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Airplane 2nd Birthday Party - Vintage Airplane / Travel
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  • 30 guests
  • 23 March 2013
  • Our House / Washington

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Goody bags decorated to look like suitcases with travel stickers
Invitation, chalkboard, pilot pins and airplane
Pom pom
Home made jet wings modeled after real airplanes
Each set of wings had a descriiption/history and photo of the real plane glued on the back
Airplane wings
The cake



Natalie H says...

@ 00:36 on Oct 26, 2013

Very nice. Where did you get mini suitcases?


Heather N says...

@ 10:42 on Oct 26, 2013

I purchased them from Amazon. Thanks for your interest! Wald Imports Brown Suitcases, Set of 3 by Wald Imports, Ltd.


Yolanda K says...

@ 12:26 on Dec 02, 2013

Great job, the party looked awesome. I love the airplane wings! How did you make them? Thanks for your help


Heather N says...

@ 16:55 on Dec 02, 2013

I cut a pattern by hand and made the wings from foam poster board. They were spray painted silver and I cut and glued all the details by hand using scrap booking paper and using real airplanes as inspiration for each design. I also typed up a history and description and included a photo of the inspiration airplane that was glued on the backside of each set of wings. I made the straps from ribbon and hot glued them, but the glue didn't stick well and we ended up having to duct tape the straps back in place after the kids wore them. Not sure of a better/more attractive way to attach them, but the duct tape worked great. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Lis M says...

@ 19:12 on Jan 01, 2014

Looks great- what did you use to make the favor bags look like suitcases and what did u give as favors?


Heather N says...

@ 00:11 on Jan 02, 2014

I made them using plain brown paper bags and cut paper for the straps and corners to decorate. The travel stickers can be purchased here: Inside, I had pilot wings, a couple of craft kits, granola bars and applesauce, a wooden airplane, and party favor sized play dough, crayons, and bubbles. The craft kits were airplane/adventure themed from Oriental Trading, but they no longer have them. Hope that helps!


Jennifer A says...

@ 11:19 on Jan 17, 2014

Beautiful job!!!! I love everything. How did you do the topiary? I have done them before with candy. I love the "cloud" design. What material is that?


Heather N says...

@ 09:16 on Jan 18, 2014

They're felt circles folded in half and then folded in half again and pinned to a foam ball. I used a drinking glasses a template for the circles, so they're approximately 3" diameter. Here is a tutorial for the felt flowers if you need: The planes were attached using wire. I used play dough in the pots to anchor the dowel rod.

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