Party Recap



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    Stephanie C wrote:

    I'd love to know where you got this done!

  • Majestically Unique E

    Majestically Unique E wrote:

    Hi Stephanie C, I did those myself and I can do any theme

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    Tp M wrote:

    How much does it cost? I like the canisters and the labels. Can you contact me at tnpayne@gmail.com?

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    Ashley V wrote:

    Where did you get the party favor boxes and the printables

  • Majestically Unique E

    Majestically Unique E wrote:

    Hello Ashley I do my own printables and I purchase the boxes from my local party store

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    Jenelle C wrote:

    Do you have an etsy store? I'd love to purchase the Pringles cans and the party favor boxes w/printables...Even the cookies and the soda bottles are very cute and I'd be interested in those as well. You did a great job on this party set up. Let me know if you'd be up for the task or if you have a store. My personal email is broncogirl_2004@yahoo.com

  • Angie S

    Angie S wrote:

    I read where you made these labels? My son is having a TMNT 4th party & I would love to get your info & have you do labels & invitations if you're interested! Mine is angieseahorn@yahoo.com

  • Majestically Unique E

    Majestically Unique E wrote:

    For any inquiries please email me directly at dione@majesticallyuniqueevents.com and you may make purchases directly from my website. Thank You

  • Nickie M

    Nickie M wrote:

    yes I would love to know how to buy these or get the labels please

  • Amber P

    Amber P wrote:

    Me too

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    Malynda C wrote:

    can you please tell me where you got this?

  • Majestically Unique E

    Majestically Unique E wrote:

    The cookies where purchased on Etsy.com Shop name is FlourishCakes

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    Melissa R wrote:

    I would love to order these, can you let me know how to go about ordering these???

  • Manny C

    Manny C wrote:

    My son is having his 2nd birthday and I love this idea can you please contact me at kellyandmanny27@hotmail.com

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    Christine S wrote:

    Please e mail me at christineseville@gmail.com I would love to order some of the wrappers! Thank you

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    Rosie A wrote:

    LOVE THIS! please email me boricuadiva4u@aol.com. Would love to order or make it myself.

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    Rosie M wrote:

    WOULD LOVE TO ORDER LABEL'S! PLEASE EMAIL @ rosieangel00@yahoo.com. Thank You.

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    Debbie M wrote:

    Would love to order please email me at dmorgan4@hotmail.com. Thanks Debbie

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    Stacey A wrote:

    I love this! Would you please send me the info to purchase the printables? bizzeegurlz@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch!

  • Ernestine J

    Ernestine J wrote:

    Hello! Can you tell me where you got these wrappers? They are AWESOME! My email address is e.davisonjoines@gmail.com

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    Cathy M wrote:

    Can I download the Pringle's Labels?

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    Erin S wrote:

    I am giving my son a TMNT party and his name is Aiden as well. I would love those Pringle covers and the labels on the gift boxes. How much do you charge? Emsmith1113@gmail.com is my email.