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This One's For My Husband -- The Park's Finest BBQ

My husband is a huge carnivore.  If he could eat meat at every meal he would.  So when he saw the link on Yelp to The Park's Finest BBQ with accompanying pictures of meat in all it's glory, he forwarded the link and told me, "This is something to blog about."

Turns out The Park's has no restaurant.  They only do catering.  So in order to taste their deliciousness you need live in LA or at least be visiting, throw a party, invite all your carnivorous friends, and have Park's cater it.

Courtesy of NJ Eats Blog

And why is The Park's so great?  The secret is the BBQ sauce.  According to the blog NJ Eats, "The sauce makes this barbecue. Don't get me wrong. The meats are great but significantly enhanced by the addition of this sweet, spicy, garlicky, smoky delight that you likely have never tasted before. It's that transformational."

The secret is in the sauce

So what is the sauce?  Passed down for generations, Johneric Concordia, owner of The The Park's BBQ, says it's rooted in flavors from the Philippine islands where his family is from.   Natural sugars from cane and pineapples are simmered with soy sauce, peppers, and spices.

Johneric Concordia from The Park's Finest BBQ

So let's read what some people on Yelp had to say:

From Craig R in West LA, CA:

"Adjectives describing The Parks Finest:

Delectable Delicious Divine Flavorful Heavenly Juicy Mouthwatering Savory Scrumptious Succulent Tasty Yummy"

From Larry O in San Dimas, CA:

"Pork Pork Pork Pork. Oh my god it is falling off the bone delicious. I LOVE PORK. Especially when it is cooked like this!!!"

And from Steve S in West Hollywood, CA:

"Those who follow my reviews know I don't give out 5 stars easily. But today I experienced not only some of the finest quality BBQ, but also the most amazing BBQ sauce that ever past my lips."

So for all you meatlovers out there.  One more picture...

Courtesy of NJ Eats Blog


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