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Planning My Daughter's 4th Birthday - Budgeting

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As I've mentioned before, I'm on a strict budget for Adelaine's party and the rule at my daughter's preschool is you have to invite the whole class. That means I'm throwing a party for 60+ people. Yikes.

So how am I dealing? Well, I'm prioritizing and trying to save where I can.

The ways I'm saving:

  • I'm hosting the party at a "pocket park" right next to her preschool instead of renting a space, and I'm spreading out picnic blankets instead of renting tables and chairs.
  • I'm serving only pizza, cupcakes, water, and juice. That's right, no elaborate dessert table for me. It would never fly with the other mothers at Adelaine's preschool, and I'm actually relieved about the cost savings.
  • And finally, I'm borrowing everything I can from my sweet friend, Liezel Munez Gunn! Liezel is a freelance style editor who used to work at both Martha Stewart and O, The Oprah Magazine. From her, I'm borrowing fabric for the tables, cupcake trays, galvanized tubs, sea shells, and picnic blankets. It's nice to have generous friends with taste. :)
My two biggest expenses are the entertainer and the photographer:
  • Our entertainer is named Goofy Gil. He's an actor and theater teacher in LA whom my daughter just adores. He has that magic touch and can keep kids  laughing, dancing, and entertained for hours. However, I've only booked him for one, so sorry kids. :)
  • I've never hired a photographer before, but because I wanted to capture the party for posterity and for my blog (so you can all see how it turns out), I decided to bite the bullet this year. I've hired Samantha Zachrich, an LA based photographer who specializes in fashion (so if I look especially good in the photos, you know why).
Okay, given my financial constraints, how am I making this party special -- I'm a party blogger for God's sake, I must!

So stay tuned for my next "Planning My Daughter's 4th Birthday" post to find out...

(To catch up, here are my earlier party planning posts.)

I Had a Photo Shoot

Now that Catch My Party is off and running, I thought it was time I got some half-way-decent photos taken of me. There are so many places I need to add a photo (like our own site), and I never seem to have one I like.

While my husband is wonderful in many ways, he takes the most unflattering photographs.

So enter photographer Tamar Levine.  I met Tamar when she tutored me in Photoshop about a year ago.  She's young, hip (but not too hip), and approachable.

I thought, if I was going to get my picture taken, I needed it be by someone who was going to make me feel comfortable.  And Tamar was just the person.  She was fun, supportive, easy to work with, and she even gave me some important tips on how to look my best in photos ("chin up, chin up").  By the end of the shoot, I felt like such a natural.  I even wondered if I'd missed my calling as a supermodel.

Here are some of the photos she took of me at the photo shoot.  (I love saying photo shoot, by the way.)

While Tamar is best known for her fashion photography, she also loves shooting portrait and engagement photos.

Here are some of her fashion photographs...

And here are some of her gorgeous wedding and engagement photos...

She will be shooting my daughter's next birthday, so be on the look out for that in March.

And if you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a creative, down-to-earth photographer, who takes beautiful photos, and might make you (delusionally) think you could be a supermodel, Tamar Levine is your woman.

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