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DIY Mother's Day Gifts, Fairy Party Ideas, and Balloon Parties

I wanted to share the posts I did for Spoonful this week...

Check out these DIY gifts for Mother's Day that children can help with!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts |

So many beautiful ideas for fairy birthday parties, including activities, decor, and more.

Fairy Party Ideas |

Take off with these amazing balloon birthday party ideas, which work well for boy or girl birthday parties.

Balloon Party Ideas |

For more party ideas and inspiration, check out all my posts on Spoonful!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - Oct. 27th

It's almost Halloween, so I've included one spooky kids' Halloween party and one spooky grown up Halloween party in my favorites. I also fell in love with this Sofia the First birthday and this dessert table based on the movie Up! Enjoy!

My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week - Oct. 27th

Clockwise from top left:

Have a wonderful Halloween! Please add your Halloween parties to our site. I'd love to see what you do!!





DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member -- How to Make a Balloon Topiary

I spotted these adorable balloon topiaries at Emily W's Audrey's Art Birthday Party and had to know how she made them. She kindly put this tutorial together, so a big thank you to you, Emily!

I saw the How Does She tutorial for a balloon wreath. It was adorable and figured it would be the perfect addition to my bright, art party decor. I made the wreath then started planning out the rest of the decor and realized I didn't have anywhere to hang it. I loved the balloons and wanted to use them, so I came up with making them in a topiary to use on each end of the food table. Here is how you make it:


  • One 6" Terracotta pot or some other container
  • One Styrofoam block (cut to fit inside the container)
  • One 5" Styrofoam ball
  • One 18" wooden dowel (mine was longer and I had my husband cut it down to this size)
  • Two packs of greening pins. You really use about 1.5 packs but it's better to have more and not need them than be short.
  • 2 packs of small (around 2.25") multi colored balloons (around 72 qty)
  • 2 packs of larger (around 3") multi colored balloons (around 72 qty)
  • 1 pack of pipe cleaners cut in half
  • 1 pack of shredded tissue paper
  • Pencil
Cut your styrofoam block to fit inside the terracotta pot. Slide the dowel through the block and then into the ball to form the topiary shape.

Next it's time to add the balloons to the styrofoam ball. I tied one of the smaller balloons around the greening pin (yellow balloon) to help hide it. Behind the yellow balloon I placed one or two of the larger balloons. Push the greening pin into the ball. Do this over and over until the entire ball is covered in balloons.

To add extra texture cut the pipe cleaners in half. Wrap one end around the greening pin to hide the edge. Wrap the other end around a pencil or paintbrush. Pull the pipe cleaner off and stretch it out into the coil shape. Add these sparingly around the ball. You can also add balloons behind the pipe cleaner like in step 3. Continue covering the entire ball with balloons and pipe cleaners.

10. For added decoration tie some ribbon around the dowel at the base of the styrofoam ball.

11. To cover your styrofoam block add the shredded tissue on top of it and around the dowel.

12. Congratulations, you are done! These topiaries make great additions to any table because you can change them up by using different colored balloons to match a theme or holiday, paint the dowel and use interesting ribbons, or change up the containers. You can also just make the ball and hang them from a chandelier or the ceiling using coordinating ribbon. Have fun!

Emily, thank you. What an ingenious idea!

To learn more about Emily and her company, Magnolia Creative Co., which sells party and event invitations, stationery items, and hand painted ceramic and canvas gifts, take a look at her website and Etsy shop.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

Planning My Daughter's 4th Birthday - Balloon Celebrations

(Decorating a dessert table? Today is the last day to enter our $25 giveaway from Superior Nut Store. It’s so easy!)

A balloon shop opened up down the street from me in Santa Monica called Balloon Celebrations. Mind you, this isn't just any balloon shop. It's the balloon shop that does all the celebrity parties and movie premieres in LA. Therefore everything they do is BIG.

In fact, this is what the outside of the store looked like on Valentine's Day.

Cyndy, the owner, is an absolute doll. When I told her my budget for my daughter's birthday (which remember, is teeny tiny), she said she couldn't do anything great for that, but wanted to help me out and make the party fabulous, so she agreed to design two gorgeous balloon bouquets and have them delivered. How amazing is that?

Here are some examples of the unbelievable designs she's done. To see everything, check out the galleries on her site Balloon Celebrations. You'll be so impressed.

Here's a sample balloon bouquet.

I can't wait to see what Cyndy does for Adelaine's party. There will of course be tons of photos.

So if you live in LA or nearby and need balloons for any occasion big or small, Balloon Celebrations is where it's at!



This week's party photo of the week comes from Linda V's Ava's Tea Party in the Park.

The party was inspired by a little girl named Ava, who died before ever getting to have a tea party.  So in honor of her and to celebrate time with friends and family Ava's Annual Tea Party was born.

What is so special about this photo is the girls are releasing balloons into heaven to reach Ava.

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

I  just saw this on Oh Happy Day and wanted to share.  This is from the Martha Stewart blog The Craft Department.  Just balloons and craft paper.  How simple.

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