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Ariana's 6th Birthday Party - My Little Pony
  • 120 guests
  • 14 April 2013
  • Rented community Room / Rancho Cucamonga / California / United States



Brooke M says...

@ 16:30 on Jul 02, 2013

This party is great! How did you do the big pony cutouts?? My daughter's party is in a couple of weeks and she would LOVE those.


Misti C says...

@ 02:45 on Jul 03, 2013

Thank you, and I custom make all my party decorations. For the pony's I used foam board that is just a little over 3.5 tall and I drew each pony then painted them with regular acrylic paint and traced over original drawing with a black permeate market. The pony's were a lot of fun and not to hard to draw although my husband helped a little on the eyes to get them just right because if they weren't it seem to throw off the whole painting. If I can help in anyway or you have any other questions feel free to message me.


Melissa L says...

@ 19:21 on Sep 17, 2013

I couldn't find a way to private message you. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your MLP decor? I'm located in your area. TIA!

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