TRENDS: Chalkboards on Catch My Party

by Jillian Leslie on

What a great party trend... chalkboards!  They're simple, yet they bring personality to your party.  They're a casual, playful, and relatively inexpensive design element.  So take a look at how people use chalkboards in a variety of ways to add that special touch to their parties.

Emily W's Oh-So-Girly First Birthday

Creating special memories is what parties are all about.  And a chalkboard as part of a birthday party photo booth -- what a creative idea.  This way people get to put their own personal, handwritten messages into their photographs.

Katie M's Morgan + KT's Picnic Engagement Party

For this engagement party, a chalkboard sign adds a touch of whimsy, especially when it's directing the guests to a game of homemade Twister.  And you don't even need a chalkboard to have fun with chalk.  I love how as part of the activities, the hosts put out buckets of sidewalk chalk and had their guests go to town on the driveway.

Gina F's Cooper's First Birthday

Here's a simple but fun way to add some decoration to a kid's birthday.  Doesn't this take you back to elementary school?

Chris N's French Inspired Cocktail Party

These chalkboards fit in seamlessly with the vintage French feel of this cocktail party.   What a lovely touch to write "Au Revoir" on an old chalkboard next to a basket of party favors, and a small chalkboard menu looks great on a buffet table.

Maureen's Paris in the Springtime Birthday Party

This large chalkboard makes you feel like you're stepping into a fancy French bistro.  It's a perfect way to add ambiance and set the mood for what's to come.

My advice with chalkboards is to not worry about your messages looking perfect.   Embrace the "handwritten-ness" of them and they will automatically bring warmth to your party.

If you're looking to buy some chalkboards, check out these at Save on Crafts.  You get (6) 7x10 inch chalkboards for $19.  Not bad.



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    Megan wrote:

    (I'm double posting this from Facebook--hope that's OK): Great roundup! Love that first shot. I featured a baby shower recently with a vintage schoolhouse theme. The host used chalkboards, as well. Photo gallery here: A lot of those ideas would work for a back-to-school party, which I give suggestions for here: I can see having each child hold up a chalkboard with their name and the grade they're entering. Throw the party every year, and you'll have a great collection of photos to display at their graduation party one day.

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    Lydia the Fashion Girl wrote:

    Incredible, that's just what I was shooting for! You just saved me alot of searching around