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My Favorite Handmade St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies

For every holiday we put together a shopping guide filled with handmade party supplies from our vendors with Etsy shops. I love to look at all the creative products. Here are my favorite party supplies from our current St. Patrick's Day guide.

Four Leaf Clover of Love Water Bottle by Sassy Alice Designs


St. Patrick's Day Gift Tags by Fresh Lemon Blossoms

Fondant Beer Mug with Shamrock by GoodiesByMelissa

St. Patrick's Day Printable Party Circles by Posh Pixels Design Studio

Girl Leprechaun Baby One Piece Shirt by personaliTEE shop

Shamrock Sugar Cookie Bites by The Cookie Maven

Hand Appliqued Bunting by Little Kitten Homemade

Modern Celtic Wedding Invitation by Paper Impressions

Gourmet Marshmallow Shamrock Dipped Fluffs by Maddyson's Marshmallows

Lucky Leprechaun Mini Top Hat Headband by Cutie Patootie Designz

Happy St. Patty's Day Vintage Gift Cards by SongbirdGreetings

St. Patrick's Day Party Favor Bags By Inchworm Goody Bags

To see all the amazing items from our Etsy vendors, check out our St. Patrick's Day guide of handmade party supplies.

My Favorite Valentine's Day Items on Etsy...

Here are some of my favorite Valentines' Day items on Etsy that you can't eat. :) Aren't these lovely?

XOXO Mini Bunting Banner by Domestic Charm

 Queen of Hearts Valentine Bachelorette Printable Party Pack by Frog Prince Paperie


Printable Valentine's Day Art Poster by A Blissful Nest

Tilda Valentine Cake Bunting by Sew Sweet Violet

 Dinosaur Valentine's Day Cards by Sassy Photo Creations


20 Wooden Heart Ice Cream Spoons by Sucre Shop

Sugar Cookie Printable Valentines by Piggy Bank Parties

Red Hearts Hugs/Kisses Valentine's Day Ribbon by Ribbon Revelry


Girl Pirate Valentine's Day Card by Green Apple Paperie

XOXO Red Valentine Lollipop Favor by Simple Tastes

 Shabby Chic Crush Fabric Bunting by Sugar Owl Design

If you didn't see my post from yesterday, check out my favorite edible Valentine's Day Etsy finds. You'll love them!

My Favorite Valentine's Day Treats on Etsy... Yum!

I love Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because it's my birthday month, I love pink, and I love... love.

So, here's my first Valentine's Day post of the season. Check out these amazing treats I found on Etsy. I want to eat them all!!

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies by Sugar Sanctuary

Corset Chocolate Lollipops by Sugarbellys Boutique

 Rose Petal Heart Lollipop by sweetniks

 Million Kisses Cupcake Toppers by mimicafe Union

 Valentine Cake Pops by the Sweet Source

Gstring and Boxer Hand Decorated Iced Sugar Cookies by Baked

Assorted Valentine's Doughbabies

Love Sundae Cake Pops by Cocoa Confections

Tomorrow I'll be showing off my favorite non-edible, but still delicious, Valentine's Day Etsy finds. Wait until you see...

My Favorite New Year's Items on Etsy

New Year's is right around the corner, so I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite New Year's items from our vendors on Etsy. I love the New Year because I'm always excited about what's to come.

Check out these wonderful items by such talented people...

Fondant champagne bottle by GoodiesByMelissa


Printable New Years party invitation by PrintYourHeartOut


"Ring in the New Year" banner garland by Bekah Jennings


Happy New Year 2012 muslin favor gift bags by Bags by Jen


Glitter tassel garland by Pom Flair


Printable New Year's Eve party set by The Homespun Hostess


Snowball sugared winter wedding cake pops by Simply Divine Desserts


 New Years Eve Glamour Hat by Two Little Monkeys Bowtique


Check out more New Year's items for our vendors on Etsy. And for more inspiration, take a look at our free New Years printables and check out these amazing New Year's parties

For Etsy Shop Owners: Making Tags & Descriptions Work for You

I’m excited to bring you Part 3 in our series directed at Etsy Shop owners.  This is another guest post from Natalie Gowen, a marketing expert who focusing on helping Etsy shop owners increase sales and visibility.

