Party Recap

This was a little party I threw for my daughter and her friends. It was just a little going back to school/end of summer celebration. They all love crafts so much so i thought I'd do a little art themed party. This was a lot of fun to plan and made for some very colorful pictures!!! :) More pics on my blog Andeverythingsweet.blogspot.com



  • Jenni B

    Jenni B wrote:

    I really enjoyed these party photos. The paint cans were brilliant!

  • no photo

    La Tasha S wrote:

    I love this creative idea. What were the buckets held up with?

  • Destini H

    Destini H wrote:

    The paint "pouring" from the cans is genius!! Great party idea.

  • no photo

    Pam M wrote:

    What a cute idea... where did you find the cans?

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Your party has inspired me, lovely! How did you get the paint cans suspended?

  • no photo

    Alma D wrote:

    I love your creativity, where can I find the cans?

  • no photo

    Christine W wrote:

    How did you manage to keep the paint cans suspended like that?

  • Patricia S

    Patricia S wrote:

    How did you manage to keep the paint cans suspended?

  • Wendy M

    Wendy M wrote:

    how did you get the paint cans to hang in the air?

  • Angela L

    Angela L wrote:

    How did you suspend the cans? And where did you get the cans?

  • Donna B

    Donna B wrote:

  • no photo

    Suzanne K wrote:

    LOVE the paint bucket idea. How did you get the paint buckets to hang?

  • Barbara A. S

    Barbara A. S wrote:

    Genius!!!! How did you get the paint cans suspended?

  • no photo

    Barbara W wrote:

    How did you get the paint cans suspended

  • no photo

    Teri S wrote:

    How are the paint cans mounted??

  • Roxanne N

    Roxanne N wrote:

    I really wish she'd answer the "hanging the cans" inquiry .. because I have a party for my daughter's 2nd birthday *tomorrow*, and I am doing the paint cans as a backdrop/tablecloth for the activities table and snacks. I am thinking of either making a wire stand, or using clear leather-bonding thread to have them hang on the wall or ceiling..

  • Dana F

    Dana F wrote:


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