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Allie's 2nd Birthday - Doc McStuffins
  • 30 guests
  • 18 November 2012
  • Our sunporch / Amherst / Ohio / United States

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Doc McStuffins Outfit
Doc McStuffins Door Sign
Dessert Table
Sweets & More Sweets
Polka-Dot Cake
Doc McStuffins Cupcakes
Dum-Dum Lollipop Centerpiece
Party Room



Melissa N says...

@ 03:25 on Dec 02, 2012

100_1760_thumb so pretty!


Crystal P says...

@ 20:35 on Dec 10, 2012

Did a wonderful job! Loved it!


Genesis M says...

@ 04:20 on Dec 12, 2012

Img_2033_thumb So pretty where u got the printibles?


Su M says...

@ 09:03 on Dec 18, 2012

Img_2038_thumb Hi!!! Am planning my little girls Doc McStuffins B-day party and would love to replicate this ceiling decor. Could you please let me know how you did it. My email is: Thanks for the help :)


Su M says...

@ 09:09 on Dec 18, 2012

This is super gorgeous!!!! I love it, thanks for sharing!!!!


Natalie C says...

@ 07:17 on Jan 31, 2013

Img_2043_thumb That ceiling is awesome.


Becky L says...

@ 13:04 on Feb 03, 2013

if possible for you to share how you did the ceiling decoration, i would love it, and i would greatly appreciae it. :) please email me @ thank you.


Teresa I says...

@ 13:06 on Apr 07, 2013

Img_2043_thumb I love the canopy ceiling! woould love to know how to do it! Please email me!


Teresa I says...

@ 13:06 on Apr 07, 2013

Img_2038_thumb Me too! Please email me


Tisha A says...

@ 23:33 on May 05, 2013

100_1760_thumb can you please tell me how you did the canopy? Is that colored plastic paper? about to have my little girls 4th birthday and wanting to do this


Vannessa C says...

@ 09:53 on Jul 14, 2013

Hello you did a wonderful party can you ahare how you did the ceiling?


Laura R says...

@ 18:09 on Sep 01, 2013

I purchased 10 plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store (2 colors each). Since we have a ceiling fan in the center of the room, I actually had to remove the blades in order to accomplish this look! I bunched one end of a tablecloth and taped it to the ceiling fan fixture (or you could tack it the center of the ceiling) and then secured the tablecloth to the opposite side with thumbtacks. Each tablecloth color overlapped the previous tablecloth by a few inches. To finish the look, I made tissue paper pompoms and attached to the center of the canopy!


Tiffany B says...

@ 16:30 on Sep 06, 2013

Img_2038_thumb please share the details of the ceiling drapes


Claudia C says...

@ 16:54 on Sep 11, 2013

Where did u get those poster size pictures on the wall? thx


Laura R says...

@ 02:44 on Sep 14, 2013

In order to get the characters from Doc McStuffins on the wall, I copied coloring pages found on the internet and saved them to a Word document. I then took a flash drive of the saved images to Staples and had them blow the pictures up to poster size. Since colored copies cost a bit more, I ended up coloring them with regular 'old crayons!


Farrah H says...

@ 02:48 on Oct 25, 2013

I LOVE THE CEILING CANOPY. CAN YOU EMAIL IT TO ME AT Great party. Thank you for sharing!


Christina W says...

@ 20:52 on Mar 18, 2014

100_1760_thumb I looooooooove the way you decorated the room for Allie's party. I really thing the canopy is AWESOME! It would be a blessing if you could e-mail me the details of how to get that look. I'm throwing my daughters first party at 3 and I really want it to be special. Thank you sooo much in advance. christinA

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