Party Recap

My 3 year old's Doc Mc Stuffins Party. Guests were ages 2-10; 6 boys and two girls. 10 year old son helped with decorations. Toys & doctor kit set up for check up station but boys didn't care about using their clipboards and giving check-ups ~ they just free played. Caramel Apple a Days were a hit. Pin the tail on Stuffy. Pinata. Target Halloween section very helpful for goody bags as bones & skeletons are perfect for a doctor party!
Freebie images hand drawn by me.


Party Highlights

  • Party Favors

    Doctor's Big Book of Boo Boos {simple note pads with crayons or Shot pens for 10 year olds}, Band Aids, Activity Book, tatoos, Stretchy Skeletons, Decorated Clipboards, Crazy Straws and Caramel Apples

  • Activities / Games

    Decorate a clipboard; Caramel-Apple-A-Day-Keeps-Doc-Away; Pin the Tail on Stuffy; Free Play/Check Up toys station; pinata!

  • Budget


  • Best Moment

    Everyone hitting the Pinata!

  • What People Ate

    Pink Lemonade Cake with Hot Pink Frosting and sprinkles. Homemade round cake. Simple and Delicious.

  • What People Drank

    Cool Aid Juice Pouches



  • no photo

    Christina W wrote:

    I love the clinic!

  • Amanda O

    Amanda O wrote:

    I need to make the roll up bear chart. What did you make the blue tubes out of? And I have to find a printable because I can't draw for crap lol

  • Kristin B

    Kristin B wrote:

    The blue rolls are just blue construction paper laminated and rolled up! I took google images and enlarged them then just traced using the light box. Another way would be to print out and transfer using the scribbling pencil all over the back. Have fun!