Yarn Cake Balls DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I've gotten some requests to post how I made the yarn cake balls I featured in my Grumpy Cat party post, so here is the tutorial... finally!

These were actually pretty simple to make, and I thought the result turned out great, like real balls of yarn, only yummier! How cute would these look at a knitting, cat, or vintage themed party.



I made my cake balls in slightly different sizes to give variation to my balls of yarn. To make my cake balls, I crumbled pound cake and mixed in white frosting until I could roll the "dough" into balls.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I used this clay extruder gun that I bought at Joann's, and inserted this three circle disc to make my yarn shape. I learned about using this shape from this knitting cake tutorial.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I cut my fondant into three pieces. I worked each section of fondant in my hands until it was soft. I kneaded food coloring into each one: pink, purple, green.

I started extruding the fondant by stuffing thin cylinders into the extruder. Just so you know, you do need some hand strength to squeeze the fondant through.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

Once I had a rope that was about 5-7 inches long, I start twisting it to make it look like yarn. Then, wetting my cake ball slightly so the fondant would stick, I started at the top of the cake ball, and wound the yarn around it.  It took me 2-3 pieces of yarn to cover one cake ball. I then wrapped additional pieces of yarn around the ball to make it look like real balls of yarn.

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

I think these are one of the coolest things I've ever made. At least my daughter thinks so. She told me while stuffing them in her mouth!

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |

Personally, I think fondant is so fun to work with, because it is like playing with Play Doh, only you can eat it!

Fondant yarn cake ball tutorial |


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