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My Daughter's 4th Mermaid Birthday

by Jillian Leslie on

Finally, finally. Now that my daughter and I have both recovered from being sick and I've returned from Bloggy Boot Camp, I'm finally able to post photos of my daughter's 4th mermaid birthday.

Here is my daughter with her fairy princess hat. She debated wearing a mermaid costume, but ultimately fell in love with this dress. The face paint was of her own design. Every Friday, the children at my daughter's preschool are able to paint their own faces, hence the face painting you'll see on the other little guests.

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TRENDS: Fun with Picture Frames

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm a big fan of homemade photo booths at parties.  I think they're a great activity for guests, plus the host gets some nice memories out of it.

I also really like props.  Props instantly get people to relax and have fun.  Ask yourself, who doesn't love getting their picture taken in a big pink boa?

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