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Gumball Necklace DIY

Gumball Necklace DIY |

I'm excited to announce our new blog contributors, Kristen and Missy from Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, who came up with this beautiful gumball necklace craft I can't wait to share. So take it away, ladies...

Gumball candy necklaces are a fun and fashionable new trend that are sure to make a sweet statement! This new take on your typical candy necklace is a quick and easy option for your next party favor, easy gift, or as a simple craft project.

DIY Gumball Necklace |


  • Thin satin ribbon
  • 5-8 Large gumballs
  • 1 Metal skewer
DIY Gumball Necklace |


Gather your satin ribbon and gumballs. In honor of spring, we chose a bright yellow ribbon and shimmer pink gumballs by Sweetworks.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Use your metal skewer to carefully puncture a hole into the center of one of your gumballs. Be sure to only puncture one side at a time or the gumball could split. Once you have punctured the gumball, spin the skewer until you have made a smooth hole.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

DIY Gumball Necklace | Next, string your ribbon through the gumball. This can be a bit tricky! We used out metal skewer to push our ribbon through both holes in the gumball.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Tie a knot after each gumball you string to secure it into place.

DIY Gumball Necklace |

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Feel free to add a cute accent to your necklace for a little extra flair! (We chose the perfect pink flower to compliment our gumballs). Or, you can simply tie a pretty bow to finish off your necklace!

DIY Gumball Necklace |

Once finished, you can enjoy your gumball necklace for years to come or give it as a fun gift!

DIY Gumball Necklace |


Thanks, Missy and Kristen. Wouldn't these be would be perfect as a favor at a princess party! Also, if you're looking for gumballs, we sell a bunch of different colors in the Catch My Party Store.

To learn more about Missy and Kristen, please visit them at Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

FREE Photo Booth Prop Printables from The Paper Dolls Shoppe

If you read my blog, you know I'm doing a photo booth at my daughter's 4th birthday that I'm really excited about.

Well, I'm even more excited now that the super sweet Kelli, from The Paper Dolls Shoppe designed these FREE photo booth prop printable lips and mustaches for my daughter's party and for us to give away! How friggin' cute are these?!

And how about these patterned mustaches, too!

Plus, Kelli designed mermaid photo booth props just for Adelaine's party. But if you're throwing a mermaid party yourself, feel free to use them. My daughter is going to flip when she sees these!!

Download the high resolution files here:

Photo booth props - Lips & Mustaches

Photo booth props - Patterned Mustaches

Photo booth props - Mermaid sunglasses, lips, & necklace

Thank you, Kelli! These are awesome!

To learn more about Kelli and see more of her printables, visit The Paper Dolls Shoppe. Also, take a look at the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas printables she generously designed for us.

If you use these photo booth props at your next party,  please send photos to!! I'd love to show them off!

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