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ABBY IS TURNING 1 - Candyland
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  • 22 September 2012
  • GOLDEN EAGLE PARK / Hialeah Gardens / Florida / United States



Sinai S says...

@ 08:54 on Oct 01, 2012

I made the invitatios, the centerpieces, the big lollipops, the picture frames, the cupcake stand and the favor tags.


Lizaira P says...

@ 11:19 on Oct 18, 2012

100media_imag2591_thumb love it! how did you maked it?


Sinai S says...

@ 09:38 on Oct 19, 2012

100media_imag2591_thumb thank you. i used a white foam disc and i coverd it with tissue paper by twisting two tissue papers(different colors). i made a little circle and i started from the center of the disc. i glued it with hot glue gun. for the stick, i used a wooden stick i covered it in white paper and glued it to the back of the disc


Treshon B says...

@ 18:30 on Jul 28, 2013

Photo_1_thumb how did you do the lollipops

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