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Aliyah's "RIO" 2nd Birthday  - Rio the Movie / Tropical Fiesta
  • 70 guests
  • 21 April 2012
  • Grove Garden / Brooklyn / New York / United States



Ricca C says...

@ 10:51 on Apr 28, 2012

Very cute party


Tee T says...

@ 12:41 on Apr 28, 2012

all OF your parties are WONDERFUL!!!!!


Just Imagine It S says...

@ 13:19 on Apr 28, 2012

thank you :)


Sheila O says...

@ 09:08 on Apr 30, 2012



Aubzie C says...

@ 09:28 on May 16, 2012

457974_371606996215492_152209181488609_1005330_1132023756_o_thumb Love this! your parties are great! Anyway, don't know if you saw my response about the sesame street stoop. We printed it on a vinyl banner ourselves and set it up as a backdrop. If you're interested or know someone does, please refer to our shop at


J.S. S says...

@ 11:18 on May 30, 2012

You created an amazing party !!! I am using this exact theme for an upcoming 2nd birthday... would you be kind enough to tell me where you ordered your party invitations? I would greatly appreciate the info! Thanks, Jennifer S.


Just Imagine It S says...

@ 10:00 on May 31, 2012

Hi Jennifer, You can contact Danny at He's great to work with :)


J.S. S says...

@ 16:20 on May 31, 2012

Thank you very very much!


Tee T says...

@ 07:55 on Jun 24, 2012

do you plan parties?


Barbara D says...

@ 16:42 on Jul 04, 2012

How cute : ) My daugther love Rio too. Where were you able to find Rio Stuff. You did a Great Job.


Amanda M says...

@ 06:53 on Jul 20, 2012

476466_371599812882877_152209181488609_1005243_107198024_o_thumb This is beautiful! How did you make it?


Tawanda W says...

@ 18:33 on Jan 12, 2013

469313_371596666216525_152209181488609_1005197_929930620_o_thumb I love the number of items given to the party goers, I wanna be a kid again!


Tawanda W says...

@ 18:36 on Jan 12, 2013

467789_371605632882295_152209181488609_1005314_1873762490_o_thumb Gorgeous Ariel Photo!


Tawanda W says...

@ 18:37 on Jan 12, 2013

467789_371605632882295_152209181488609_1005314_1873762490_o_thumb Sorry meant "aerial", that's the Attorney in me, just had to correct!


Alejandra G says...

@ 19:30 on Jan 22, 2013

My brother loves rio :-) I'm a girl I like one direction


Dana M says...

@ 18:29 on Feb 04, 2013

Such a wonderfully decorated party. I'm attempting to do this theme for my son who adores rio. :) could you tell me where you got your palm tree leaf balloons? And the stickers on the cups? Or any of the decor that you used... There is NOTHING out there that I can find!


Taryn Y says...

@ 16:48 on Apr 27, 2013

461506_372239092818949_2023234102_o_thumb I love these invites! Where did you get them? I have looked every where for some just like this. Please email me if you read this!


Julie P says...

@ 22:33 on May 26, 2013

545588_10150708855344022_507949021_9419136_895277411_n_thumb Beautiful party!!


Shobhna S says...

@ 12:48 on Jun 04, 2013

You did an excellent job with using the theme all around your yard!! I'm sure your daughter was so happy. I'm using the same theme for my son's 2nd birthday and i loooove the pineapple and balloon palm trees and the Rio photo board. Did you make everything yourself??


Jessica V says...

@ 11:09 on Mar 25, 2014

462775_372239166152275_152209181488609_1006757_1786665306_o_thumb I love your invitations, where did you purchase them?


Jessica V says...

@ 11:09 on Mar 25, 2014

461506_372239092818949_2023234102_o_thumb Me too please


Danny T says...

@ 21:16 on Apr 05, 2014

Invites were made by me, :)


Linda H says...

@ 23:42 on May 28, 2014

461506_372239092818949_2023234102_o_thumb I would also like to know where you got the invitations,

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