If you haven't already checked out her Part 1 on How to Charm the Etsy Search Engine and Part 2 on Tips and Tricks for Discovering the Right Keywords, you might want to read those first.

And now, we get to learn about tags and descriptions, and how to make them work for you... Take it away Natalie!

Now that you have your keyword down pat and your listing title is brimming with them, it’s time to move on to your item description and your tags.


The description is mostly for your viewers, to help them fully understand what their money will get them. However, sprinkling in a few of the primary keywords and a few secondary ones will help you come up in the search results – if not on Etsy, definitely on Google.

And hey, who wouldn’t love a little bit of love from Google!

But really, as far as the Etsy results go, descriptions don’t really boost your results – so here’s your chance to really write for the people rather than the robots.

Give them what they want to know before parting with their money.

  • Be thorough, try to give people an understanding of the product as if they were holding it in their hand.
  • Put yourself in their shoes – what questions would you want answered?
  • List any exclusions or limitations
  • Describe the materials used
  • Give ideas for coordinating products in your shop

Tags on the other hand are not at all important for Google, but they are very important for the Etsy results.

Remember that list of keywords? You picked the most important one and put it in your title. But there are plenty of other keywords and phrases that are relevant to your item. They tap into the “long tail” results of a keyword search.

The long tail is marketing speak for all the people who don’t search by the most popular keyword or phrase. If 35 percent of people looking for a bunting banner type in “bunting banner” there’s still a large share of the market that uses other terms like flag banner, party banner, fabric banner, etc.

Photo courtesy of Fabric or Fiction

To make sure you don't lose this larger share of the market, fill your tags with these outlying phrases.

Here’s a few helpful tips for getting it right:

  • Because the bots are looking for exact matches, use short phrases – two to three words at the most.
  • Use as many of your keywords as you can.
  • Add in descriptive words – texture, color, size, style
Also – check out the Etsy Seller’s Handbook. There are strict rules about making sure your tagging is relevant. They’re mostly for people trying to trick the system into pulling up their listings.

If you’re not trying to be sneaky, you’ll be just fine in most cases – but it’s always wise to be up to date on those policies.

Thank you once again for all your insights and knowledge, Natalie!

Natalie is a craft-a-holic with a wickedly nerdy marketing streak. Her blog, is the love child of her two passions – educating, enlightening and empowering Etsy-shops owners towards greater success through tried and true business practices. Check out the blog or follow her on Facebook.

Also, if you are an Etsy shop owner and haven’t joined our Catch My Party Etsy team, please do so! We will be announcing our second Design Challenge just in time for Valentine's Day. Did you see our first one?






Our Snowflake Design Challenge So Far -- Take a look!

We currently have over a hundred wonderful entries in our Snowflake Design Challenge. Take a look at the entries so far.


If you are not an Etsy vendor, you can still enter. Just email me photos of your snowflake themed products (at jillian(at)catchmyparty(dot)com) and I'll add them to the group! This challenge is open to anyone who designs party-related products. If you are an Etsy vendor, make sure to tag your items “CMPsnowflake.”

The challenge ends at midnight (PST) November 30th.  And please remember, by entering and designing items that incorporate the theme, not only will you get a chance to show off your handmade “snowflake” holiday goods on our site, but you could also win an HP Officejet 7500A Printer.

Good luck!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. Your time starts now!!! I've just always wanted to say that. :)

For Etsy Shop Owners: Tips and Tricks for Discovering the Right Keywords

I'm excited to bring you Part 2 in our series directed at Etsy Shop owners.  This is a guest post from Natalie Gowen, a marketing expert who focusing on helping Etsy shop owners increase sales and visibility.

So without further adieu, take it away, Natalie...

Customers get on Etsy with a picture in their mind. They’ve imagined the perfect party for their kiddo and they have to somehow translate that picture into words to begin a search. If you can get inside their mind and figure out what words they’re going to use – you have hit the search engine jackpot!

In my last post I talked about coming up with a list of possible keywords. There are undoubtedly some golden phrases on your list – but how do  you separate the good ones from the duds?

Google It! Of course.

Google is a treasure trove of Internet data. Every day millions of people enter searches on their site – and Google, being a smart little cookie, keeps track of this data.

