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{DIY} Outdoor Wine Glass Holders


wineglass stakes (6 of 10)

Talk about creative! Nicole from Tikkido and Tradewind Tiaras is back with this ingenious DIY as a way to help you bring a little romance back into your relationship! 

Picnic season is nearly upon us. One of my favorite easy "date nights" with my husband is to walk with the family to a nearby park, set up a picnic blanket, and enjoy dinner and conversation and a glass of wine as the girls play on the playground.  It's nice to get a little bit of romance and quiet adult time, even when we don't have a babysitter.


  • Heavy Duty Pliers (I use lineman's pliers)
  • Thick bamboo skewer
  • Floral grapevine wire
  • hot glue gun
  • silk flowers (optional)


First, cut a 30" length of the grapevine wire (available in the craft department of major craft stores).  Bend 8 to 9 inches back over itself, and twist to create a double-strong length of wire at one end.  Leave about an inch of the wire sticking out like a tail.  Wrap the single-thickness portion of the wire tightly around the bamboo skewer, starting at the non-pointy end (you want to leave the pointy end free to push into the grass).


Coil the double-thickness portion of wire into an open C shape that gets wider as it spirals upwards so the wine glass can sit nicely in it.

wineglass stakes (5 of 10) The wire should be pretty secure already, but I give it a little extra permanence with my hot glue gun.  Embellish with a few silk flowers, if desired.

wineglass stakes (9 of 10)

wineglass stakes (10 of 10)

These wine glass holders take only a few minutes to make, and are such a wonderful tool to use on a picnic.  What's your favorite way to bring a little romance to an average evening?

My way, Nicole, is for my husband and I to ask each other what made our day special and really listen.

To learn more about Nicole (who enjoys decorating cakes but not eating them, Irish dancing, public radio, Old English language and archaeology, and geekery of all sorts), visit her at Tikkido and Tradewind Tiaras.

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