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by Jillian Leslie on

I love parties at the park.  I love that they're outdoors, casual, and free.

In this TRENDS post I thought I'd highlight some of our favorite kids' and adult parties at the park, to show off what our users have done to make these parties special.


What I think is great about this Cap'n Harris Turns 1 party is how the host, Amy, took a pirate play structure and built a whole theme around it, complete with real treasure hunt.

And to keep things simple Amy asked her guests to bring their own picnic lunches, then provided the fun party foods -- cookies, cupcakes, and cake.

Here's the pirate play structure

Here's the treasure map to find keys to open the treasure chest

The treasure chest

And what was the treasure?  The gorgeous cake!

What I love about this Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails Triple 1st Birthday is how the hosts added their own creative and personal touches -- banners, balloons, matching tee shirts, and photo collages -- while keeping the whole thing casual, by serving an easy picnic lunch in brown paper bags with kid friendly foods (sandwiches, tangerines, chips, grapes, goldfish, and donuts).

The birthday boys in their homemade shirts

The picnic table set up and the Happy Birthday banner

Simple picnic lunches with kid friendly foods

Personal photo collages of each boy to incorporate the theme


Amy, the same host who threw the Cap'n Harris Turns 1 party also put together this Surprise 30th Library Party for her bookworm sister.

The personal details are beautiful, and yet again, it was a casual potluck lunch where Amy provided the cookies and cupcakes.

And another nice details -- for gifts, Amy asked everyone to bring along bookmarks for the birthday girl.

The invitations looked like borrow cards from the library

Amy painted a handmade "library" backdrop for the party area

Pages of old books were used to make bunting, cupcake wrappers, and sprinkles

Becca, from the Birthday Girl Blog, added this 31st Birthday Picnic in the Park.

She created a logo that she used throughout the party which tied the whole thing together in a simple but elegant way.

The menu included sandwiches wrapped in parchment paper, juice, chips and home baked chocolate chip cookies that doubled as the favors.  She even made dog cookie favor bags for the four-legged friends.  And the rest of the menu she left to her friends to fill in.

Becca's personalized party logo

Parchment wrapped sandwiches

Homemade chocolate chip cookie favors

Becca taking advantage of all the park had to offer

I love how with these parties in the park, the hosts kept their budgets low by serving simple picnic foods and/or making them a potluck, took advantage of what the park had to offer (play structures, carousels, etc.), and by adding lots of  personal and creative details, made them special in their own unique ways.


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