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FREE Labor Day BBQ Printables from Clickable Party

Who's throwing a Labor Day BBQ? And who likes cool retro styling? If you said yes to both questions, you're going to love the FREE Labor Day BBQ printables Krysten at Clickable Party designed for us to give away. Thank you, Krysten!

This collection includes: an 8x10 "Happy Labor Day" sign, tons of fabulous party circles, and tented cards you can personalize yourself. I hope this collection inspires you to get creative and have some retro fun decorating!!


8x10 frameable sign

Labor Day food and drink party circles

Labor Day party circles


Tented cards you can click on and personalize

What a retro cool collection!

Thank you, Krysten, for this amazing collection!

To learn more about Krysten, please visit her blog, Clickable Party and also check out her shop where you can buy more of her fabulous printables.

DIY TUTORIAL: How to Make Hamburger Cookies

When I saw this photo from Jennifer T's All American BBQ, I thought what cute hamburger cupcakes. Then I found out they weren't cupcakes at all, but hamburger COOKIES! I've never seen this before, so I asked Jennifer if she'd put together a tutorial... And here it is! Thank you, Jennifer!

First off, there is only one rule before I share this with you...When you make these and someone asks you if they were hard to make, we are to always say YES ;)  I mean if we are going to "slave" away in the kitchen for a few minutes (yes, I said a few minutes is all at it will take to make these) then we are going to get some appreciation :) LOL


  • Nilla Wafers
  • Mini York Peppermint Patties
  • Buttercream frosting (or pre-tinted frosting in red and yellow)
  • Red & yellow food coloring
  • 2 plastic baggies (for piping frosting on cookies)
  • Sesame seeds (optional)
  • Caro syrup (optional)
  • Cold beer (optional but you ARE "grilling")


Alright, let's get our stuff together!

Yes we did start off with 8 of the patties...Aren't you observant!  (don't judge me, I see chocolate I eat it....)

For those of you coloring your own frosting do so now. ;) Bottled frosting users (don't worry, we won't tell) you are set!

We are going to add "mustard" to one side of the patties and cover with a Nilla Wafer.

Then on another Nilla Wafer, add the ketchup, then set the mustard, pattie, and wafer on top of the ketchup.

You're thinking I can DO this!  RIGHT?  Of course you can!!!  To add sesame seeds (shown in pic below), take a pastry brush with a small amount of Caro Syrup and lightly brush the top of the cookie and sprinkle sesame seeds.

Voila!  The finished product!! (Shown with the sesame seeds.)

Thank you again, Jennifer, for this totally original tutorial!  If you make these for your next party, please send photos, I'd love to share them.

Also, check out the adorable parties Jennifer has added to our main site, and to learn even more about Jennifer, please visit her brand new blog, Ain't She Sweet.

PARTY ON A BUDGET: A Baseball BBQ for $100

I'm always impressed by people who can throw amazing parties on the tiniest of budgets. I was a fan of Melissa N's Baseball BBQ when I first saw it, but then when I read she put it together for $100, I had to know more.

So here are Melissa's top 5 tips for how she saved money throwing her Baseball BBQ...

1.  REUSE - I use items over and over in different ways until they look too beaten up.  I use a lot of different containers and replace the tags on them or add ribbons depending on the theme or colors.

One can of chalkboard paint has gotten me through 5 parties so far!  I use them for signs and all sorts of decor!  The scoreboard for the baseball party is being reused for a 7th birthday party... just using some chalkboard paint to cover the last sign. (I use chalkboard markers on the boards and they tend to not all come off that easily, so I like to repaint them.)

2.  RECYCLE - I save almost all glass jars and large plastic containers to use for parties. Just clean them out and put them into a box for future use.  I also find a lot of glassware at garage sales.  I used what baseballs we had at the house to make the glass jar centerpiece for the baseball party. Cost nothing!

The green "turf" on the table was used at our Easter Egg Hunt and made a great covering for the baseball party also!  Cost was $8 and so far I have recycled it through two parties!

3.  DOLLAR TREE - Amazing what you can do with dollar store items!

4.  BUY ON CLEARANCE - Rummage through the clearance bins and dollar bins at Target, Party City, Walmart and more. I always buy anything in primary colors because they can always be altered with paint and other crafty items.

The striped table clothes that you see on the tables and on the main baseball table were purchased at Target on sale, and I am reusing them for 3 more up coming parties!  Big savings there!

5.  RESEARCH way a head of time - I always use the Internet for research beforehand and using FREE printable (making sure to give credit back to the original blog or website).

Thinking outside the box, and being creative with food also, the s'more pops were a big hit and easy and very economical to make!

Thank you, Melissa, for these helpful money-saving ideas! My two biggest takeaways from this post are... Reuse anything and everything, and chalkboard paint is your friend. :)

Take a look at all the fabulous parties Melissa has added to our site. She is definitely an entertaining expert!

Happy 4th of July!!

I want to wish you all a safe and happy 4th. Hope you are spending time with the people you love, eating great food, and having lots of fun!

We're heading to a friend's BBQ. I'll be eating a burger with all the fixings!

I'm hoping we're not too fogged in tonight to see the incredible fireworks shows along the beach. I LIVE for fireworks!

Also, I'm excited to see all your celebrations. Please add them to our site so I can show them off!

Need Inspiration for Your 4th of July Party?