Then, because Google is great at sharing information, it lets you see just how many searches are performed on any keyword or phrase you can dream of. And even though it’s Google’s data, you can bet if people search for it on Google, they search for it on Etsy too.

To access the data you need to visit Google AdWords. This is where Google sells the ads that appear at the top and side of your search results. Their keyword research tool is going to tell you how popular a search term is and give you ideas for alternatives.

Take your list of keyword ideas and go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool. For the sake of this example I’m going to be searching keywords for my delicious cake pops. (Photo courtesy of The Sweet Source Cake Pops)

When you open up the keyword tool:

  • Take the most basic description of your item as your first keyword to search
  • Enter it in the “Word or phrase” box
  • Select “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”
  • Jump throw the CAPTCHA hoop and prove you are a human being
  • Hit "Search"
Understanding your results

The first row shows you the results for your exact phrase. In the case of cake pops – 368,000 people search this term on Google every month. This is a lot of people! Granted, not all these people are looking to buy, but it’s a great indication of the popularity of my product.


The next set of information is Keyword Ideas. This is the area where you can find alternative keywords for your title listing.




The cake pop results tell me a couple of things.

  • Most people are searching for recipes or tutorials on making cake pops
  • When searching for cake pops, people like to enter in the occasion they are shopping for
  • Baby boy cake pops, bridal shower cake pops, etc.
  • They also like to look for the ingredients – red velvet cake pops, chocolate cake pops, etc.
This little window into the shoppers mind is priceless.

When I go back to Etsy to write my product title, I’m going to try and incorporate the last two search methods as I come up with my title. I should also repeat the process with a variety of keywords to see which one yields the best results.

Actual Title Options

  • "Cake Pops." This is a hugely popular term. A general rule of thumb is to make sure you have about 5,000 monthly searches. In this case we have over 300K.
  • I want to tell people what the occasion is. So I could add “Baby Shower” to the title
  • People want to know what’s inside that pretty frosting. So my title becomes “Baby Shower Cake Pops, Dark Chocolate Cake Pops”
Adding this last bit to the listing not only tells people what’s in it, but it gives me a chance to sneak my keyword into the title a second time. This plays right into the search engine bots hands. The more times it sees the phrase in your title, the higher ranking you’ll get.

Keep in mind that the closer the keywords are to the front of your title, the more weight it gets. So I might want to rearrange my title to put cake pop at the front: Cake Pops: Baby Shower Cake Pops made with Dark Chocolate.

And that’s it! No need to be cutesy or creative with your titles. Pour all your creativity into your product and the product photo - that’s what pulls people into your listing. The title is more for the robots – so speak their language with tons of key phrases!

Thank you, Natalie, your posts are always so enlightening!

And stay tuned for Part 3 of our series...

Natalie is a craft-a-holic with a wickedly nerdy marketing streak. Her blog, is the love child of her two passions - educating, enlightening and empowering Etsy-shops owners towards greater success through tried and true business practices. Check out the blog or follow her on Facebook.

Also, if you are an Etsy shop owner and haven't joined our Catch My Party Stuff Etsy team, please do so! We have a lot of great stuff planned.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Finds on Etsy

Here's why Etsy is so incredible. Look at all the phenomenal handmade items I found for Thanksgiving. These put a smile on my face.

Turkey fondant cupcake topper by Cakes and Kids


Acorn gift tags by Fresh Lemon Blossoms


Pilgram cookies by Lori's Place


Fall paper garland by hoop da loop


Girls' Thanksgiving Pumpkin Shirt by Modern Frills  


 Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner edible cupcake toppers by mimicafe Union


Rustic Fall Wreath by Boo Bah Blue


 White chocolate pumpkin bread by Simply Divine Desserts


Fall garland by Green Garland


Little pumpkin burlap bags by Pink Lemonade Party Shop


Check out more wonderful Etsy Thanksgiving items. I'm honestly like a kid in a candy store.

Also, if you need free Thanksgiving printables or Thanksgiving inspirations, we've got them!

Our First Catch My Party Etsy Team Designer Challenge... Snowflakes

I just started a team on Etsy called Catch My Party. It's open to ANY Etsy shop owner who sells party related products AND  who joins the free Catch My Party vendor directory.

