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4 Easy Tips For Throwing a New Year's Eve Party!

4 tips for throwing an awesome New Year's Eve partyWe've teamed up with Evite Gatherings and BevMo to bring you these 4 easy tips for throwing an unforgettable New Year's Eve party! When you think of New Year's Eve you think champagne... So take a look at these new and exciting ways to make your party a bubbly hit!

TIP #1 - Pick the perfect champagne

Here's an simple-to-understand champagne guide to find the champagne that's right for your party. The guide explains everything -- types of champagne, levels of sweetness, and color. After reading it, you'll never forget the difference between brut and extra brut again!

How to Pick the Perfect Champagne

TIP #2 -  Set up a "champagne bar" with free printables!

How about setting up a "bubbly champagne bar" using these free printables from Evite Gatherings. Now your guests can compare, taste, and even personalize their champagne drinks themselves.

New Year's Eve Champagne Bar

New Year's Eve Champagne Bar - free printables

Bar Sign

Drink Tags

New Year's Even Champagne BarTip #3 - Serve signature champagne cocktails 

Instead of just serving straight up champagne, how about serving some fun and interesting champagne cocktails to wow your guests. These recipes are courtesy of BevMo, and since they're the experts, you know these will be good! Plus, you can buy all the ingredients at your local BevMo.

Whisky champagne cocktail recipe

Whiskey Champagne Cocktail

Chandon Rum and Honey Champagne Cocktail

 Chandon Rum and Honey Champagne Cocktail

Full Moon Champagne Cocktail

Full Moon Champagne Cocktail

Lemon drop Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Lemon Drop Champagne Cocktail

Chambord Sparkling Champagne Cocktail

Chambord Sparkling Champagne Cocktail

TIP #4 - Create ambiance with these easy DIYs from Evite

Add sparkle to your decor by glamming up your champagne bottles. And give your party an edgy modern look, by adding some marble touches to your stemware.

DIY Sparkly Champage Bottles

Sparkly Bottle DIY

DIY Marble Dipped Stemware 600px

 Marble Tipped Stemware DIY

We, at Catch My Party, wish you a festive, fun New Year's, and a fantastic year ahead! And please add your New Year's Eve parties to our site. We'd love to see and show off what you do!

Champagne 2

For more inspiration, check out these amazing New Year's Eve parties from our site and our New Year's Eve party ideas Pinterest board.

This is a sponsored post by Evite and BevMo, but all the opinions are from Catch My Party.

Circus Party Ideas, Amazing Construction Parties, and How to Make a Paper Plate Backdrop

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{TRENDS} Fantastic St. Patrick's Day Parties

As St. Patrick's Day nears, I thought I'd share these fantastic St. Patrick's Daty parties from our site! Wait until you see how creative people have gotten with this holiday!

Nicole W's T.C.R.G. Irish Dancing Celebration 

A party to celebrate the art of Irish dancing!


Heidi K's St. Patrick's Day 1st Birthday

What a way to combine a princess 1st birthday and St. Patrick's Day.


Party Pinching's St. Patrick's Day Dessert Table 

The treats on this St. Patrick's Day dessert table are beyond clever!



Marjaneh E's Luck of the Irish

I love all the different shades of green on this dessert table for St. Patrick's Day.


Laura's Little Party's St. Patty's dessert table on a Dollar Tree budget!

Here's how to create a great party on a shoe string budget using free St. Patrick's Day printables from our site!



For more inspiration, take a look at the all the St. Patrick's Daty parties from our site, and also check out our free St. Patrick's Day party printables!

"Browse Themes" Button Added to our Nav Bar - Now You Can Find Party Themes More Easily

A few months back we created a party inspirations and themes page, a list of all the party themes we have on our main site.  Now we've made it even easier to find that page by adding a "browse themes" button in our nav bar that leads you right to it. Take a look...

To see all the inspirations and themes on our main site (not just in those five categories), scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

We will also be making tweaks to this page to make it easier to use, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know at


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