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Alyssa's Barbie/Zebra celebration - Barbie/Zebra
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  • 04 December 2011
  • My home / Buda / Texas / United States

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This is a Hand painted sign. I used stencils to trace, then hand painted.
Plastic ornaments jazzed up with silver ribbon and my daughter's silhouette.
The main table decorated with Barbie.
The space where the party took place. This party was indoors only beacuse of the rain
The handmade photo opportunity. The kids love taking pictures inside it.
The Pinata that I made that is meant to look like an ornament.
The Hand painted "pin the tail" on the Zebra and baby.
The game in action. The tails were made out of ribbon.



Wonderland Party Props W says...

@ 17:39 on Dec 11, 2011

393606_2846384838214_1217202033_3167993_2127687283_n_thumb This is the best most creative barbie photo booth I have seen. I LOVE IT ! Great job :)


Jenny B says...

@ 03:38 on Jan 27, 2012

374871_2846324756712_1217202033_3167940_2081767512_n_thumb Hi. May I ask how did you made this? What are the materials and how you build it? Thanks.


Jennifer C says...

@ 11:51 on Jan 27, 2012

374871_2846324756712_1217202033_3167940_2081767512_n_thumb my blog has some details about the box. I used a large cardboard box and cut it into the shape of the opening in the front. I then taped it really good. Covered it in thick pink wrapping paper and you can modge podge the clip art to the front. Zebra wrapping paper for the back.


Keanna T says...

@ 06:56 on Mar 16, 2012

393606_2846384838214_1217202033_3167993_2127687283_n_thumb Looooooovvvvvveeee this. Where did u find such a large box?? Possibly a refrigerator box?? How to make it sturdy?


Jennifer C says...

@ 07:11 on Mar 17, 2012

393606_2846384838214_1217202033_3167993_2127687283_n_thumb I found this box at work. It was hard to get into my car. I had to fully flatten it. I used a lot of clear box tape. I cover the box in thick pink wrapping paper found at Hobby Lobby. For more info visit: Thanks, Jen

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