I'm also kicking off our first Etsy Team Designer Challenge for the holidays.  The theme is "snowflakes."

By entering and designing items that incorporate the theme, not only will you get a chance to show off your handmade "snowflake" holiday goods on our site, but you could also win an HP Officejet 7500A Printer.

So here's how you enter:

  • Have an Etsy shop
  • List yourself in our free Catch My Party vendor directory: (Click on the light blue link in the upper right-hand corner of the page that says "Add your listing to our vendor directory." If you're not a member, please join our site, then head back to the vendor page to fill in your info. Once you're done you should see your listing immediately on our vendor page.)
  • Add your handmade snowflake-themed items to your Etsy shop by midnight (PST) November 30th and tag them "CMPsnowflake."
  • You will automatically be entered into our HP Officejet 7500A Printer giveaway.
After the deadline, we will feature all your snowflake items on our site. I will also be posting my top 10 favorites.

Then I will do a random drawing on Thursday, December 1st to determine the winner of our printer giveaway!

Happy crafting! I can't wait to see what you come up with! And please share this challenge with all your Etsy teams and Etsy circles.

For Etsy Shop Owners: How to Charm the Etsy Search Engine

I met Natalie Gowen at Bloggy Bootcamp Denver. She is an a marketing expert who focusing on helping Etsy shop owners increase sales and visibility.

I asked Natalie if she would do a few guest posts directed at our Etsy shop owners on how to get your listings on the front page of Etsy. Here's what she had to say...


It stands for search engine optimization. And it’s so boring it can put you to sleep before you even get to the end of the sentence. But changes to the way Etsy displays search results has suddenly made understanding SEO the only way to keep your listings in front of buyers.

Even buying ads requires a little SEO knowledge. The shops that get it, end up on the first page of search results. The shops that don’t, are watching their business dwindle.


Every search engine – whether it’s Google or Etsy – relies on little robots to comb the Internet and catalog all the pages. It’s not a small job. There are lots of little bots scurrying from site to site and from page to page trying to make sense of it all.

When an Etsy robot views a new product listing, it doesn’t look at the page the same way we do. Our eyes immediately focus in on the fabulous product photos that show us color and size. and tell us immediately what we are looking at. This is what you see from The Things I Sell on Etsy.

This is what you see

This is what a search engine bot sees:

What the search engine bot sees

Your web browser translates this mess of letters and numbers into rows and columns, separating words from pictures and rendering a pretty web page. But all the search engine bot cares about is a few key indicators that tell it what the listing is.

By placing words and phrases in key places within the code you help the bot identify and catalog the listing. The next time someone searches for something using the keywords in your listing – the little bot says – “Oh! I’ve got the perfect match” and pops your product on the front page.


Lucky for us, Etsy takes all the hard work of SEO off your plate and leaves you with the easiest bits.

The words you enter into your listing titles and product tags are placed in the code right where the bots will look. All you need to do is load the title (especially the title) and the tags with tons keywords that buyers use in their search.


Finding the right keywords is going to make all the difference – if you miss the mark you won’t get found. So it’s worth it to spend some time researching your keywords.

There are lots of technical ways to come up with keywords but the first step is to brainstorm. Start with a pen and paper (and maybe even a thesaurus):

  •  Write down as many adjectives as you can think of to describe your product: color, texture, materials, alternate product names
  • Ask a friend to help you – go through the same exercise with them
  •  Check out your competitors – what keywords are they using in their listings?
  •  Get someone totally unfamiliar with your craft or product to describe it
Most importantly, stop thinking like a seller and try and crawl inside the mind of a buyer. Which elements would become most important to you when searching for a product?

This list is the first step in determining the right keywords to use in your titles and tags. Next week we’ll talk about how to decide which ones are going to get you the best results.

Thank you, Natalie!

Natalie is a craft-a-holic with a wickedly nerdy marketing streak. Her blog, is the love child of her two passions - educating, enlightening and empowering Etsy-shops owners towards greater success through tried and true business practices. Check out the blog or follow her on Facebook.

Also, if you are an Etsy shop owner and haven't joined our Catch My Party Stuff Etsy team, please do so! We have a lot of great stuff planned.



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