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{TRENDS} Superhero Cakes!

I thought this would be a fun post. We get so many amazing superhero parties, I thought I show off these awesome superhero cakes!!!

(Click on the photo to  see the party the cake is from.)















For more inspiration, check out these incredible superhero party ideas and check out our superhero board on Pinterest.

TRENDS: Superhero Parties on Catch My Party (Part 1)

I am loving all the great superhero birthday parties we've been seeing on our main site. Here are some of my favorite highlights...

Katelyn B's Superhero Party

Anders Ruff Custom Designs Vintage Super Hero Party

Yvette S's Gabriel's Super Hero 4th Birthday Party

Shelley K's Batman Party for a 4 Year Old

Lori L's Grant's 6th Birthday

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out all the wonderful superhero birthday parties on our main site. And also, stay tuned for Part 2 where I show off more...

Who Wants to Get Married at Comic-Con?

I was just talking to Liz Coopersmith, LA-based wedding coordinator at Silver Charm Events, who is also a wedding officiant and a huge sci fi fan.  She's going to  Comic-Con July 23rd - July 26th, and has come up with a great idea, to marry a couple on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center.

This could be you!
This could be you!

All she needs to find is an engaged couple who already has tickets to Comic-Con (since the convention is completely sold out).  They'll need a marriage license, which Liz can help them get.

Then they can name the date, time, and location, invite as many people as they want, and decide whether or not to come in costume.  (Liz said she'd be happy to oblige and has a Uhura costume at the ready.)

If you're interested, email Liz at  It sounds like it's going to be a blast -- with a kind of flash mob feel -- and Liz has promised to put pictures up on Catch My Party after the festivities.

In fact, once Liz has finalized the details, I will post the info here, so if you're at Comic-Con, you can check out the joining of two souls, while rubbing shoulders with Batman,  Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, some Storm Troopers, and maybe a Klingon or two.

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