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Easy Greek Yogurt Finger Paint

by Jillian Leslie on

Greek Yogurt Finger Paint |

How fun does this Greek yogurt finger paint look! Why didn't our moms make this for us when we were kids? And the interesting part is it's healthy!

Now your kids can express their inner Picassos while snacking on something good for their tummies. Genius!

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RECIPE: The Best Nutty, Crunchy, Not-too-Sweet Granola

by Jillian Leslie on

I was approached by Activa Harvest Picks to come up with a recipe that would compliment their fruit flavored yogurts. So the first thing I did was buy some Harvest Picks and try it.

I tasted the strawberry and peach flavors and I thought they were fruity (I like the little pieces of real fruit inside), creamy, tangy, sweet, and quite yummy. If you like fruit flavored yogurt, I definitely think you should try this. My husband is now a convert.