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Do You Love Deliciously Crunchy Snacks? We're Giving Some Away!

Sweet and savory crunchy snack ideas

I was asked by STACY’S Snacks (you know, the makers of world-famous STACY’S Pita Chips) to try out their new line of Bake Shop Bakery Crisps. This was definitely a fun assignment.

The crisps are made from real bakery breads, which are sliced thin and baked twice to give them a super crispy crunch. Just to let you know, I am a big fan of crunchy snacks.

The crisps come in four flavors: two sweet (Vanilla Pound Cake and Banana Nut) and two savory (Pretzel Bread and Herbed Baguette).

STACY'S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps

I was also asked to find interesting pairings for the new crispy snacks. Take a look at what I came up with (all simple to do):

For the Vanilla Pound Cake Bakery Crisps, I wanted to do a play on strawberry shortcake. I topped the crisps with whipped cream, strawberries, and a touch of orange zest. The sweet crunch from the crisp went nicely with the smooth, soft whipped cream. The orange zest and strawberry gave it a nice tanginess. All I can say is these went extra fast at my house!

Vanilla pound cake STACY'S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps strawberry shortcake

For the Herbed Baguette Bakery Crisps, I thought they would would work perfectly as the toasty bottom of a bruschetta. I combined cherry tomatoes, chopped red onions, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, and then topped the Herbed Baguette Crisps with it. The crisps brought the crunch and Italian seasoning. The tomatoes brought the acid brightess. Together they were delicious!

Herbed Baguette STACY'S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps bruschetta

Not surprisingly, I love crispy toppings on my ice cream, so I thought it would be delicious to top some vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and crumbled Banana Nut Bakery Crisps. I made my caramel sauce using caramels and milk, then swirled it on top of cold vanilla bean ice cream. I garnished it with crumbled crisps and a mint leaf… even better than your traditional sundae.

Banana Nut STACY'S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps caramel ice cream sundae

For the Pretzel Bread Bakery Crisps, I wanted to do a play on savory and sweet. I’m loving the favors of Mexican hot chocolate, so I made a dipping sauce combining dark chocolate, milk, and cinnamon. This was probably my favorite combination because I got to experience savor/sweet and smooth/crunchy all in one bite! One word... satisfying!

Pretzel Bread STACY'S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps dipped in Mexican chocolate

So you get to experience these new STACY’S Bake Shop Bakery Crisps too, we’re giving away three STACY’S Bake Shop Prize Packs. Each pack, worth $20, will include all four flavors of STACY’S Bakery Bake Shop Bakery Crisps. Enter here for a chance to win and enjoy some crunch!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Frito-Lay/Stacy’s brand, and the company is providing prizes for the giveaways. All words and opinions are my own.


REVIEW: My Cool New HP Printer

HP is the new sponsor of our free printables page and we're excited.

What this means for you is we will be rolling out new collections of free printables sponsored by HP for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and beyond. Plus we'll be doing HP printer giveaways!

And what this means for me is HP sent me an HP Officejet 7500A and I got to try it out for my most recent printables project.

My friend, Debby, is throwing a birthday party on Halloween for her son, Zachary, and I volunteered to put together the decorations. Since they wanted scary and creepy I chose our "Gothic" printables collection created by Mimi's Dollhouse.

So for the last couple of days I've been using my spiffy new printer with the HP glossy brochure paper they also sent me, and how do I feel about it? I love it!

Here's a picture of my new printer.

Now to be fair, before this I was using a junky printer ready for the e-waste bin, so anything would be an upgrade, but this printer has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Here's what I like about it:

  • It's easy to use. So far I've been able to figure out everything myself. (Disclaimer: my husband, David, did the initial set-up.)
  • Everything I print looks incredibly professional -- the printables came out perfect, as did the photos I printed. I'd never used glossy brochure paper before for printables, but I'm now a convert.
  • The printer can print documents  and photos in a variety of sizes from 3 x 5 to 13 x 19 inches. I've been trying this out by printing different photo sizes but I have not yet ventured into the 13x19 inch territory.
  • The printer has a cool feature where I can take a photo with my iPhone, email it to an address I set up on the HP site, and the printer will automatically print it. I'm talking with my friend Debby about possibly bringing the printer over to her house the night of her Halloween party, so as guests take photos with their phones, they can email them to the printer and walk away with instant prints - self-serve photo printing in a snap, interesting idea, right?
  • The printer has built in apps where I can download and print files like Disney coloring sheets. I've just started to explore this feature, but since my daughter is a huge Ariel fan, you have no idea how useful this is at giving her something to do when I'm trying to cut out printables, and she wants to be my "helper." :)
Here are the printables I created for the party.




Very soon we will be giving away an HP Officejet 7500A just like mine. I know you will love it. Stay tuned...




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