and how I did it:


“Shop” your house or borrow items. When planning the party look around your house and find inspiration and decorations from items you already have.

  • I decorated my twin’s nursery with Sock Monkeys so I knew I had lots of items at my disposal to decorate. The look and feel I decided on for the party was inspired by my twin’s room. I used vintage toys and sock monkey’s from their room to decorate with.

Vintage toys

  • I also borrowed a tricycle and red wagon from a friend to complete the look.
  • I had fabric scraps leftover from my twin’s bedding so I used those to create the banner and some of the table runners.

Toys borrowed and already owned


Keep it simple. You don’t have to buy extravagant decorations or have a huge spread of food to throw a great party. For this party the decorations were simple, but the impact of a few key items created the perfect atmosphere for the party.

  • •I did splurge on 2 items and those were the sock monkey cookies and cake pops, however I only ordered enough to add that extra little detail. I filled in the rest of the sweets with cake pops I made and store bought cupcakes.

Sock monkey cookies - a splurge

Sock monkey cake pops - another splurge

  •  I kept the food very simple by making mini portions, putting the fruit on the skewers and dressing up pasta from a box mix. I was able to stretch my budget farther a little farther by keeping the food simple.

Pasta from a box and fruit on skewers

TIP 3 

Dress up store bought items. You can make simple and cheap store bought items look like a million bucks if you take the time to dress them up.

  •   I bought red & white polka dot cupcake liners that I found at Hobby Lobby for only $1, I added those and custom cupcake toppers to store bought cupcakes to create a cute and custom focal point on the table.

Store bought cupcakes dressed up with cupcake liners

TIP 4 

Reuse & Repurpose. Stop before you throw it away can you use it again? Like I mentioned before I have lots of parties so I have an arsenal of supplies on hand that I can reuse over and over again.

  • I made tissue paper pom poms (which are inexpensive to start with) for my daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake birthday and saved them to reuse at future parties. Those pom poms can be a pain to make and I knew I could at least reuse them for Christmas so I stored them in the attic. They add pops of color throughout the house and provided a backdrop for the sign-in table.

Reused tissue paper pom poms

  • The cute banner was made using my Cricut, scraps of fabric, polka dot wrapping paper ($1 at Target Dollar Spot) and some of my nephew’s onesies.

Made with a Cricut and onesies

  • One of my favorite details was the individual crudités. I used candle votives I had to make individual crudités and served them on a tray I keep in my bathroom for display.

Crudite served in candle votives


Make an investment. Invest in items you can use over and over again.

  •   I was super lucky to find the white square plates and serving tray on clearance at Walmart a while back (only $1 each!) and it’s been one of my best investments! I simply add a piece of scrapbook paper that coordinates with the party.
  • •While I’m a DIY girl who loves to create things, I can’t ever make the invitations look as good as the ones you can buy! I usually invest in custom printables and have been lucky to work with some amazing vendors. I try to spend $20 or less, but they really help make things look extra special.
Party Expense Break Down

Here is how I spent my budget on the Sock Monkey Baby Shower. I had lots of things already on hand and my sister was able to do all of the printing for free.

Food - $30 Cupcakes - $12 Custom Cookies & Cake Pops - $38 Paper goods - $6 (bought at Dollar Store) Fabric - $2 (I only bought 1 yard of the Polka Dot fabric and used a coupon, the other fabric I already had) Printables - $20 Total - $108

*My sister spent an additional $40 on the party favors, but this was not part of my budget. She also had several left over she plans to give as teacher gifts when school starts.

Okay, so you weren't lying. :) Thank you, Mariah, for these great tips, and for sharing your party with us.

Check out Mariah's other fabulous parties on our site. You will be impressed with what she can do!

TRENDS: Little Kid Rockstar Parties

A new trend I've noticed on our site is rockstar parties for little kids (even not-yet-born kids). Of course I had to show off these rad parties! I love all the energy and excitement. Take a look...

Kara T's Our Little Rockstar Is  2 party

Great rock poster and cake!

MKR Creations' Lisa's Baby Shower

A rocker baby shower! Love the guitar cupcakes toppers and the rocker onesie cookies!

Addie A's Matteus' 1st Birthday Bash

Great backstages passes and funny favor bags!

Dawn M's Old School Hip Hop 2nd Birthday

I had to include this awesome hip hop birthday!

Nadia C's Charlotte's 2nd Birthday

And of course one for the girl rockers out there!

