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Rubber Band Frosted DIY Vase


I love fresh flowers! Having them in my house makes me sooooo happy! And now that all the spring flowers are blooming, I thought I'd make a pretty vase so I can have a great  way to display them (like the tulips that are exploding around me). The vase was so simple to do, it took about 15 minutes, and I love how it turns out!


  • Glass vase
  • Rubber bands
  • Spray paint -- I used frosted and glitter
  • Newspaper

Place rubber bands around the glass vase.


Stuff with newspaper so you don't get the spray paint inside the vase.


Spray with the frosted paint first (I did 3 coats, waiting 10 minutes between coats),. Then add a light spray of glitter. To finish add another coat of frosted paint. The frost really comes out when the paint dries.


Let dry overnight. Remove rubber bands. Scrape off any extra paint that might have gotten under the rubber bands. Here's Lainey after I took the rubber bands off, super excited about the new vase.


I put in some gorgeous tulips and look how pretty!



{DIY} How to Make Vintage Paint Wine Bottles

Here's the latest DIY Wanessa of Wanessa Carolina Creations came up with. It's a great way to turn old wine bottles into beautiful conversation pieces! Wouldn't these be perfect as vases, centerpieces, or even to serve wine out of? 

  1. Glass bottle
  2. Metalic spray paint (Krylon)
  3. Water spray bottle
  4. Twine
  5. Hot glue gun and glue


  • First scrub off the labels. (My method is simple. I put the bottle under running water and scrape the label off with the back of a knife. Then I scrub the bottle with a sponge to get the rest of the glue and paper off.)
  • Dry the bottle and spray some water all over the bottle (not to much, just enough to look like sweat)
  • Spray the bottle with the first coat of paint, wait at least 30 minutes, and apply a second coat

The bottle will look like this!

  • When the paint is completely dry, start to wrap the twine around the middle of the bottle. To fasten, glue the twine with hot glue (just a little), then do the same on the bottle neck.

Your bottle will look like these, beautiful!

To add the monograms, I used this Martha Stewart Fancy Script Stencil Set, some black paint and done!
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Thank you, Wanessa. What I love about your crafts is how beautiful and unique they are.
To learn more about Wanessa and see more of her designs, please visit her blog, Facebook pageand Etsy shop. Also, if you haven't entered Wanessa's $120 custom party printable giveaway, head over and do so now, it's easy to enter!

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