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Patriotic July 4th Paper Wreath DIY

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |

Virginie, from That Cute Little Cake is here with a fantastic paper wreath for July 4th. I love how she distressed the paper stars to make it look like an antique!

One of my little challenges for this year is to make a wreath for my front door for every season/holiday. I just love the welcoming feel a wreath provides.

So of course, I had to come up with a design for the 4th of July! I love the end result and I hope you will too. :)

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |

The paper stars are really easy to make and here is a tutorial to recreate the wreath.

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |


  • Wreath (I used a wire wreath but took out the inner and outer rings to make it thinner)
  • Red, white, blue card stock (I found the lovely blue one at Michael's)
  • Star template download
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Optional: A scorer for easier folding
  • Optional: Distress Ink (I used the color Frayed Burlap)
July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |


Use the template to cut out stars in three different sizes. For each star, score from one point to opposite inner angle like shown by the line. Repeat for all 5 points. Fold on every line.

Pinch each point to get the 3D effect (it helps to pinch the points two by two).

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |
If you wish to distress the stars, simply use a small sponge or applicator to apply the Distress Ink. I started by making the fold lines dark and then applied some lighter stains in between the points.

Once you have a selection of stars ready, you can hot glue them to the wire frame. Use a ribbon to hang (I used red burlap).

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |
July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |

July 4th Patriotic Paper Wreath DIY |

Thanks, Virginie, for sharing how you made your awesome wreath! To learn more about Virginie, please visit her at That Cute Little Cake and on Facebook and Pinterest.

For more party ideas, check out these incredible July 4th party ideas and free July 4th party printables from our site!

{DIY} How to Make Colored Paper Spheres

Here's the latest DIY Wanessa from Wanessa Carolina Creations 

came up with and it's incredible! Instead of pom poms or paper lanterns, how about dressing up your party with some of these paper spheres?

Take it away, Wanessa, and show us how...

Back in the day, one of my stores in Brazil had a spherical lamp shade made out of plastic module pieces like this.

The original design, called an IQ Light, was done over 30 years ago by Holger Strom and what is amazing about this design is you can make up to 22 diferent shapes using the same module pieces.

I wanted to use the same design to make paper spheres.

Since I wanted to use bold and trendy colors, first I thought of making them with colored cardstock, but then realized that would be expensive. So here what I did...

First I attached wrapping paper to brown paper with spray adhesive. Then I traced the module pieces using a module template and cut them out. At first it seemed like a lot of work but I can tell you it was worth it!

I bought the roll of brown paper at Walmart for $6.50 and the wrapping paper for $5.00. With the length of the wrapping paper I could trace up to 100 modules!

But here is what I figured out. This method just works for the round shapes, to make the oval, diamond, and the other shapes you will need the module to be colored on both sides, so you might want to try cardstock.


  1. Brown paper
  2. Colored wrapping paper (about 8 feet)
  3. Spray adhesive
  4. Scissors
  5. Damp cloth
*If you don't want to do this process, just use colored cardstock
  • Lay down the brown paper and spray the adhesive covering about 12" (it is better to do this little by little)
  • Lay the back of the wrapping paper on the brown paper over the spray adhesive, and rub the surface using a damp cloth to attach (using a damp cloth will avoid scratching the paper)
  • Spray more adhesive and continue the process of adhering the wrapping paper to the brown craft paper
  • Once both papers are attached, trace out 30 modules and cut them out. Download the module template here.
  • As you start putting the pieces together, you will make something looking like a flower at the bottom, using 5 module pieces to start. Here you can see the beginning of the process of putting them together.
  • Here's the middle of the process.
  • Here's the end of the process.
  • To hang the sphere I cut out some circles (cereal box cardboard) using a scrapbook punch, made a hole in the middle of the circle and the module using a needle, passed through the holes a fish line (made a triple knot an burned the end).
  • These are the different shapes you can make using the same module.

Here's the finished product again!

Thank you, Wanessa, these are incredible!!

If you end up making paper spheres, please email me a photo at jillian(at)catchmyparty(dot)com. I'd love to show off what you did.

To learn more about Wanessa and see more of her designs, please visit her blog, Facebook pageand Etsy shop.

DIY: Paper Rose Wreath Tutorial

How great would this paper rose wreath look greeting your guests at your next birthday, shower, or Valentine's Day party?

This tutorial from Sandi at I'm a Yarner is so easy but definitely takes some time. So if you've got some Glee to catch up on, it might be worth doing.

And yes, it's just made of rolled paper flowers sprinkled with glitter.

See the whole tutorial here at I'm a Yarner. Thank you Sandi, for making something so beautiful!

DIY TUTORIAL: How to Make a Paper Ball Ornament

I love the simplicity of this paper ball ornament created by Sarah Nielsen from Book Bound Bindery. This year I'm planning to make a lot of our own ornaments, so I'm definitely going to try out this tutorial. Isn't it pretty?

paper-ball-ornament-tutorial-1All you need:

  • Paper
  • Circle punch (I used a 1.75″)
  • Double-sided tape (or glue)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)


Check out the whole tutorial here.

If you have a Christmas ornament DIY you'd like me to feature, please email me at jillian(at)







DIY: How To Make Paper Baby Shoe Favors

Clemens B's sister-in-law created these amazing paper baby shoe favors for her baby shower, and now she has created this easy tutorial with a FREE downloadable baby shoe template.

To create these shoe favors, all you need are scissors, glue, paper, embellishments, and some good cutting skills. That's it!




To learn how simple they are to make and download the baby shoe template, head to A Blog by Clemens Designs.

Also, to learn more about Clemens, check out her Clemens Designs vendor page.

And for all you Brazilian out there, please check out Clemens' sister-in-law's online store, elo7.


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