Cute, funny, and cool parties... right?

If you're so inspired, take a look at all the rockstar/popstar parties on our site. Some seriously great ideas here!


DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member: How to Make a Month-by-Month Onesie Bunting Banner

When I first saw Donna E's Blush and Bashful Baby Shower on our site I was blown away by all the details, especially this homemade month-by-month onesie bunting she used to decorate.

Donna put together this tutorial on how she made it and she has kindly let me repost it, so thank you, Donna! What a fun way to decorate a shower.

I love this onesie bunting because it doubles as shower decor and the perfect gift for the mommy-to-be.

  • 12 onesies ranging from size 1 month to 12 months, washed and dried
  • Iron-on transfer paper (if you are using colored onesies, be sure that the transfer paper is suited accordingly)
  • Design made in Photoshop or any other program that will allow you to use text with a photo
  • Iron

  • The first thing you'll have to do is come up with a design.  I generally try to stick with the theme of the shower or the theme of the baby's nursery.  Try to keep the size of the design to roughly 3 or 4 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches in height.  Once you have come up with your design, you'll need to flip each design to a mirror image.
  • Print your design according to the manufacturers instructions onto the transfer paper.
  • Cut out each month, leaving a 1/8-1/4 inch border around each design.
  • Heat your iron to the highest heat setting without steam.
  • Place your design face down on the onesie and gently place the iron over the back side of the design allowing the design to adhere to the onesie. Continue moving the iron over the design until the design has completely adhered to the onesie.
  • Allow the iron on to cool slightly then gently remove paper backing. Repeat steps 1-6 for each of the onesies.

They are so cute attached to a clothes line and displayed around the shower and the mommy-to-be will appreciate having a keepsake that shows each month how much the baby has grown!

Thank you, Donna, for the tutorial! I too love that that this is both party decor and a mommy-to-be gift.

To learn more about Donna and her event design service, please check out her blog, Fabulous Fetes, and also check out Donna's other incredible parties on our site.

DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Letter Garland

When I saw these letter garlands Chelsea A made for her Modern Meets Vintage Baby Fete, I nearly flipped. I've seen many garlands before but never anything like this, and how sweet that the letters spell out lullabies.


I asked Chelsea how she made them and here's what she said...

The letter garlands were made using my Quickutz Silhouette. I think the letters turned out to be about 6" each.

I went through about 20-30 pieces of red cardstock to cut out the two different lullabies. I could only fit between 5 and 7 letters per sheet, even with creative arranging. Even with the Silhouette it took about 5 hours to cut everything.

I know it would have taken SO much longer if I did it by hand. Just thinking about tracing everything and THEN cutting it with scissors is making my hand hurt!

But, if someone doesn't have an extra $200-$225 laying around to shell out for a Silhouette, it's definitely doable with good old tracing and cutting.

After they were all cut out, I used a big needle and red and white striped bakers twine (but any old string would work - just don't use a single thread because it would be heartbreaking to have to re-string it or have it break from the weight in the middle of the party) and strung up each letter.

If you'll notice, some of them are backwards. That wasn't on purpose originally, but as usual I was running late for set up and said, "oh well! Now it's going to be on purpose!" and started making some other letters backwards. The charm of handmade, right?

Chelsea, thank you for sharing how you did this. It's truly original!

Please check out the other clever details at Chelsea's party including the adorable cupcake favors.

TRENDS: Edible Party Favors on Catch My Party

I'm really into edible favors.  I always think it's such a struggle to find gifts under $5 that you know your guests will  go home and treasure, but food is a whole different story...

So here are some great edible favors on our site for inspiration...

Nicole W's Strawberry Picnic 1st Birthday

Homemade strawberry jam

Nancy P's Zebra Boy Baby Shower

M&Ms and chocolate covered raisins

Kim Erin J's About to Hatch Baby Shower

Bird and birdhouse cookies

Nancy P's Tiffany Blue Bridal Shower

Macarons in personalized boxes

Claudia S's Tickled Blue BaByQ Shower

Homemade lemonade mix

Kristeen L's Shabby Chic Baby Shower

Cake pops

Ebony S's "Oh Boy" Gumball Baby Shower

Gumball machines

Daphne J's Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails Baby Shower

Homemade cookie mix

Michelle B's Brian's 40th Birthday

Homemade BBQ sauce

Kelly S's David's 1st Birthday

Lollipop favors

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