I love July 4th. I don't know why because in Los Angeles it is always cloudy at the beach. But take a look at these gorgeous July 4th parties people have added to our site.  If you are in the need of ideas, here are some great ones! (Click on the photo or link to see the whole party.)

Norene's 4th of July Party

Laura's Americana Luau

Magnolia Creative Co's Budget Friendly Patriotic Party

Lindsey M's Little Firecracker's 4th of July Riverside Soiree

Molly E's Celebrate our Independence!

Need more ideas? Take a look at all our July 4th parties. And if you need free July 4th party printables, we've got you covered with four different printable collections.

FREE July 4th Printable Roundup

Do you need free printables for your 4th of July BBQ? Well, we've got a full assortment for you! (Below are sample images. Click on the link or image to see the full collection.)

Our "Red White & Blue" Collection, designed by Brady from 9 to 5 Mom, includes invitations, party circles, tented cards, drink straw flags, favor tags, sparkler holders with directions (cool, right?!), matchbox covers, and my favorite part… a “Let Freedom Ring” banner.

Our "Star" Collection, designed by Ana of Love Party Printables, includes invitations, party circles, party flags, tented cards (2 varieties), water bottle labels, napkin rings, favor tags, and a “Happy July 4th” banner.


Our "Rockets" Collection, designed by Kerry and Noelle of Sweet Craft Cakes, includes party circles, an invitations, water bottle labels, tented cards, and a fun “Celebrate” banner.

And finally, our "Happy 4th" Collection, designed Melody of Tea Party Designs includes party circles, water bottle labels, and a “Happy July 4th” banner.

If you use our printables for your 4th of July celebrations, please send photos so I can post them. Wishing you all a fabulous 4th!!

FREE July 4th BBQ Printables from Sweet Craft Cakes

Are you throwing a July 4th BBQ? Then you'll want these adorable free "fireworks" July 4th BBQ printables from my friends Noelle and Kerry of Sweet Craft Cakes.

The collection includes: party circles, an invitations, water bottle labels, tented cards, and a fun "Celebrate" banner.

Party circles


Water bottle labels

Tented cards

"Celebrate" banner

"Celebrate" banner

"Celebrate" banner

"Celebrate" banner

"Celebrate" banner


Download the high resolution files for printing:


Thank you Noelle and Kerry for these awesome BBQ printables!

If you use these printables for your July 4th celebrations, please send photos to I’d love to show them off.

Also, to learn more about Noelle and Kerry please visit their blog Sweet Craft Cakes and their Etsy shop for party ideas, inspirations, and adorable printables.

And finally, take a look at all of our free July 4th party printable collections! There's bound to be something for you!





FREE July 4th Printables from Tea Party Designs

Who would like more free July 4th printables for their Independence Day celebrations? Well, we've got some!

Melody from Tea Party Designs created this cute set of party circles, water bottle labels, and a "Happy July 4th" banner. Thank you, Melody...

Party circles

[caption id="attachment_16393" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Water bottle labels[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_16394" align="aligncenter" width="465"] "Happy July 4th" banner[/caption]

To download the high resolution files for printing:

Thank you, Melody, for the designs! To learn more about Melody and see her designs, please check out her Facebook page, Tea Party Designs, and Etsy shop.

Also, check out our other free July 4th printable collections.


Free Memorial Day Party Circles from Amy Mattes Designs

Memorial Day is right around the corner, so here are some free party circles Amy of Amy Mattes Designs designed for us in a jiffy to give away! Thank you, Amy!

Party circles

Download the high resolution party circles

These would work great at all your outdoor BBQs, decorating your burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes, treats... really anything. Get creative, and please send photos to jillian (at)  I'd love to show off what you do.


This One's For My Husband -- The Park's Finest BBQ

My husband is a huge carnivore.  If he could eat meat at every meal he would.  So when he saw the link on Yelp to The Park's Finest BBQ with accompanying pictures of meat in all it's glory, he forwarded the link and told me, "This is something to blog about."

Turns out The Park's has no restaurant.  They only do catering.  So in order to taste their deliciousness you need live in LA or at least be visiting, throw a party, invite all your carnivorous friends, and have Park's cater it.

Courtesy of NJ Eats Blog

And why is The Park's so great?  The secret is the BBQ sauce.  According to the blog NJ Eats, "The sauce makes this barbecue. Don't get me wrong. The meats are great but significantly enhanced by the addition of this sweet, spicy, garlicky, smoky delight that you likely have never tasted before. It's that transformational."

The secret is in the sauce

So what is the sauce?  Passed down for generations, Johneric Concordia, owner of The The Park's BBQ, says it's rooted in flavors from the Philippine islands where his family is from.   Natural sugars from cane and pineapples are simmered with soy sauce, peppers, and spices.

Johneric Concordia from The Park's Finest BBQ

So let's read what some people on Yelp had to say:

From Craig R in West LA, CA:

"Adjectives describing The Parks Finest:

Delectable Delicious Divine Flavorful Heavenly Juicy Mouthwatering Savory Scrumptious Succulent Tasty Yummy"

From Larry O in San Dimas, CA:

"Pork Pork Pork Pork. Oh my god it is falling off the bone delicious. I LOVE PORK. Especially when it is cooked like this!!!"

And from Steve S in West Hollywood, CA:

"Those who follow my reviews know I don't give out 5 stars easily. But today I experienced not only some of the finest quality BBQ, but also the most amazing BBQ sauce that ever past my lips."

So for all you meatlovers out there.  One more picture...

Courtesy of NJ Eats Blog


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