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Halloween Treats and Free Printables

by Jillian Leslie on

8 Halloween Treats and Free Printables |

8 Halloween Treats and Free Printables

I'm excited to be sharing this roundup from some of my favorite creative women on the Internet. A couple times a year we get together to do an official blog hop. Check out these other blogs and you'll see why I think this group is so amazing!

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TREND: Whirly Pops!

by Jillian Leslie on

Here's something we've been seeing on our main site for a while: whirly pops!

I'm not saying the moms at your parties will be happy with you serving their kids these gigantic sticky, sugary treats, but they do look great on a dessert table, work well as party favors, and are just so darn pretty. (Click on the photos to see what parties they came from.)

  • Jes Parker Events & Celebrations
  • Prettygrafik design